Module 6 Topic 2


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Module 6 Topic 2

  1. 1. Module 6<br />Topic 2: Revising your own writing<br />
  2. 2. Unity<br />So far, we have discussed three characteristic of a good paragraph: coherence, cohesion, and completeness. The final characteristic is unity. <br />A paragraph has good unity when all the sentences directly support the topic sentences. <br />Be sure to read your writing carefully and check that every sentence directly supports the topic sentence. <br />A clear topic sentence is the first stepwriting a paragraph with unity.<br />In some cases, you mayneed to rewrite an unclear topic sentence. In other cases, you will need to change your supporting sentence. <br />
  3. 3. Revising your own writing<br />Now that we have finished covering how to organize a paragraphs and the four characteristics of a good paragraph, we will look into how you can revise your own writing.<br />Click below to access the Self-editing Worksheet that covers all the topics we have already discussed.<br />When evaluating your own writing. Answer each question carefully and honestly. <br />Although it takes time to read through each question, over time it will become natural and easy to do.<br />
  4. 4. Feedback from first draft of case study<br />In a paragraph, each sentence must follow the previous sentence and NOT be on a new line. This includes the three major supporting ideas.<br />Your response should be written as a memorandum/letter/email to the company. Include a salutation and closing.<br />The topic sentences are much better, but make sure not to rely on the prompt . Pretend the reader has no idea about what you are writing about. Your topic sentence should be able to stand alone. <br />For example: In order preserve the continued success of Carefree Cruise, a professionally developed emergency contingency plan is a critical operational procedure that can reduce financial risk, loss of customers, and property damage. <br />Provide more examples of your crisis management services and what might go wrong if they do not hire you. You can also reference the issues their competitor has faced.<br />Each major supporting idea must be specific and different. Try not to use general statements. If you say Carefree Cruise is at risk, be specific about what kind of risk – customer base, financial, property, branding, etc.<br />Use transition words to highlight your major points and connect your sentences.<br />
  5. 5. Practice… Practice… Practice...<br />This week, work on revising your case study using my general feedback, individual comments, and the self-editing worksheet. <br />Complete the next timed writing assignment on strategic planning.<br />
  6. 6. Click below to access this week’s writing assignments….<br />