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Kizad english brochure

  1. 1. Introduction 03introduction/Theindustrialzone oftomorrow/
  2. 2. Kizad 04 About Kizad Ras Al KhaimahUnprecedented access to Umm Al Quwainglobal markets/ Ajman London Moscow Sharjah Istanbul Beijing Dubai Cairo Dubai International Abu Dhabi Airport Singapore Jebel Ali Port E311 Cape Town -4 -3 -2 -1 0 TIME ZONES +1 +2 +3 +4 Khalifa Al Maktoum Port International Airport E11 E611 Area A LEGEND Area B Zayed Port E75 Abu Dhabi ROAD NETWORK PROPOSED ROAD NETWORK PROPOSED FREIGHT RAILWAY NETWORK Abu Dhabi International To Oman PROPOSED PASSENGER RAILWAY NETWORK Airport Al Ain E11
  3. 3. Kizad 06 Introduction 07 CREATING TOMORROW, TODAy/ The aim is simple; to invest the wealth derived from oil for The good of all in Abu Dhabi, to add value to The Emirate’s GDP. It offers local and international businesses efficient access to local, regional and international markets in a low operating cost environment, designed to make doing business easy. Kizad is expected to transform expectations of what an industrial zone can growth achieve and deliver. Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 envisions the future structure and prosperity of the Combining world-class infrastructure, Emirate. Within the overall plan, Kizad is one multimodal connectivity, including proximity of the means by which that vision will be to one of the world’s most advanced ports, achieved. The aim is simple. To invest the and a wide range of features aimed to improve wealth derived from oil for the good of all business efficiency such as vertically businesses and residents of Abu Dhabi, to integrated industry clusters, Kizad will maximise the benefit of the Emirate’s contribute significantly to the future prosperity abundant natural resources, and to add of Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates value to the Emirate’s GDP. (UAE). Locating in Kizad will enable businesses to fully participate in the opportunity created Meeting this aim requires diversification of by Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030. Abu Dhabi’s industrial base. Kizad should be seen as a statement of intent by the It was not enough simply to envision the Government of Abu Dhabi; an industrial type of facilities and infrastructure necessary development of unprecedented scale, ambition for ultimate success; it takes a government and vision. Stretching over an extraordinary with the ambition, resources and commitment 417 sq km, Kizad is positive proof of the of Abu Dhabi to make it happen. Kizad is Government’s intent, creating a wealth of the realisation of that vision. The industrial opportunities for all who wish to take them. zone of tomorrow.
  4. 4. Kizad 08 Introduction 09 ABU DHABI —THE PLACE TO LIVE, WORK AND PLAy/ FROM DESERT LANDSCAPE TO THRIVING BUSINESS HUB, ABU DHABI HAS BEEN TRANSFORMED INTO A DYNAMIC MODERN CITY, RICH WITH PEOPLE, ENTERPRISE AND CULTURE. Abu Dhabi has also carved itself a reputation as a leading tourism destination, with five-star hotels and resorts, top golf courses and leisure facilities, and superb cultural attractions. Development of Abu Dhabi Airport continues THE CITY OF TOMORROW apace while projects such as Yas Island, to In just a couple of generations, Abu Dhabi has the East of the Capital, and the Desert Islands transformed itself from a desert landscape into a project, to the West of the Emirate, cover many thriving business hub surrounded by lush thousands of hectares and include a wealth of residential communities. Home to many talented tourist attractions and nature reserves. and skilled professionals and Capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi is a dynamic modern city rich with Abu Dhabi itself has many scenic developments impressive architecture, at the forefront of global such as the Corniche where families can enjoy green initiatives and planning for the next being beside the sea or go for a leisurely stroll. generation’s transformation. From a cultural perspective, the city will reinforce its place on the world stage when From a commercial perspective, Abu Dhabi the Guggenheim Museum at Saadiyat Island is widely recognised as a prime location to opens. The opening of The Louvre, the first do business. With the Government investing outpost for the Parisian icon, will further billions of dollars in diversification and enhance Abu Dhabi’s image as a leading infrastructure, the Emirate is rapidly becoming arts centre. one of the world’s primary hubs for economic, commercial and corporate activity. Work is Abu Dhabi has a growing reputation for sporting already underway in developing key industrial events with excellent cricket and football stadia sectors, such as Transport, Manufacturing, and annual events on the golf and tennis circuits. Tourism and Healthcare, to attract leading In 2009 the Emirate staged its first Formula One regional and multinational companies. race at Yas Island with The Yas Marina Circuit The goal is to assert Abu Dhabi’s standing as an quickly endearing itself to racegoers as one of international hub, with these sectors alone the most beautiful of the season. expected to grow at more than 7.5% annually. These developments not only improve the A melting pot of over 150 nationalities live quality of life of residents and the enjoyment and work in the UAE, lured here by year-round of visitors, they also ensure that the specialists sunshine and the chance to enjoy a tax-free needed for Abu Dhabi’s industrial expansion can lifestyle in one of the world’s most be easily recruited and retained to pass on progressive cities. their knowledge and experience to local talent.
