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Helcom Data. Present and future


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Presentation held in PartiSEApate workshop in Hamburg on 15 October 2013. The workshop was about Spatial Data Infrastructure and Network Building for Maritime Spatial Planning

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Helcom Data. Present and future

  1. 1. PartiSEApate Spatial Data Infrastructure and Network Building for MSP Manuel Frias Hamburg, 15th October 2013 HELCOM Data Present and future David.Asch
  2. 2. HELCOM Data sharing system is very young Victor Frias Ahlbäck
  3. 3. 2002 Baltic Atlas 1995 HELCOM starts showing maps: Grid Arendal 2004 HELCOM Data and Information Strategy 2004 MARIS 2005 Nutrient 2006 COMBINE 2008 Finally a download option! 2010 Updated version HELCOM Data brief history Helsinki convention signed 1974 2013
  4. 4. What HELCOM Data? Dave Herholz
  5. 5. Environmental data
  6. 6. Traffic Data relevant for MSP? (and more...)
  7. 7. Underwater archeology (And more...)
  8. 8. Main target resolution: REGIONAL
  9. 9. HELCOM collaborates with other European data institutions
  10. 10. MSFD Data and Information Knowledge Exchange Libertic
  11. 11. HELCOM Data’s Philosophy Ed Menendez
  12. 12. OPEN AND FREE HELCOM Data’s mantra Brittney Bush Bollay
  13. 13. WHY? “All HELCOM monitoring data should be openly accessible…” HELCOM Data and Information Strategy (2004) ”Planning processes should be open and transparent” ”Data should be openly accessible” HELCOM-VASAB MSP principles (2010)
  14. 14. Challenges Mooi Hsieh
  15. 15. Those time consuming data flows Brenda Anderson
  16. 16. We need user-friendly systems And better access to data Paul Inkles
  17. 17. Data visualization – room for improvement
  18. 18. We have a dream UIC Digital Collections
  19. 19. A world where all data is compatible Kyknoord
  20. 20. A painless downloading and uploading John Trainor
  21. 21. Data can be viewed in all devices Clemens Löcker
  22. 22. You I would like a regional data system to be ____________ To be continued... VASAB