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ManSar Communications Pvt Ltd is a New Delhi based marketing communications firm. This presentation is a small overview of the work we do.

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ManSar Communications

  1. 1. Join us on our journey of communication Communications Pvt Ltd
  2. 2. Change Transform Improve Recall Metamorphosis Metamorphosis : The Eastbound story Eastbound: ‘ Detailing Destinations'. In 2010: Catering to mature European, UK markets Making their mark as a ‘knowledge-driven, result-oriented, confident company’ offering the best to their clientele from India.
  3. 3. Eastbound in 2005-06 The first steps with the ‘Detailing’ concept. Highlighting the India and knowledge advantage : Young company but experienced management.
  4. 6. Eastbound: ‘ Detailing Destinations‘ in 2007-09 Presenting the picture of opulence; Developing the concept in photographs, textual narratives for global audiences.
  5. 10. Eastbound in 2010: ‘Detailing Destinations’ with greater confidence; a more artistic and aesthetic presentation of the concept that they now own.
  6. 14. The Eastbound story 2006 to 2010 Change Transform Improve Recall Metamorphosis
  7. 15. Ambitions Acknowledgements Business Development Aspirations Aspirations : of Outbound Marketing Building on the track-record of Outbound Marketing in 2007-08 with the concept of ‘ Unlocking Tourism Markets’: New website, corporate literature and theme-ads were created for different markets, Highlighting the strong service elements of Outbound Marketing.
  8. 28. Extending the concept of ‘Unlocking Tourism Markets ’ into advertising campaigns in the travel trade media; Through 2008-09 for Outbound Marketing.
  9. 29. Stationery of Outbound Marketing: Gets the same look and feel.
  10. 30. Om Tourism Sister company of Outbound Marketing: Strong on the ‘India focus’ for new business ads; Marketing France in India with retail advertising.
  11. 31. No-frills Fundamentals Critical Necessity Necessity : The WHO messaging  Working with UN Agencies and their focus on the fundamentals of communication; 360 degree reach of communications: reinforcing critical messages for the stakeholders; Challenge is to create room for creativity and new ideas.
  12. 32. Posters, dockets, give-aways
  13. 39. Significant Sensational Substance Spotlight Spotlight : On HRH and destination marketing     Long association with HRH Group of Hotels, Udaipur, Rajasthan; Marketing the destinations and events as part of heritage management; Opportunity to work at various levels and creating communication aids for the long term.
  14. 40. Corporate brochures 2008
  15. 48. Corporate Brochure & Factfile In single-colour, for mass distribution; Adapting the design and messages.
  16. 49. Corporate Giveaway Commemorating the Cartier ‘Travel in Style’ Concours in Mumbai, Nov 2009 Innovative CD capturing the vintage cars, boats and aircraft Of the House of Mewar, Udaipur.
  17. 50. The Vintage and Classic Car Collection <ul><li>The Drive f or </li></ul><ul><li>Excellence </li></ul>Location: Shiv Niwas Palace, Udaipur (left) 1938/39 Cadillac - series-39-75, Body style- 7 pass (right) 1938/39 Cadillac - series-39-61, Body style- 5 pass
  18. 51. S howcasing The Vintage and Classic Car Collection, Udaipur In commemoration of Cartier 'Travel with Style' Concours, November 1-2, 2008, Mumbai, India.
  19. 52. 1924 , Rolls- Royce 20 h . p . Barker Tourer (GLK 21) Location: The City Palace, Udaipur
  20. 53. 1938/39 Cadillac - series-39-61, Body style- 5 pass. Conv. sedan by Fisher Location: Shiv Niwas Palace, Udaipur
  21. 54. 1946 M.G. TC Location: Shikabadi Cricket Ground, Shikarbadi Hotel , Udaipur
  22. 55. 1946 M.G. TC Location: Shikarbadi Hotel, Udaipur
  23. 56. Eternal Mewar HRH Group of Hotels The City Palace Museum The House of Mewar Udaipur 1998 to 2010 Significant Sensational Substance Spotlight
  24. 57. Adherence Understanding Appealing Application Application :  An India-edge for Ker & Downey     Working for the export market: Understanding what foreign travel companies are Looking for in India, and from India; building a longer-term relationship with K&D through this strong conceptual presentation.