  5. 5. Kizad 010 Introduction 011 TOWARDS A SUSTAINABLE KNOWLEDGE BASED ECONOMy/ From the outset, Kizad has been a cornerstone of Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030, one of The means by which ambitious, long-term targets will be delivered. The economic benefits are obvious – by 2030, Kizad will be expected to contribute up to 15% of Abu Dhabi’s non-oil GDP. It will be a powerful magnet for foreign direct investment, with global business locating large-scale primary KIZAD AND ABU DHABI ECONOMIC VISION 2030 and downstream manufacturing facilities in the Planning tomorrow, today. From the outset, Industrial Zone. It is anticipated that between Kizad has been a cornerstone of Abu Dhabi 60% and 80% of the goods manufactured Economic Vision 2030. It is the means by which within Kizad will be exported, adding further a number of ambitious, long-term targets will value to the nation’s economy. be delivered, and marks a substantial drive towards diversification of the economy in Kizad’s strategy is to attract world-class pursuit of sustainable growth less dependent companies and to establish international on the oil and gas industries. Its purpose is, industry best practices throughout the Zone. in part, to create the range and number of Global and local companies alike will find opportunities necessary to recruit, retain and in Kizad the business efficiencies, market develop local and skilled expatriate talent to access, low cost operating environment and build a sustainable knowledge economy whilst support, essential for long term competitive reducing reliance on unskilled labour. advantage. Kizad will set new standards for industrial zone infrastructure, environment and Driven in part by Abu Dhabi’s long term operation, reinforcing Abu Dhabi’s global population growth, one of Kizad’s foremost competitive advantage. objectives is to increase the number of highly skilled jobs available in Abu Dhabi, across a Companies locating to Kizad are very much range of sectors and over the long term. These regarded as strategic partners, bringing will be high quality jobs, drawing in expertise expertise and investment to the Emirate, from around the world to create opportunities and in turn participating fully in the long-term for Emiratis and expats living in the country to growth and success created by sustained develop the skills and expertise to flourish on government investment. They will play an a world stage. Kizad is expected, directly and essential role in creating tomorrow’s business indirectly, to create more than 100,000 jobs. opportunities, today.
  6. 6. Kizad 10 Introduction 11 ADPC. A LEADER IN PORTS MANAGEMENT AND INDUSTRIAL ZONE DEVELOPMENT/ A master developer and regulator of ports and industrial zones, ADPC strives to be at The forefront of progress. resources Abu Dhabi Ports Company (ADPC) is a master developer and regulator of ports and industrial zones. ADPC’s core objective is to facilitate the diversification of Abu Dhabi’s economy by acting as an enabler for development and trade. It will achieve this by managing non-oil and military ports throughout the Emirate, supporting partners with their infrastructure projects and setting up new companies and joint ventures with partners who service and operate in the ports and industrial zones sector. ADPC was created in March 2006 as part of the restructuring of the commercial ports sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and given control and regulatory enforcement power over all commercial ports assets previously owned by the Abu Dhabi Seaports Authority. ADPC strives to be at the forefront of progress in industrial logistics and infrastructure and is currently focused on creating one of the world’s largest concentrations of industry at Kizad.
  7. 7. Kizad 12 About Kizad 13ABOUT KIZAD/ Transforming industrial zones today  /
  8. 8. Kizad 14 About Kizad 15 KIZAD’S STRATEGIC ADVANTAGES/ With efficient access to markets, lower operating costs and a greater ease of doing business, Kizad will give you a long term competitive advantage. With one of the world’s most advanced deepwater seaports and world-class infrastructure, Kizad will benefit from excellent multimodal connectivity via sea, air, road and rail networks, to ensure easy accessibility to and from the Industrial Zone. Strategically priced to help deliver Abu Dhabi’s diversification plans, Kizad’s tenants will UNIQUE benefit from some of the world’s most Many factors influence the decision of where to competitive utility costs. With a Masterplan locate a business, and Kizad sets out to address designed to create proximity to suppliers the most critical of these, efficient access to and customers and many other business markets, low operating costs and ease of doing efficiencies, Kizad will help to ensure that business in a uniquely proactive way. manufacturing, trade and logistics industries all enjoy a long term competitive advantage. With its enormous size and strategically planned approach, Kizad will inevitably become The infrastructure, location and transportation one of the world’s foremost industrial zones. advantages all conspire to make success It is set to become a hub for manufacturing, easier to achieve for companies based at logistics and trade, across a number of sectors. Kizad. In addition, the team you meet, most The planning and organisation of Kizad is with industrial backgrounds themselves, designed to add value at every stage of the are trained to guide you through the set-up supply chain, by enhancing productivity and process and help with Government offering businesses efficiencies of scale, certification, to get your business up and proximity, and market access. running in the shortest possible time.
