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Presentation on Bittorrent

Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. Introduction • A P2P file distribution protocol Bit Torrent • Designed by Bram Cohen circa July, 2001. By Bram Cohen • BT’s mechanisms achieve pareto - Suman Karumuri efficiency, while off loading bandwidth cost to downloaders. Popularity of BT Usage Patterns • About 18-35% of internet traffic is BT traffic. • Why? – Ease of use through HTTP. – Reduce the hosting costs. – Useful for legitimate purposes too. – Fairness 1
  2. 2. Why BitTorrent? • Previous work – is not robust enough when large number of peers and files are involved. – Do not account Selfish users. BT Overview – Doesn’t account for high churn rate. – Is not be fair. First contact Finding each other • Obtain a torrent • Trackers help find peers each other. – A Publisher ( – email • Simple Custom protocol on top of HTTP. – Quantum teleportation. • Client sends file hash and connection • A torrent contains info. – File name – File length • Tracker returns a random list of peers – Hashing information currently downloading the file. – Tracker information (Anonymity issue!) 2
  3. 3. Rock n Roll Seeder • Connect to peers. • Downloader with a complete copy of • Ask what pieces of file they have. the file. • Download required pieces of a file. • Only uploads the file. • Advertise your pieces to your peers. • Upload downloaded pieces. Overview animation Files • A file is broken into pieces of .25- .5MB each before it is distributed. • File integrity: SHA1 hash inside the torrent. 3
  4. 4. TCP friendly Piece selection • While transferring files many requests are • Strict priority pending. – One piece after another. • Pipelining • Rarest First – Break each piece into further 16kb pieces. – Send one piece after the other. – Improves availability of file. – Only have 5 requests in queue at once. – Improves download performance. – Saturates most connections. – Handles churn well. Piece selection (contd) Choking Algorithms • Random First Piece • Peers reciprocate by uploading to – Give peer a chance to start upload quickly. peers which upload to them. – Rarest first slows things down. • Unutilized connections are uploaded • Endgame mode on a trial basis to see if better rates – Last pieces are obtained from faster peers, to complete downloads quicker. can be obtained. – Again addresses churn. • Achieves pareto efficiency. 4
  5. 5. Choking Algo. Optimistic unchoking • Unchoke a fixed number of peers • There may be peers with better (defualt 4) download rates. • Every 10secs: • Every 30 seconds: – Compute the download rate for 20 – If previous peer better: second window for all active peers • Make active peer – Keep the peers with highest download – Unchoke another peer. bandwidth. Choke others. Anti-snubbing Upload only • If no data downloaded from peer in • Once download finished: last 60 seconds: – Upload to peers with good upload rates. – Assume snubbed. – Upload to peers that no one else is – Stop uploading to that peer. uploading to. – Use optimistic unchoke to find better peers 5
  6. 6. Splitstream/Bullet comparision • Ad-hoc design to address real world issues. • BT Not designed for streaming. ( So no fancy erasure codes) • No tree-structure. • BT takes advantage of upload capacity at peers. BT Extensions • Handles churn well. • Less overhead to transmit info about what peers have what. • BT achieves Pareto efficiency. Super seeders Anonymity • Used when there is only 1 seed. • Trackerless and encryption for • Seeder claims no pieces at outset. anonymity. • Uploads a new piece only after it • Hide content from network shapers. finds the previous uploaded pieces • Proxying through Tor anonymity are uploaded atleast once. network. 6
  7. 7. No Trackers Private Trackers • Use DHT like Kademilia • Too many selfish users. • Allows a client to use torrents that • Private trackers provide do not have working BT tracker. – High quality peers (uses statistics). – Ensures fairness. – Better download rates. BT Streaming • BiToS – Divide file into 3 sets : • Received pieces • High Priority ( Next frames + rare) • Remaining pieces. – Chose a set with probability p. In the set, get Questions? rarest first. – P can be dynamically computed. • Using number of missed frames. • Bandwidth of client. • Size of High Priority set. 7