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Miri Piri Academy - non-profit Salesforce Implementation - Success Story


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Published in: Technology
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Miri Piri Academy - non-profit Salesforce Implementation - Success Story

  1. 1. Donations Simplified with Donate Now Widget Challenge Solution Benefits ? Miri Piri Academy ,a non-profit Organization was looking for Financial Aid, through their web portal Tracking donor details from online donations was a causing trouble They needed a donation form on the website to be integrated with Salesforce, so that online donations could be captured and notified Mansa Systems, developed Donate Now, an App that captures online donation payments on The donor information on the form will get stored in Salesforce as contact and an opportunity Integrated DonateNow Widget to Miri Piri’s website, so that any donor can fill in the form and all his details will be captured in Salesforce Company: Miri Piri Academy Opportunity: Donation Capture Vertical: Education, non-profit Miri Piri Academy now has a “Donate” on the website. It offers donor a flexibility to set his donation frequency The form captures all required details of donor including donation amount, cc or bank details etc Automatic notifications set on donation submission and payment status . Mansa Systems team was fantastic and always available to answer any questions or deal with any problem that arose. Saraswati Khalsa, Director