  9. 9. Kizad 16 About Kizad 17 Outstanding access to global markets Connectivity Locate Kizad on a World map, and the strength A world-class transportation infrastructure of its strategic location immediately becomes underpins Kizad’s multimodal connectivity to clear. Centrally situated between East and roads, ports, rail and air networks ensuring easyInnovation in action, infrastructure West, Abu Dhabi is the ideal location for businesses to tap into huge regional and global accessibility to and from the Industrial Zone.and service, Kizad combines all the markets. Its world central location means Khalifa Port is being developed to accommodate businesses in the Industrial Zone can access a the largest ships to ensure easy import of bulk market of more than 4.5 billion consumers raw materials and export of finished goods.advantages you need for success within four time zones of Abu Dhabi. Europe, Russia, India and Africa are all easily reached An ultra-modern facility, the port is already active; receiving construction cargoes as wellin a world economy/ while the markets of the Far East Asia, Korea, as alumina for the Emal smelter at a dedicated China and Japan are readily accessible. berth. Phase 1 will officially open for business in Q4 2012. Following a flexible Masterplan for Kizad will benefit from excellent access by sea development, Khalifa Port will be developed in through its ultra modern deepwater seaport, stages and will eventually offer capacity of 15 Khalifa Port. Kizad is also directly connected to million TEUs (Twenty- Foot Equivalent Units) and the markets of the UAE and the Middle East. 35 million tonnes bulk and breakbulk cargo. The Industrial Zone and Khalifa Port have access to the UAE’s excellent highway Meanwhile, the nearby Abu Dhabi International network which links to the Gulf Cooperation Airport, Dubai International Airport and Council (GCC) and wider Middle East. Abu Dhabi Al Maktoum International Airport have a International Airport and Al Maktoum combined air freight capacity of 17 million International Airport in Dubai are both less tonnes per annum. than 30 minutes away, while the emerging freight and passenger rail networks will link Within Kizad, innovations such as the Hot Metal tenants at Kizad to the far corners of the Road, designed for moving molten aluminium, Arabian Peninsula. and the Modular Path, which allows for the unrestricted movement of ultra large structures, offer significant advantages for tenants. Located in the western side of Area A,Internal Rail Network Modular Path the Modular Path has been designed to enable large plant and equipment to be transported directly between Khalifa Port and customers’ sites. The Modular Path is integrated with Abu Dhabi’s highway network to enable the movement of large loads and structures to the City and the throughout the rest of the Emirate. Roads in and around the Industrial Zone will be international standard dual four-lane highways, and dual three-lane arterial roads for efficient movement of goods and traffic. Interchanges are all constructed with bridges to further facilitate the flow of traffic. The road network links all major cities in the UAE, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The option of dedicated rail links and marshalling yards within Kizad also exists. Etihad Railway is currently constructing the UAE component of a planned Pan-Arabian rail network linking Yemen, Oman and Saudi Arabia with the European Union and Russia. It offers the opportunity to integrate rail freight facilities into the operating plan of investors’ plants, and Kizad is keen to facilitate such bulk handling capabilities into the Zone’s infrastructure.Hot Metal Road
  10. 10. Kizad 18 About Kizad 19 Low Operating Cost Environment Kizad can create competitively One of the major operating costs for industrial companies is utilities which is why Abu Dhabi As an example the Aluminium Cluster is anchored by Emirates Aluminium (Emal), who priced infrastructure solutions, offers gas, water and electrical power at some will provide their feedstock to a number of of the lowest rates in the world. Furthermore, users who will add value in the form of casting Kizad can create competitively priced or forging processes. These in turn will supply tailored to address the specific infrastructure solutions tailored to address the specific utilities and logistics needs of major tertiary companies with components for further finishing and incorporation into finished utilities and logistics needs of manufacturing projects. products that will then go to the warehousing and logistics businesses for distribution and Kizad utilities and services include: export. The proximity the cluster brings allows major manufacturing projects/ — Power — Natural Gas — Telecommunications the establishment of Kizad’s Hot Metal Road; a specially constructed roadway that enables the transport and delivery of aluminium in — Potable Water molten form, saving downstream manufacturers — Industrial Process Water the considerable cost of re-melting ingots. — Storm Water System — Ground Water System Kizad‘s design includes industry clusters — Combined Wastewater for Aluminium, Steel, Petrochemicals, — Sewage Treatment Plant Pharmaceuticals, Food, Trade and Logistics, — Treated Sewage Effluent/Irrigation Engineered Metal Products, Paper and more. It is expected that these clusters will attract In addition companies locating to Kizad will suppliers of specialist industry products as enjoy a number of advantages arising from well as supporting industries, further the design of the Masterplan. As Kizad was broadening the industry base. a greenfield site its designers were able to incorporate a number of innovative These industries will find Kizad’s land costs features designed to create business and very attractive. They have been extensively operational efficiencies for tenants. Foremost researched and benchmarked against regional amongst these is the concept of vertically industrial zones to be highly competitive. integrated clusters. Currently in Abu Dhabi individuals and most Vertically integrated clustering offers a number companies are not subject to tax on their of important benefits. Each cluster is focused income. Furthermore, foreign companies on a key primary industry, with a number of can opt for the ownership approach at Kizad related midstream and downstream processes that best suits their business needs. located close by. Other suppliers and service Here are some examples: companies serving each stage of the value chain will also be encouraged to establish — For companies involved in industrial operations in the cluster. Value is created manufacturing activities, choosing a joint throughout the industry value chain as follows: venture with a local company (taking up to 49% ownership) allows them to claim — Anchor tenants produce basic materials exemption from import duties on raw — Nearby mid-stream producers take the basic materials; goods manufactured in this case materials as feedstock and produce will be exempt from customs duties when value-added products exported to most GCC countries. — Downstream producers also nearby in the cluster produce finished goods using the — 100% foreign-owned companies can avoid added value products duties on imported goods kept in bonded — Specialist companies providing services and status in the Industrial Zone and re- goods to support the companies in the exported from the UAE. value chain are located close by. Taken together the cost benefits above, ensure that businesses at Kizad are well positioned to Clustering per se is known to encourage be competitive in their industries and to drive productivity and profitable synergy between growth in Abu Dhabi for the long term. supplier and customer businesses. The gathering of collective expertise creates a business environment that fosters Research and Development and the development of skills and talent. Vertically integrated clustering is designed to also create economies of proximity by ensuring efficient supply lines and encouraging timely availability of components and process materials.
