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Mansa Systems Iod Configure And Training Package


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This document describes Informatica On Demand Training and Configuration services by Mansa Systems.

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Mansa Systems Iod Configure And Training Package

  1. 1. Informatica On Demand Configure & Training Package 297
  2. 2. Data Integration Challenges Do you Maintain Customer Data In Multiple Systems and find it difficult to manage them? Do you maintain opportunity in and Process Orders In Some Other System and feel the pain to link them together? Do you have Multiple Sources For Capturing Leads and can’t get them in Do you see an Issue In Linking The Invoices To Customer Records in Do you really know your customer well with 360 Degree View? And Many More Issues With Your Data??? If the answer is ‘YES’ to any of the above let’s go ahead… 297
  3. 3. Why Informatica On Demand? Other Informatica On Demand Systems True Multi-Tenant Cloud offering Market Leader in data integration Supports companies of all sizes Extreme Ease Of Use Time to deploy - Try And Buy Complete integration lifecycle Integration focus Connect to many on-premise applications 297
  4. 4. IOD Configure & Training Package Designed for Salesforce Administrators or IT Teams Get Informatica On Demand & Agents Setup & Configured Quickly Train The Trainer Session with complete end-end integration process between & other System Become an IOD Expert In 2-3 Days What Do We Do? What Do You Learn? Install &Configure Informatica Complete Administration Tasks On Demand from AppExchange Integration Concepts Install Agent(s) on Customer Data Synchronization Service on-premise System Data Replication Service Train The Trainer Session Best Practices 297
  5. 5. Schedule Configure/ Train The Trainer Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 IOD, Agent Setup & X Configuration Integration Concepts X Data Replication Service X Data Synchronization Service X Recap – Best Practices X 297
  6. 6. Key Benefits Become an Informatica On Demand Expert In 2-3 Days Learn how to Eliminate Complex Integrations Interactive Sessions. Expert Advices & Best Practices Learn from Certified Integration Experts Learn from “EXPERTS” and Implement On Your “OWN” 297
  7. 7. Key Deliverables Kick-off Meeting. Discuss goals & expectations. IOD & Agent Install Guide IOD Services Training Guide 297
  8. 8. Pricing IOD Services Fast Track License Package Cost 30% $Call$ Discount Assumptions The customer is responsible to provide the access to the internal systems and prior to the session Data samples & Examples are provided by Mansa Systems 297
  9. 9. Contact Us +(1) 510-857-5700 297
  10. 10. 297