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The Big Leap


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Published in: Education
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The Big Leap

  1. 1. To be able to read words and Sentences with COMPREHENSION
  2. 2. To be able to write in complete sentences
  3. 3. You may find your child has trouble in First Grade if he can’t: • Pay attention long enough to finish a task or an activity. • Show a consistent lack of self – control when challenged or frustrated • Follow simple directions and/ or cannot repeat what has just been said to him/her. • Can’t name the letters and /or is unable to associate letters with its sounds • Has trouble maintaining friendships or joining in with other children
  4. 4. You may find your child has trouble in First Grade if he can’t: • Get along with peers without hitting or yelling • Be respectful to his teachers • Talk to his classmates and teachers in a way that they cannot understand • To Manage personal hygiene.
  5. 5. You may find your child having trouble in Second Grade if he can’t: •Listen and follow two to three step directions •Concentrate long enough to finish/ complete a task •Work independently •Read on grade level : lack of mastery in syllabication of words to complete the reading of words in a sentence •Communicate one’s needs and feelings verbally in a respectful manner.