  11. 11. Kizad 20 About Kizad 21ease of doing businessKizad’s world-class infrastructure, transportation Every business in Kizad will have a dedicatedand logistics options, as well as its low operating Relationship Manager, based in the Zone.cost environment not only promote business They are always on hand to provide anyefficiency they also make it easier for you to answer and service you require and to ensureachieve your business goals. However, at Kizad timely processing of paperwork to obtain allsupport for your business starts even before necessary licenses, clearances andyour operations begin. permits in a swift and efficient manner.For example, Kizad’s development of a long-term‘bankable’ agreement ensures easy access to REAL SOLUTIONSproject and investment finance. The Kizad Masterplan is designed to provide outstanding services and infrastructure toKizad’s Business Development and Customer support companies and their employees.Relationship Teams include industry specialistswho will help find the right plot for your business, A number of community District and Localease you through set up and government Centres are designed within the Masterplancertification and ensure that your business’s to meet the daily requirements of working withon-going administrative and business service in the Industrial Zone. These support servicesneeds continue to be met. will include mosques, medical clinics, civil defense amenities together with associatedTo make this happen, Kizad has refined the retail and F&B outlets.‘One Stop Shop’ business services concept todeliver unprecedented value and convenience For international and local companies lookingby facilitating relationships with Government for a location to establish their office buildings,and Licensing Authorities, as well as utility the Kizad Masterplan includes a Business Park,companies, to ensure rapid processing ideally located adjacent to Kizad’s main arterialand approvals. road, to provide offices, commercial showrooms, a business hotel, training andOne Stop Shop Services research facilities, retail and related services.Investors looking to establish operations withinKizad face a number of steps when dealing with SIMPLIFYING SETUPGovernment Agencies to obtain the necessary Finding the ideal location for investors ispermits, licenses, approvals and clearances. one of the priorities of the management team.Kizad is working to speed up this process by Kizad’s Business Services and Technicalcreating simple, streamlined administrative Services Teams will work with investorsprocedures for investors. to simplify set up from the land leasing application process, plot allocation, theKizad has launched a One Stop Shop service Preliminary Agreement through to the signingthat responds to the needs and expectations of the Musataha Agreement, a long-termof both local and international businesses. property right agreement that is registeredFrom a single location, all necessary at the Abu Dhabi Land Registry Department.information and services related to establishing Signing the agreement ensures investorsbusinesses within the Industrial Zone will legally own all assets developed on their plotbe delivered by a single point of contact who of land within Kizad and acts as a supportingwill be an industry specialist with the skills, document for securing loans and mortgagesknowledge and understanding to respond related to an investor’s business.effectively to investors’ requirements.The One Stop Shop service will provideadvice and practical assistance for settingup a business quickly and easily.Initial services include fulfilling HumanResources and immigration requirements,utilities connections, waste management,logistics and facilities management.At Kizad, support for your businessstarts even before your operationsbegin, and continues with you everystep of the way/
  12. 12. Kizad 22 Masterplan 23Masterplan/TransformingIndustrialZones /
  13. 13. Kizad 24 Masterplan 25 EFFICIENCIES THROUGH FORWARD PLANNING/ Kizad is dynamic and comprehensively designed for socio-economic sustainability, thereby ensuring successful longevity. Kizad consists of Areas A and B, on either side of the E11 Highway. These areas are dedicated for industrial and commercial activities supported with ancillary uses, such as community services and retail. Because of its vast expanse, Kizad Area A is purposely divided into specific area plans MASTERPLAN to afford a myriad of industrial activities In keeping with Abu Dhabi’s 2030 vision to ranging from aluminium production, trading harness industrial diversification, Kizad is and logistics operations to healthcare located on a 417 sq km greenfield site selected equipment manufacturing. as a prominent gateway to capture regional industrial development. Kizad benefits from Area B, although dedicated for industrial adjacency to the state-of-the-art Khalifa Port, and commercial uses, further supports the being located almost equidistant between industrial developments by providing support Abu Dhabi and Dubai, as well as from extended services and amenities, such as workforce frontage along the E11 Highway connecting residential communities and retail uses. the two cities. An additional arterial roadway is Kizad is dynamic and comprehensively planned, linking Kizad to Al Ain, the UAE’s designed for socio-economic sustainability largest inland city. thereby ensuring successful longevity.
