MISD Student Nutrition June 2011


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June 2011 Board Meeting: Presentation from Student Nutrition on how the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 will impact the cost of meals and department operations. Also an nutrition update from the 2010-11 school year.

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MISD Student Nutrition June 2011

  1. 1. Team Student Nutrition“Our business is feeding kids!”
  2. 2. SY 2010/11 UPDATE• 3,065,205 Lunch meals served• 826,781 Breakfast meals served• 3,266,861 Cartons of milk served• 615,343 Servings of fresh fruit served• Whole grains introduced into our menu in the form of bread, pasta and rice• One school should qualify for the Healthier Schools U. S. Challenge
  3. 3. Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010• Signed into law in December 2010• Aimed at reducing childhood obesity• Reauthorizes and funds the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs (NSLP)• Will have major impact on all school districts in the USA that participate in the NSLP
  4. 4. Highlights of the New Regulations• Effective July 1, 2011, flavored milk can no longer be 1%, it must now be skim milk• July 2011 - USDA will issue guidance on indirect costs such as water, gas & electricity• SY 2012/13 new meal planning system• Effective July 1, 2011, “Equity in Meal Pricing” goes into effect
  5. 5. Impact on MISD New Milk Regulations• Because flavored skim milk was not on our bid a new milk bid had to be solicited• Milk costs increased by $.02 per carton• Net impact on MISD based on current year usage is $65,337.00
  6. 6. Impact on MISD Indirect Costs• It is unclear at this time the impact this regulation will have on the district or when the regulation must be implemented• Originally due June 13, release date has now been pushed to July 10
  7. 7. Impact on MISD New Menu Planning System• Regulations have been proposed but not approved yet• A comment period has just recently closed• Proposed new regulations would make food costs and labor increase dramatically• Proposed increase in USDA funding to cover increased costs is $.06 per meal
  8. 8. Impact on MISD New Meal Planning System• New breakfast regulations would require one cup servings of fruit vs. the current ½ cup• New breakfast regulations would require that every student take a breakfast protein• In addition to the fruit and protein requirements, bread requirements in high school breakfasts would double
  9. 9. Impact on MISD New Meal Planning System• Limitations on “starchy” vegetables• Begin elimination of processed foods• Implementation of more “scratch cooked” foods (aka: additional labor costs)• Proposed breakfast regulations could cost us over $375,000 in additional food• Final ruling due out next school year
  10. 10. Impact on MISD Equity in Meal Pricing• Requires districts to start raising the price of meals for paid students to eventually be the same as the USDA reimbursement for a free student meal• Current free reimbursement is $2.72• Equity to be met incrementally over several years through annual price increases
  11. 11. Impact on MISD Equity in Meal Pricing• Under the regulation, MISD would have to increase meal pricing by a minimum of $.15• New lunch prices would be $2.15 for elementary and intermediate schools, $2.40 for middles and high schools, $2.90 for high school extreme meal (premium entrée) and $3.15 for adults.• The consent agenda includes a proposal to increase meals by $.15
  12. 12. Summary• The Student Nutrition is looking forward to another year of serving great tasting, healthy food to the students of MISD• This school year we will be modifying our menu to be proactive in serving healthier food choices• Our goal is to qualify more schools for the Healthier US Schools Challenge