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Module 1 topic 1.1


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Module 1 topic 1.1

  1. 1. Module 1<br />Topic 1: Course Introduction<br />
  2. 2. Welcome!<br />As the coordinator and instructor of our new Online Writing Skills for the CPA course, I would like to welcome you to our online classroom and briefly introduce myself. <br />Upon completing my degree in business management, I spent four audit seasons as a technology auditor in the New York City Ernst and Young office specializing in financial service clients. <br />Since then, I have worked in the field of TESOL educating adults both internationally and domestically in academic and business English, as well as training Korean educators on effective classroom methodology. <br />These experiences have provided me with a unique set of skills necessary to build a course that will not only meet your needs for the CPA exam, but also develop the long-term writing skills necessary to work in the global accounting industry. <br />I am excited to have the opportunity to combine my business background with my passion for teaching through this course and look forward to working with you!<br />
  3. 3. Course Objectives<br /><ul><li>The overall learning objectives of the course will be to:
  4. 4. distinguish the differences between informal and standard English writing
  5. 5. practice organizing and writing concise professional correspondences required in a business setting
  6. 6. review and practice grammar and sentence structures typical in business writing
  7. 7. learn how to self-edit writing for common grammatical errors</li></li></ul><li>Structure of the Course<br />We will focus on a specific writing skill and grammar point in each module. The modules will build off each other, so it is important to complete each module before moving onto the next. <br />Throughout the module, you will practice the material by completing mini-tasks. These mini-tasks are meant to practice new concepts and should not take longer than 3-5 minutes to complete. <br />At the end of the module, you will have the opportunity to practice your writing by responding to a prompt similar to one that can be found on the CPA exam. I recommend making sure you have a general understanding of the topic before attempting the assignment. You will only have one opportunity to respond.<br />All assignments should be completed by the designated end date. This will allow me two days to provide feedback on the assignments and make any necessary adjustments to the next module. You will not be able to proceed until you have completed all the assignments from the previous module.<br />
  8. 8. Course Schedule<br />* Tentative Topics / ** To Be Determined based on writing assignments<br />
  9. 9. Course Website/Moodle<br />All course material and assignments can be found by logging in to the International Gateways SAL Online Classroom at:<br />For technical support, email <br />Depending on the issue, you can also email me at <br />
  10. 10. Navigating the MOODLE<br />As part of your tasks in Module 1, you will need to:<br />Download a file<br />Upload a file<br />Respond to short answer questions<br />Complete two timed writing assignments<br />At the end of each activity, look for the link to the next activity.<br />You do not need to complete the module at one time. You will be able to stop and pick up where you left off; however, you will only have one try to complete the written assignments.<br />
  11. 11. Next…<br />Your first mini-task will be to complete a Student Questionnaire. This will help me get a better understanding of your background and goals for the course.<br />At the bottom of this PowerPoint, you will see a link to the first activity. Click on it when you are ready to begin. A file will automatically be downloaded.<br />