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ITOG_Hollywood startup rocks with force.com_Success_Story


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Hollywood startup rocks with

Published in: Education, Technology, Design
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ITOG_Hollywood startup rocks with force.com_Success_Story

  1. 1. Hollywood startup rocks with force.comCompany: Its on the GridOpportunity: Portal DevelopmentVertical: Entertainment Industry? Challenge Solution Benefits . Its on the Grid wanted to come Concept to market in weeks.  platform is used up with a new subscription IOTG went live with for the development and based portal for entertainment hosting the ITS on the Grid vertical portal in weeks site IOTG wanted to have a unique  Hollywood information on Visual force, sites, feature to have search listings open writing assignments & apex, html, CSS is used to of open writing assignments & open directing assignments in build the pages open directing assignments at an easy and searchable Hollywood studios on their site database  platform security configurations are used to Such consolidated info on Ability to store private notes enable security features entertainment projects was not with every person, project and available on any other portal company in the system