  14. 14. Kizad 26 Masterplan 27 High and low impact areas/
  15. 15. Kizad 28 Masterplan 29Divided into distinct areas Ultra Modern Deepwater SeaportKizad will provide the necessary infrastructure Phase 1 of Khalifa Port, ADPC’s flagship port,and services required to support industrial and is scheduled to open in Q4 2012 and will offerbusiness activities within a number of distinct Kizad tenants direct access to deepwaterareas structured to meet the needs of different loading and unloading facilities, enabling easyindustry types. The layout of the Industrial Zone import of bulk raw materials and export ofensures land use compatibility by taking into finished goods.account transportation impact and a range ofother conditions to ensure the environment in An ultra-modern facility, the port approacheach area is appropriate for the businesses to channel and basin have been dredged to abe located within it. depth of 16 metres to accommodate the largest container ships. Another key feature is the firstHigh Impact Industry Area semi-automated container terminal in theThis area will be tailored to the needs of region. The Port Island extends 6 km offshore,industries, such as smelters, heavy machinery has a principal quay wall of 3.2 km and is linkedmanufacturers, chemical and petrochemical to the mainland by a bridge 1 km long.plants, glass and pulp and paper mills. The Port’s flexible Masterplan providesLight Industry Areas for phased capacity growth over the nextLight impact manufacturers such as food 40 years, in line with the development of Kizad.packagers and processors and pharmaceutical Khalifa Port will initially offer an annual capacitymanufacturers, will be located between of 2 million containers a year plus 8 millionresidential areas and high-impact industry areas. tonnes of bulk and breakbulk cargo. It will grow over a number of phases and will eventuallyThese two areas will be further subdivided into be able to handle 15 million TEUs andthe industry clusters previously mentioned. 35 million tonnes of bulk cargo, with Emal handling 4 million tonnes of cargo a yearClean Areas at its exclusive berth.The main focus within these areas is ontechnological sectors, encompassingalternative energy, incubator and researchfacilities and electrical components.Commercial AreasHelping to create sustainable communities forresidents, staff and visitors, the commercialareas will boast showrooms, shopping, leisureand recreation facilities, service centres, ahotel and business park.Residential AreasKizad will provide workers with residentialcommunities offering comfortableaccommodation in convenient locationsas near to the workplace as UAE Regulationsallow. Recreational and entertainment facilities,mosques, shops, medical and emergencyservices are planned.Ultra Modern Logistics Zoned Manufacturing Port Facility
  16. 16. Kizad 30 Clusters 31clusters/Verticallyintegratedfor success /
  17. 17. Kizad 32 Clusters 33 CHANGING THE FACE OF TOMORROW’S BUSINESS, STARTING TODAY/ Kizad’s overriding aim is to support the diversification of Abu Dhabi’s industrial base in Line with the provisions of the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030. Cluster benefits Kizad’s features ensure that different benefits are offered to each cluster. However a solid core of benefits are offered to all industries who locate in the Industrial Zone: — utstanding access to global markets O Kizad’s Clusters of Excellence — Strategic location of Abu Dhabi Kizad’s overriding aim is to support the — Outstanding transportation diversification of Abu Dhabi’s industrial base infrastructure - sea, air, road and rail in line with the provisions of the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030. Accordingly, — Low operating cost environment the industries targeted by Kizad are among — Low cost utilities those highlighted by the Economic Vision as — Zero income tax environment the primary and enabling industries required — Option of claiming exemption from GCC to drive the nation forward. These include: customs duties on goods manufactured in the Industrial Zone or of owning 100% — Aluminium of a business and avoiding UAE duties — Steel on goods imported and re-exported — Engineered Metal Products through the Zone — Petrochemicals and Chemicals — Clustering approach — Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Equipment — Appealing UAE lifestyle helps to attract — Food and retain high-quality staff — Paper, Print and Packaging — Trade and Logistics — Ease of doing business — Mixed Use and others — Kizad’s Business Development Team of trained engineers to help you optimise While not all of these industries will be your location housed in true vertically integrated clusters, — One Stop Shop to facilitate business each is expected to contribute significantly set-up and Government certification to Kizad’s success. — High quality local and expat workforce
  18. 18. AKizad 34 Clusters 35 Aluminium/ Aluminium manufacturing processes tend to be energy intensive with the result that locations able to offer low power costs are well placed to compete on a global level. COMPETITIVE Consumption of aluminium on a global level has been increasing consistently, reaching 23.5 million tonnes in 2009. The Middle East market has been increasing significantly in response to demand from the manufacturing, aerospace, transport and construction sectors. The Kizad Aluminium Cluster is anchored by Emal’s smelter, which will be the largest single site smelter in the world. Downstream Kizad is targeting rolling mills, extrusions, castings, forgings and other downstream manufacturers in areas such as construction, transportation, packaging and engineered metal products. Additionally, Kizad is consulting potential tenants about their requirements for service suppliers such as dross recyclers that require easy access to a smelter. The Hot Metal Road will cut re-melting costs for midstream producers, while the proximity of downstream producers and service suppliers will generate business and operational efficiencies which, supported by the low utility costs available at Kizad, will offer all aluminium companies the opportunity to be highly competitive in the market place.
