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Rocketfuel_Data Capitalization for efficient Campaign management_Success story


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Rocketfuel_Data Capitalization for efficient Campaign management_Success story

  1. 1. Data Capitalization for efficient Campaign managementCompany: Rocket FuelOpportunity: Data capitalizationVertical: Campaign ManagementServices? Challenge Solution Benefits . Rocketfuel wanted to capitalize the Mansa Systems has created a Rocket fuel can now successfully first letter of all the words in the First script to case format the First run their email campaigns , and Last Name for both Leads and Name & Last name of each client & addressing all their contacts & Contacts upon creation & to be put ran an automatic script for the leads in a constant case format in correct format for efficient 15000 contacts that were existed in addressing of clients during their database Client can save time & manpower campaign management invested on crosschecking the Trigger was designed as such Contacts or leads name to ensure The data was approx. 15 K in that any new data that is entered their emails are addressed properly number & needs to be case shall be automatically case formatted formatted