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How to market with the cloud: destroying data silos

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How to market with the cloud: destroying data silos

  1. 1. How to Market with the Cloud: Destroying Data Silos Daniel Sisson Marketing & Business Development Director Mansa Systems
  2. 2. First things firstSupport links outside the frameQ&APlease feel free to put questions into the chat box. I willanswer at the end. 297
  3. 3. Agenda• Introductions – Daniel• Introductions – Mansa Systems• Modern Marketing vs Old Marketing• Marketing in the Cloud• No data silos• What next?• Recommended reading 297
  4. 4. Myself• Perpetual student ofMarketing, Advertising, Sales, Copywriting, Productivity, andEfficiency• BS International Business, Saint Louis University, MadridCareer Highlights• Ocho Eventos – Nightlife – Madrid • Basis of my marketing skills• Daily Crowdsource – Tech / Crowdsourcing – San Diego • Marketing, Business Development, Advertising and Sales • Startup life•Mansa Systems – IT / Salesforce – San Francisco • Marketing and Business Development• Stealth Startup 297
  5. 5. Salesforce Consulting and appexchange Apps Quick Summary Global Locations Founded in 2006 Headquarters One Market St 50 Employees San Francisco 15 Certified Consultants 300+ projects 120+ Customers  2.5 projects / Offshore Center customer Delhi, India Growing Product Business 297
  6. 6. Marketing Then and Now•Interruption vs. permission marketing• Inbound vs. outbound • Internet Marketing and Digital Marketing 297
  7. 7. Marketing Then and NowInterruptionDefinitions •“Marketing” as a loose term • Drive Revenue • Get Leads and Sell • Brand Awareness, Ad Campaigns, Social MediaOld or Traditional MarketingTown Criers / Heralds Radio > TV > Banner Ads / PopupsDifficult to quantify and you are interrupting peopleslives, or tv show, etc. 297
  8. 8. Marketing Then and NowPermission Marketing – Seth Godin •Drive Revenue • Get Leads and Sell • Trust, Authority, Thought Leadership, etcBlog Posts, Webinars, Content Educate Give Value FirstPut out great content and they will come to you 297
  9. 9. Marketing Then and NowInbound VS. Outbound Marketing• Inbound is blogging, content, SEO, social media presence,LinkedIn, Webinars, Interviews, Etc • Email Marketing • PPC – Google Ads• Outbound is Ad Campaigns, Radio, TV, direct mail, etc 297
  10. 10. Marketing in the CloudCloud embraces the changes CRM Content Marketing on the Internet Marketing Automation Lead Nurturing Campaigns 297
  11. 11. Cloud Products and Services to the rescue •All in one products / services Marketo / Silverpop / Predictive Response Integration to CRM is FUNDAMENTAL I don’t recommend, but you could use various specialization products • In-house email provider or external email provider • Analytics - KissMetrics, Google Analytics • Unbounce – Landing page design • Hootsuite – Social Media • Bonus tip! LastPass 297
  12. 12. Cloud Products and Services to the rescueTake all your marketing online with ONE centraldatabase Salesforce CRM Your CRM must be the one all be all Data lives and diesForget about old marketing, ROI is not there 297
  13. 13. Data Silos are a thing of the past•Integrations to the rescue•Connectors•Plug-ins 297
  14. 14. Replace your Marketing Manager with an App• Repetitive Processes are room for automation• Integrations, Automation, Syncing• If it seems like there should be an easier way, theredefinitely is 297
  15. 15. Replace your Marketing Manager with an App • SlideShare – Marketing Collateral and Presentations • Static URL – updating is easy, embedding • Lead Generation tool • Leads go to Salesforce CRM • Exporting and Importing leads from SlideShare to Salesforce • Slide2Lead – Auto sync your leads from SlideShare to Salesforce Slide2Lead
  16. 16. The future of marketing• What happens next?• Speculation on the future of Marketing, Sales, Advertising, etc.• CMOS will buy more technology,• Are you prepared to be a CMTO or a CIMO
  17. 17. Recommended ReadingChief Marketing Technologist•’s Blog• Blog•
  18. 18. How To Reach Me? Daniel SissonMarketing & Business Development Director 1.619.715.8122 297