  19. 19. SKizad 36 Clusters 37 Steel/ Strong local demand and Abu Dhabi’s low utility costs combine to create highly attractive opportunities for primary steel manufacturing companies. EFFICIENT Steel manufacturers in the Middle East need to be based close to port facilities to enable the import of raw materials. With the Middle East currently importing much of its steel, strong local demand and Abu Dhabi’s low utility costs combine to create a highly attractive opportunity for a primary steel manufacturing company to establish at Kizad. Adjacent to the most advanced port in the region with potential for a conveyor to bring raw materials from port to plant, Kizad is well positioned to host a steel industry cluster based around a major steel producer. Kizad’s vertically integrated Steel Cluster is expected to centre on an anchor tenant operating upstream plants such as DRI production and Electric Arc Furnace melt shops. These are expected to produce slab, bloom, billets and strip steel. The cluster will also include rolling mills, producing rebar, beams, sheet steel, and downstream manufacturers and service providers, all of which will benefit from close proximity to each other. Downstream manufacturers in the engineered metal products sector will enjoy the same advantage.
  20. 20. EMKizad 38 Clusters 39 ENGINEERED METAL PRODUCTS/ KIZAD’S VERTICALLY INTEGRATED ENGINEERED METALS CLUSTER HAS BEEN MASTER PLANNED TO OFFER METAL MANUFACTURING AND FABRICATION INDUSTRIES SIGNIFICANT COMMERCIAL ADVANTAGES. FLEXIBLE Kizad’s vertically integrated Engineered Metals Cluster has been master planned to offer metal manufacturing and fabrication industries significant commercial advantages, unprecedented levels of business efficiency, profitability and sustainability. Kizad’s Engineered Metals Cluster brings together basic producers in the Aluminium, Steel and Petrochemicals/Chemicals Clusters together with downstream metals manufacturers, in a single integrated environment. It will also play host to service providers, such as laboratories and testing facilities, and industrial gas suppliers, that all benefit from working closely with one another. For an industry with potentially high power requirements, Abu Dhabi’s low utility costs create a significant business advantage, helping to reduce overheads and boost profits for resident businesses. While not a true vertically integrated cluster, the close proximity of downstream producers and service suppliers will generate business efficiencies which, supported by the low utility costs available at Kizad, will offer engineered metals companies the opportunity to be highly competitive in the market place.
  21. 21. PcKizad 40 Clusters 41 petrochemicals and chemicals/ The Petrochemical/Chemical Cluster will be in close proximity to large scale petrochemical producers supporting a range of downstream processors and chemical manufacturers. CONNECTED With petrochemical and chemical manufacturing processes tending to be energy intensive and requiring raw materials from the oil and gas industries, locations able to offer feedstocks and low utility costs are well positioned to compete on a global level. The petrochemicals industry in the Middle East is projected to continue growing slightly ahead of world demand, at around 4% per annum. It is a market which responds to the economic health of the region and profitability springs from efficient operation. Kizad is ideally placed to capitalise on both drivers. The Kizad Petrochemical/Chemical Cluster will be in close proximity to large scale petrochemical producers supporting a range of downstream processors and chemical manufacturers. The convenient location of Khalifa Port offers the efficient onward shipment of petrochemical and chemical bulk solid, liquid and gas cargoes.
  22. 22. PhKizad 42 Clusters 43 PHARMACEUTICALS AND HEALTHCARE EQUIPMENT/ Abu Dhabi’s focus on health and its high population growth are twin drivers of its interest in the pharmaceutical and healthcare equipment industries. EXPANDING Abu Dhabi’s focus on health which drives its interest in the pharmaceutical and healthcare equipment industries, are laid out in Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030.The Emirates’ high population growth is another driver which should encourage pharmaceutical and healthcare equipment companies to consider setting up in Kizad. Pharmaceutical sales in the UAE exceeded US $1 billion in 2009, while the GCC market was valued at over US$8 billion. Forecasts suggest that this will grow between 4 and 5% annually. Pharmaceuticals is a key industry for the GCC, which has specific health issues and rising demand for new and better treatments. The ability to develop and manufacture these locally, will offer companies a significant advantage compared to the cost of importing, and is an industry sector keenly supported by the Abu Dhabi Government. Pharmaceutical manufacturers will find in Kizad an environment focused on meeting the demands of a modern industry.
  23. 23. FKizad 44 Clusters 45 food/ the ability to develop and manufacture food products locally will offer companies a significant advantage compared to the cost of importing them. APPETISING Seen as a key enabling industry in the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030, the market for food products is also driven by the Emirate’s high population growth. The UAE food market exceeded US $4 billion in 2009, with forecasts suggesting that it will grow between 4 and 5% annually driven partially by rising domestic incomes. Food is a key industry for the GCC, which imports a large proportion of both staple and processed goods. The ability to develop and manufacture these locally will offer companies a significant advantage compared to the cost of importing, and is an industry sector keenly supported by the Abu Dhabi Government. Food manufacturers will find in Kizad an environment focused on meeting the demands of a modern industry with attractive options for upstream, midstream and downstream producers. Low cost utilities, excellent transportation and road access to local and regional markets, present a compelling case for food producers to invest in Kizad.
