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Mansa systems salesforce_customer_analytics_services

  1. 1. Customer AnalyticsServices Overview 297
  2. 2. User, Do You Wonder… Sales How accurately are you able to forecast your sales? Is this changing over time? How is my pipeline changing over the quarter? By rep? By industry? By product? By customer size? Marketing How many leads were generated across campaigns and channels? How has thischanged over time? What is the overall ROI for lead generation and nurturing campaigns? Support Which support personnel and processes are doing well? Who are missing their goals? What are the key performance metrics for my (response time per incident, first- time call resolution)? 297
  3. 3. What Can Do? Simple, Flexible & Powerful On Demand reporting and analysis Visualize Results Customized Reports and Dashboards Track unique metrics and KPIs Mash up additional data sets Collaborate with co-workers For Business Users For Administrators & IT Sales Pipeline Trending Build historical reports just in few clicks. Marketing Campaign Analysis No more complex reports and queries Customer Service Performance No more Visual force pages analytical Analytics reports Analyze Customer Data 297
  4. 4. How Works?Accounts & Marketing & Contacts Leads Web ServicesOpportunities Call Center Customer Portal Social Fields Captured from Sales, Automated, Scheduled Data Pre-built reports & dashboard Marketing & Service Cloud Loading Analyze data the way you want 297
  5. 5. Who We Are? History: Mansa Systems was established 6 years ago providing IT consulting services Global Delivery Centers: Headquarters at San Francisco, CA & Nearshore centre at Costa Rica & Colombia, Offshore Centers in Gurgaon, India & Beijing China. Business Intelligence: customer analytics, cloud application analytics implementation; customization; remote support & Admin; user training; support - data management, metrics, reporting & dashboards & expertise: Implementation, Integration, customization, application development, sites design, development 297
  6. 6. What We Do? Implementation, Customization, Development, Training & Support For for for for Business Users for Administrators & IT Sales Pipeline Analytics Build complex analytical reports Marketing Analytics Replace Visual force based reports Service & Support Analytics Build historical reports Customer Life Cycle Analytics 297
  7. 7. Why Mansa? On Demand! On Time! On Budget! & Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed! Proven Experience in Business Intelligence & Cloud Platform Global Consulting Partner Certified Professionals Fixed Bid Projects Flexible Pricing Options Global Delivery Cost Effective, Reliable & Experienced Best Customer References 297
  8. 8. How We Do? Define Deploy Discover Validate Design Build 297
  9. 9. DEFINE PhaseEntry Approved SOW Project Kick off meeting Meet key personnel from business and ITTask Business process walk through Identify key measures for business performance Identify critical success factors Identified KPI’s and metrics Gather analytic data requirement Define Subject AreasValidate Review and sign off on Scope of Work and Project PlanExit Document the measures and dimension 297
  10. 10. DISCOVER PhaseEntry Document of measures and dimensionTask Determine data source Build business model Identified facts and dimension tables Perform gap analysisValidate Review and sign off on Analytics data requirementExit Gap Analysis document Update requirement document after validation 297
  11. 11. DESIGN PhaseEntry Updated requirement document and Gap Analysis documentTask Prepare meta data design Prepare report design Prepare ETL design Decide how to present data to usersValidate Review and sign-off on analytics meta data , dashboard report design & ETL designExit Analytics meta data design Dashboard design ETL design 297
  12. 12. BUILD PhaseEntry Signed off DesignTask Configure reporting meta data Build ETL and the dashboards Set up test usersValidate Identify any data gap to answer business questionsExit Configured dashboards Configured ETL 297
  13. 13. VALIDATE PhaseEntry Configured dashboard Configured ETLTask Validate dashboard and reports Validate ETL and data Prepare deployment documentValidate Review and signoff on UATExit Functionally & technically tested report and dashboard Deployment document 297
  14. 14. DEPLOY PhaseEntry Tested reports and dashboard Detailed deployment documentTask Move reports, dashboard and ETL to production environment Deploy application in production environment Administrator’s maintenance guideValidate Review and signoff on the production environmentExit Complete set up of production environment 297
  15. 15. Customers 297
  16. 16. Locations Costa Rica Office India Office Building number 795, 667, 3rd floor, Udyog Vihar, from Taco Belll 400 west, Phase V, Gurgaon -122016 50 north.San Pedro, Barrio Dent, India San Jose, Montes de Oca US Office - Head Quarters One Market Street, Spear Tower, Suite 3600 San Francisco CA 94105 United States +1 415 293 8297 Colombia Office China Office Carrera 7 # 14-28 602, Rm.1102, Tower B, Landgent Center Bogota, No.24 East 3rd Ring Road, Chaoyang District Cundinamarca, 11010, Beijing 100022, China Colombia 297
  17. 17. How To Reach Us Costa Rica Office US Office Name: Madison Cloutier Name: Siva Devaki Title: Sr Sales Executive Title: CEO & Founder Email: Email: Website: Phone: +1 281 733 2721 Phone: +1 415 293 8297 Mansa Systems Mansa Systems LLC Building number 795 One Market St, Spear Tower from Taco Bell 400 west, 50 north Suite 3600 San Pedro, Barrio Dent, San Francisco CA 94105 San Jose, Costa Rica 297
  18. 18. 297