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Arena _eCommerce Portal and Integration with SAP_success story


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Arena _eCommerce Portal and Integration with SAP_success story

  1. 1. Data de-duplication to increase overall Efficiency Company: Arena Opportunity: Data De duplication Vertical: Hitech Software Services? Challenge Solution Benefits . Arena had a huge database Apex Data Loader tool used 10 % of the total Arena of approx. 1.5 lacks which had to extract the data from database including contacts & multiple and duplicate Leads, Salesforce objects. accounts was duplicate & was contacts & 50 K accounts in removed Sales force database Demand Tool, was used for They could see the right cleaning duplicate objects in information which helped the In absence of a unique and the client tremendously account all information were database was cleaned scattered ,resulting in wastage Right data helped in focusing of effort by sales & operations Multiple entries were merged on the right lead & right account staff to create unique contact & which helped them increase their accounts, with the account overall efficiency Users were unable to track having higher number of the right information & records opportunities termed as Arena people could clearly & could not do sales “Master Account view “what’s in the Pipeline” forecasting