  24. 24. PKizad 46 Clusters 47 PAPER, PRINT and PACKAGING/ ENERGY INTENSIVE AND HIGH VOLUME WATER CONSUMING COMPANIES IN THE PAPER PRODUCTION INDUSTRY WILL ESPECIALLY BENEFIT FROM KIZAD’S LOW COST UTILITIES. AVAILABILITY Paper manufacturing processes are also energy intensive and consume a great deal of water. Locations like Kizad with available low cost utilities are ideal to help producers compete on a global level. The heavyweight and high distribution costs of finished product creates a significant opportunity for a locally-based primary manufacturer. Excellent access to the increasingly important markets of India and China further enhance the prospects for the sector. The Kizad Paper Cluster is expected to be anchored by a large capacity paper and paperboard mill supplying roll and cut sheet product. The close proximity of this facility to other businesses within Kizad will be ideal for the printing, publishing and packaging industries, all of which will be in demand.
  25. 25. TLKizad 48 Clusters 49 TRADE and logistics / the trade and logistics operations necessary to support industries locating to Kizad are moving ahead and a Warehouse and Logistics Park is already under development. EMERGING As the opening of Khalifa Port and Kizad moves closer by the day, planning for the trade and logistics operations necessary to support industries in the Zone is moving ahead. A Warehouse and Logistics Park is being developed in Kizad’s Area A for logistics units. It comprises pre-built warehouses and leased land plots for occupiers and third party logistics providers to build their own facilities. The idea behind this project is to provide warehouses that meet the requirements of storage, cargo and other logistical operators within Kizad. Investors will be able to lease land plots ranging in size from 15,000 sq m to 500,000 sq m within the 2.1 sq km Logistics Cluster in Area A. The total land area allocated for pre-built warehouses is 400,000 sq m. Development of the warehouses is planned in two phases. The first phase will comprise 100,000 sq m of prebuilt warehouses with a mixture of modular units from 1,000 sq m. Each unit will provide for 10% of office content. The warehouses, to be developed will have a design efficiency of 90% and will be fitted with air-conditioned units and loading docks. An investor planning to build his own warehouse and logistics facility will be granted a long-term Land Agreement; whereas an investor interested in prebuilt facilities, both standard and bespoke, will be entitled to enter a long-term Lease Agreement.
  26. 26. MUKizad 50 Clusters 51 MIXED USE AND OTHER INDUSTRIES/ Smaller clusters or industries that do not fit the standard vertically integrated cluster definition can still take advantage of Kizad’s benefits. ACCOMMODATING Of course not all industries that seek to take advantage of Kizad’s key benefits; access to markets, low cost utilities and ease of doing business will fit into the clusters described previously. For this reason Kizad has a Mixed Use Cluster which can house businesses from a variety of industries and still offer unprecedented value. Smaller clusters or industries which Kizad targets under the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030, but do not fit the standard vertically integrated cluster definition, may also be placed in the Mixed Use Cluster or close to other customers or suppliers. The industries which have been identified in this respect so far are as follows: — Glass — Oilfield Equipment and Supplies — Non Ferrous Metals — High Technology and Clean Technology — Construction Materials and Equipment
  27. 27. Kizad 52 Facilities 53facilities/ Making the vision reality/
  28. 28. Kizad 54 Facilities 55 REAL SOLUTIONS/ To create a world-class business and manufacturing facility, Kizad is committed to providing outstanding services and infrastructure for companies and their employees. Local Centres These Local Centres are community focused, and will offer a range of ancillary facilities and services to meet the needs of people living Kizad is being developed as a premier regional within a 2 km radius. There are four Local industry and logistics hub, midway between Centres planned, each with their own mix, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The Zone will be a which may include a local mosque, general world-class industry production centre retail facilities and other related amenities. that services a wide range of light, medium and heavy industries. The Local Centres are positioned at strategic locations within the Industrial Zone, ensuring To create a world-class business and easy access to key services. Day-to-day manufacturing facility, Kizad is committed services will be within walking distance of to providing outstanding services and most workplaces, thereby reducing the need infrastructure to support companies and to use vehicles for short trips within the site. their employees. Business Park The Business Park will be located adjacent District Centres to Kizad’s main arterial road, and it is proposed Designed to support a population within a within the Masterplan to provide offices, 4 km radius, the District Centres will provide commercial showrooms, a business hotel, a range of facilities and services to meet training and research facilities, associated the daily requirements of people working retail and related services. and living close by. The Business Park will act as a natural meeting Development of two large District Centres is place with well-landscaped surroundings and planned. Each will have their own distinct shaded piazzas for business and socialising. characteristics and features to fit alongside their respective industrial operations and land An ideal place for international and local use requirements. A District Centre will typically companies to establish their HQ office buildings, have a Jumma mosque, medical clinic, civil investors have the option to secure a plot of defense, some associated retail, food and land to build their own premises or then enter beverage outlets and other related community into a long term agreement for a planned facilities and services. bespoke building.