  25. 62. Research-oriented Reaching out New audiences Reaffirmation Reaffirmation :  For AIIS outreach programs    American Institute of Indian Studies: 50-years of promoting Indian studies in 49 US universities; Facilitating photo-documentation and research in Indian Museums and Archaeological Departments; Communication aids developed to highlight their key achievements and niche positioning.
  26. 63. Corporate docket created in 2008-09 Factsheets and give-aways.
  27. 76. ManSar : At a Glance <ul><li>Our range of services: </li></ul><ul><li>Design – branding exercises - print production – digital versions </li></ul><ul><li>Content development - for print – for websites – for e-communication </li></ul><ul><li>Multimedia presentations - on CDs – email versions </li></ul><ul><li>Media consultancy – for PR – for developing in-house capabilities </li></ul><ul><li>Films and documentaries – Corporate and social themes – from concept to production </li></ul><ul><li>Photography – commercial, industrial – coordinating large teams of photographers </li></ul><ul><li>Training & Workshops – inhouse programmes for clients – media, sales / marketing </li></ul><ul><li>Our practice of taking 360 degree view of communications </li></ul>
  28. 77. Enduring relationships (Corporate) HRH Group of Hotels, Udaipur : corporate literature; event-related marketing films; content development for web-site; development of comprehensive press kit; advertorials; property specific advertising; brand-building strategies and plans. Corporate Voice Shandwick Public Relations (CVS PR) : strategy and planning for major accounts; preparation of press kits and backgrounders; presentations for new business development. Nikkan India Business: industry-specific backgrounders and articles for foreign audience; content development for business portals. Eastbound Tours & Travels Pvt Ltd corporate and product collaterals for the travel management company and it’s group companies: Global Journey, The Orchard, Eastbound Incentives. Outbound Marketing:& OM Tourism a tourism marketing consultancy. We facilitate their communication requirements and development of collaterals. Munchur Machines Pvt Ltd : product literature for marketing the companies range of international power tools and industrial solutions Authentix India industry specific digital presentations communicating the product offerings of this global leader in the emerging industry Aashka – The Lifestyle Boutique a premium lifestyle boutique promoting arts and handicrafts of the Mewar region: for Indian and global audiences
  29. 78. Enduring relationships (Trusts, Foundations and Museums) World Health Organisation (WHO) communication aids for the entire South East Asian region from the New Delhi office: health, sanitation, water campaigns conducted through 2007 to 2010; participation in media roundtable discussions and inputs for media strategies, policies for India National Creche Fund, Ministry of HRD, Government of India: all-India communications exercise with creation and production of greetings cards, posters, brochures; advertising for the NCF greeting cards; marketing and pr plans prepared. Maharana Mewar Charitable Foundation, Udaipur : creation and production of publications for international audiences; permanent exhibitions at the City Palace Museum, Udaipur and Jagmandir island; preparation of corporate literature including brochures and leaflets; fund-raising plans and PR strategies. Institute of Objective Studies (IOS): commemorative video films for overseas audience since 996; CD presentation for Heritage Films 2000; creation of prestigious publications; exhibition and conference literature, signage and display material for international conference in 2005, 20th year and 25 th year celebrations’ branding, literature and films. American Institute of Indian Studies (AIIS): communications and marketing consultants to the Institute. Responsible for the creation of collaterals for promotions and fund raising Centre for South Asian Art & Archaeology: Responsible for the creation of collaterals for the centre. The Centre provides training in conservation, documentation, restoration of South Asian Art and Archaeological sites.
  30. 79. Looking forward to a journey ahead … Together. Thank you! Communications Pvt Ltd