Safety Signs and Information Signs


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We, at Enablers and Enhancers, are committed to enhancing Quality, Safety and Productivity at workplace.

According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), more than 337 million accidents happen on the job each year, resulting, together with occupational diseases, in more than 2.3 million deaths annually.

In order to foster a healthy and safe working environment, safety and information signs should be exhibited at the workplace.

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Safety Signs and Information Signs

  1. 1. Help us keep you Safe. SAFETY SIGNS Enablers and Enhancers
  2. 2. Value Life, Safety and Health• Once a young engineer climbed a fragile roof in a factory without using a crawling board. He fell over and died.A Safety Sign at such a spot would have SAVED a LIFE. Enablers and Enhancers
  3. 3. Danger and Warning SignsPROTECT employees from personal injury orhealth hazards Enablers and Enhancers
  4. 4. Mandatory Action SignsSAFEGUARD health of employees and avoid riskof injury Enablers and Enhancers
  5. 5. Prohibition Signs• PROHIBIT behavior that could result in injury or cause threat to health Enablers and Enhancers
  6. 6. Safe Conditions Signs• INDICATE location of first aid, location of emergency equipment and safety facility Enablers and Enhancers
  7. 7. Fire Safety Signs• INDICATE location of fire equipment Enablers and Enhancers
  8. 8. Information Signs• INDICATE information about important objects, locations, areas, etc. Enablers and Enhancers
  9. 9. • Keep your Business and Employees Safe!• Use Instructional and Motivational Signs Enablers and Enhancers
  10. 10. • Get the Workplace to Talk to you and help you work in an organized, visual workplace Enablers and Enhancers
  11. 11. • Not using effective safety signs is Dangerous and is Bad Business! Enablers and Enhancers
  12. 12. Some of our Clients Enablers and Enhancers
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  14. 14. • About us: We are Industry’s leading provider of Display Products for Workplace. Our designer posters, safety signage products and our 5s products are highly appreciated by national and multi- national organizations all over the globe.Our highly competent management team has people from India’s elite institutions (IITs) and our company is being run under the guidance of India’s leading counselors in the field of integrated management systems on Quality, Environment and Health & Safety Management (who have over 30 years of experience in this field). Enablers and Enhancers