  29. 29. Kizad 56 Facilities 57 Room to grow/
  30. 30. Kizad 58 Facilities 59 SIMPLIFYING SETUP/ Finding the ideal location for your business is one of the priorities of the management team. The Musataha Agreement – A finance enabler Business owners that have completed all stages of the land leasing process are invited to sign a Musataha Agreement. This is a long-term property right agreement that is capable of being registered at the Abu Dhabi Land Registry Department in the name of the investor. LAND LEASING PROCESS Making sure companies find their optimum Signing the agreement ensures the investor location within Kizad is of paramount legally owns all assets developed on their plot importance. The first step to satisfying this of land within Kizad while they reside at the aim is for interested parties to fill out an Industrial Zone, and guarantees tenure provided Industrial Project Application (IPA) or a Logistics the business operates within the terms of its Project Application (LPA) form, both of which license. It also acts as a supporting document can be downloaded from and for securing loans and mortgages related to These two forms differ according an investor’s business. to the type of facility or operation the interested party plans to establish. In certain cases, Kizad will enter into direct agreements with an investor’s lenders thereby After completion of the appropriate form, strengthening the security package an investor Kizad’s Business Services and Technical is capable of offering for raising capital. Such Services Teams will review the application. support is offered to ensure business owners It will then be sent on to the Plot Allocation can access the capital for establishing operations Committee, which assigns the best plot of land in the Industrial Zone and secure long term for the applicant’s business. The next stage financial stability. involves talks between the applicant and Kizad before a final agreement on the venture being All companies entering into the Musataha established in the Industrial Zone is reached. Agreement are subject to Kizad’s rules and regulations, which are in place to The applicant may then opt for a Preliminary establish a safe, efficient and sustainable Agreement allowing time to complete the business environment. required conditions precedent or move on to signing the final agreement. For this purpose, Leasehold Agreements Kizad has developed a bankable instrument For investors who wish to secure agreements that enhances access to third party finance to rent or lease buildings a standard long-term and investment. lease agreement will be utilised.
  31. 31. Kizad 60 Facilities 61ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITYAND SUSTAINABILITY/Kizad’s commitment toenvironmental stewardshipgoes far beyond the bordersof the industrial zone.SAFEGUARDING THE FUTUREDelivering an industrial zone that fuelsAbu Dhabi’s economic engine and establishesit as a source of pride for the nation is theultimate objective. In achieving this, however,we are determined to minimise the localenvironmental impact.Kizad’s approach involves a Sustainability Planto integrate sound practices and environmentalprotection into the Industrial Zone’s operationin order to preserve the quality and integrityof the environment both within and beyondthe Zone. Kizad will uphold environmentalprotection standards by working with allcustomers to ensure responsibleenvironmental initiatives, technologies,processes and practices are implementedthroughout the Industrial Zone.An integrated waste management system andstrategy for the provision of efficient, safe,and commercially profitable waste disposalis planned. The initiative will involve recyclingoperations and services that are designed tothe highest environmental standards, improvingthe efficiency of municipal, industrial andhazardous waste.These initiatives are exemplified by the designof Khalifa Port, which won ‘The EnvironmentProtection Award’ in the Seatrade Middle Eastand Indian Subcontinent Awards 2010.This was awarded for efforts to protect theRas Ghanada corals and marine ecosystem,and the construction of a US$ 240 millionenvironmental breakwater to further protectmarine life. One of a number of awards, thissignifies the commitment to environmentalstewardship by going far beyond the bordersof the Industrial Zone.
  32. 32. Kizad 62 Facilities 63 TOMORROW’S BUSINESS EDGE, DELIVERED/ Kizad presents investors and businesses around the world with an unrivalled opportunity to participate in Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030. Kizad offers an unparalleled business environment and strategic location in the Middle East between the West and Asia; political stability; excellent hard and soft infrastructure; effective governmental systems and administration; a favourable fiscal regime and abundant levels of energy resources. It also provides a modern information and telecommunications infrastructure; a favourable intellectual property protection environment and financial resources for investment. And of course, there are no taxes on personal and corporate income, capital gains and sales. Kizad’s workforce is assured a high quality of life in a rapidly developing city of more than 150 nationalities. They will benefit Success from a safe and attractive lifestyle, offering Seizing tomorrow, today. Kizad is committed entertainment, sporting events, tourist to establishing an environment in which attractions and culture. With an open policy investors, companies and employees will thrive. on foreign talent, businesses are welcome Companies that establish in the Industrial Zone to hire from outside the UAE. will have access to an excellent quality of life in a business-friendly environment that creates Above all, Kizad presents investors and a long term competitive advantage. Benefits businesses around the world an unrivalled include world-class infrastructure in an ideal opportunity to benefit from and participate in the location, making Abu Dhabi the perfect spot prosperity created by Abu Dhabi Economic Vision for companies and employees alike. 2030. Delivering tomorrow’s success, today.
  33. 33. KizadPO Box 54477 Abu DhabiUnited Arab EmiratesT +971 800 10 20 30F +971 2 695 2030
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