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Juice 107.3 _Donation tracking simplified with donate now widget _success story


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Juice 107.3 _Donation tracking simplified with donate now widget _success story

  1. 1. Donation tracking simplified with “Donate Now” widget Company: Juice 107.3 FM Opportunity: Online Donation Capture & Tracking Vertical: Media & Entertainment? Challenge Solution Benefits . Tracking donor details from Mansa Systems developed Juice 107.3 FM now captures online donation was a trouble “Donate Now Widget” App that donations directly into Salesforce captures online donation from their website They needed a donation form payments on on the website to be integrated platform using Chargent Donation tracking is easy and with Salesforce payment processing system reduced lot of manual work in a way saving time and money Donation tracking and Integrated “Donate Now reporting has been a problem Widget” App to Juice 107.3 FM Reporting made easy for the due to lack of correct data website so that donor can fill in management the form The donor information on the form will get stored in salesforce as contact and opportunity