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Updated Ucf


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Updated Ucf

  1. 1. 11/8/11  Part  A:  About  Us  and  the  Online  Agency  World    Part  B:  How  to  Get  a  Job  A=er  College   Presented by Gordon Liametz & Marissa Bravo Inbound  &  Outbound  MarkeCng   presents 1  
  2. 2. 11/8/11   InteracCve    SoluCons     presentsOur  Process  to  Drive  Results   Strategy  &  Approach   Call  to  Ac5on     Drive  Inquiry  &   Sign  Up   PPC  and  Natural  Spresents Extend  Reach   earch       Sales  &    Online  Media,  Mobile  and  Email  nsights   Form  Las5ng  Impressions   Reserva5on  Funnel   Trends  and  I       Directories  and  OTA  Channels   Repeat  Business  and  ROI   Drive   Industry  Research   and  Findings     Organiza5onal   Alignment   2  
  3. 3. 11/8/11   How  Search  Works   presents Google  Panda  Update  •  Site  Design  •  User  Engagement  •  Content  Quality  •  Bounce  Rate   presents•  Time  on  Site  •  Pages  Per  Visit  •  Diverse  Backlinks  •  Social  Metrics   3  
  4. 4. 11/8/11   Online  Media   presents How  to  Study  Internet  MarkeCng  in  College  There  is  no  such  thing  as  an  SEO  Degree  from  a  University…so  its  self  taught!    1.  You  need  to  stay  on  top  of  the   5.  Know  how  to  be  a  great  content  writer   industry  news  every  week  because   take  English  classes     things  in  the  online  world  daily.   6.  Take  a  few  classes  on  SEO  &  design  that  2.  You  have  to  become  a  power  user  of   UCF  offers.   the  web…How?   presents 7.  Take  classes/webinars  so  you  understand  3.  The  more  code  you  know,  the  beZer   inbound  and  outbound  markeCng.    4.  Get  an  Internship  at  a  online  agency.       8  Get  involved  with  social  media.   e-­‐Mail  the  CEO  directly.  Stand  out.   4  
  5. 5. 11/8/11   Why  This  Is  Important   presentsHow  Can  You  Secure  Job  A=er  College   presents 5  
  6. 6. 11/8/11   Use  Social  Media  to  Brand  Yourself   presents•  Update  your  profile  using  your  resume   as  a  guide.  •  Supply  a  professional  photograph.   presents•  Build  your  network  through  your   address  book,  schools,  and  former   employers.  •  Seek  out  (and  give)  recommendaCons.    •  Take  the  necessary  steps  to  complete     your  profile  to  100%.       6  
  7. 7. 11/8/11   Typical  Sequence  of  Interviews     Employer s Objectives presents The Interview Screening Selection Hiring Process Final Stage Decision Stage Stage   Applicant s   Objectives     What  Employers  Want Fit with the presents Qualifications Organization for the Job         7  
  8. 8. 11/8/11   Anticipate QuestionsNEW  GRADUATE  QUESTIONS   GOALS  •  What  classes  did  you  enjoy  the  most?    The  least?   •  What  do  you  want  to  be  doing  five  years  •  Why  did  you  choose  your  major  or  UCF?   from  now?       •  Do  you  consider  yourself  successful?  COMPANY   STRESS  •  What  do  you  know  about  our  company?   presentsTell  me  about  a  deadline  you  had  to   •    meet.    How  did  you  plan  for  it?  FLEXIBILITY   •  Tell  me  about  the  last  Cme  pressure  led  •  Im  interested  in  hearing  about  the  last  Cme  you   you  to  a  poor  decision  or  mistake.     took  a  risk.    Was  it  the  right  decision?      •  When  did  you  go  above  and  beyond  the  call  of   ORGANIZATION/TIME  MANAGEMENT   duty  to  get  your  job  done?   •  Tell  me  about  the  last  Cme  you  failed  to   complete  a  project  on  Cme.  PERFORMANCE  QUESTIONS       •  What  do  you  do  when  you  have    •  What  were  your  most  memorable   mulCple  prioriCes?     accomplishments  at  your  last  job/college?    •  How  do  you  measure  performance?     8  
  9. 9. 11/8/11  Using Internet Marketing to Your Advantage Here’s  a  few…     1.  Know  the  industry  –  gives  you  a  compeCCve  edge     2.  Create  a  blog     presents   3.  Market  yourself  with  an  online  pormolio     4.  Tailor  your  “thank  you”  follow-­‐up  to  the  industry  you’re  applying  to     5.  Get  creaCve  with  your  business  cards  and  resumes,  add  a  QR  code  that   links  to  your  LinkedIn  account,  blog,  or  online  pormolio             9  
  10. 10. 11/8/11   What Questions Will You Ask•  What  does  the  company  consider  the  five   •  Please  describe  you  management  style   most  important  funcCons  of  the  posiCon?   and  the  type  person  who  works  well   with  you?      •  What  are  the  “must-­‐haves”  and  “nice-­‐to-­‐     haves”  that  you  are  looking  for  in  an  ideal   •  What  are  the  common  denominators   candidate?   presentsof  the  company’s  success  and       successful  employees?  •  What  are  the  performance  indicators  and       how  do  you  measure  success  in  this   •  Based  on  our  conversaCon  and  my   posiCon?   qualificaCons,  do  you  have  any       immediate  concerns?      •  Based  on  performance,  where  do  you  see       the  career  path  of  this  person  in  this   •  What  is  the  greatest  challenge,  from     posiCon  two  -­‐  three  years  from  now?   your  perspecCve,  that  the  organizaCon         faces  during  the  next  year?           Remember  this  About  All  Interviews…    “So  your  saying  there’s  a  chance”   presents         10  
  11. 11. 11/8/11  Learn About the Company from the Inside presents         Next Steps•  Visit  our  company  website  and  LinkedIn  page  •  Apply  for  Internships  (Did  I  menCon  we  hire  interns)   presents•  Use  the  top  ten  reasons  why  you  will  not  get  a  job  to  get  a  job  •  PracCce  your  interview  skills  •  Update  your  linked  in  profile             11  
  12. 12. 11/8/11   Resumes   That’s  Us...How  Can  We  Help?   presentsGordon  Liametz,  Founder  &  CEO            Marissa  Bravo,  Account  Manager        Cell:  407-­‐963-­‐4766    Direct:  407-­‐329-­‐4853  hZp://          7901  Kingspointe  Parkway,  Unit  17    |    Orlando,  FL  32819   12