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Module 7 Topic 2


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Module 7 Topic 2

  1. 1. Module 7<br />Topic 2: Editing your own writing<br />
  2. 2. Editing your own writing<br />The last step of the writing process if the final editing.<br />When editing your document, answer the following questions:<br />Do all the sentences have a main subject and verb? (Mark them on a draft.<br />Are there any fragments? Look for dependent clauses.<br />Are there any comma splices? Check all the commas. <br />Are there any run-on sentences?<br />Do all the subjects and verbs agree?<br />Is the correct time frame used consistently? Is the correct aspect used?<br />Is the correct voice used? Active or passive?<br />Is there a comma before every coordinating conjunction?<br />Are transition words surrounded by punctuation (either a period, semi-colon, or comma)?<br />Is there an article before every single count noun?<br />Are all the words spelt correctly?<br />Are the necessary words capitalized?<br />
  3. 3. Practice… Practice… Practice...<br />Complete this week’s writing assignment:<br />Timed writing assignment on Performance Assessments<br />Try to revise and edit your own writing before submitting it for corrections. Hopefully you will be able to catch most of your errors.<br />
  4. 4. Click below to access this week’s writing assignment….<br />