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2016-12-06 IBM Cloud Object Storage as an enterprise file fabric


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Webinar about the new IBM Cloud Object Storage and how to build an enterprise storage solution with huge collaboration capabilities. Includes a live demo by Jim Liddle from Storage Made Easy. Full video with demo ->

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  • It is a good slide share document showing main feature of IBM cloud object storae.
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2016-12-06 IBM Cloud Object Storage as an enterprise file fabric

  1. 1. Empower your end users to use IBM Cloud Object Storage IBM Cloud Object Storage & Storage Made Easy Manuel Daza Cloud Platform Sales Specialist Europe IBM Cloud Jim Liddle CEO Storage Made Easy
  2. 2. • About IBM Cloud Object Storage • About Storage Made Easy • The Challenge • Joint Solution - Secure Enterprise File Fabric - Effects of Shadow IT - Providing secure experience - Secure collaboration - Protect against Ransomware - What SME brings to the IBM Cloud • Demo Agenda
  3. 3. 3Page© 2016 IBM Corporation Choice of Infrastructure DevOps Tooling Integration and API Management Web Data Mobile AnalyticsCognitive IoT Security IBM Cloud Platform Client Data Center + Choice of Run-Time Environments Your Own Hosted Apps / Services Rich Catalog of Application & Data Services + + + + Instant Runtimes Containers Virtual Machines Blue Box SoftLayer Data Infrastructure & Data Centers + IBM Cloud Object Storage DevOps Productivity Hybrid Integration Powerful, Accessible Data and Analytics Cognitive Solutions Choice with Consistency IBM Cloud PoV
  4. 4. IBM Cloud Services has its own network that connects its data centers. 47 centers WW Global private network Free Traffic between DC IBM Cloud Network Network map with all IBM Cloud data centers.
  5. 5. 5Page© 2016 IBM Corporation 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 With the rise of cloud, mobility, IoT, social and analytics, the data explosion is accelerating. This confluence of technologies has amplified the data explosion, creating incredible growth-on- growth for unstructured data. New data sources are added daily, resulting in a valuable data ecosystem for every business. 500 375 250 125 Projected Exabytes 75 billion Internet-connected devices by 20202 90% of all data was created in the last 2 years1 3 Sources: 1. Science Daily, Big Data, for better or worse: 90% of world’s data generated over last two year, 2013 2. Business Insider, Morgan Stanley: 75 Billion Devices Will Be Connected to The Internet of Things By 2020, 2013 3. Digital Universe of Opportunities: Rich Data & The Increasing Value of the Internet of Things, EMC Digital Universe with Research & Analysis by IDC, April 2014
  6. 6. 6Page© 2016 IBM Corporation Businesses need a new storage architecture— one that is designed to cope with rampant data growth and the unpredictability of business and evolving workloads. – Storage for any app, any scale, any cloud, any business – Storage that manages data to your advantage and unlocks possibilities But traditional approaches don’t measure up. Today, data is your business How you manage and store it is critical
  7. 7. 7Page© 2016 IBM Corporation Legacy On-Premise – Not designed or optimized for unstructured content – Not designed to scale or to support always-on operations – Expensive, proprietary – Not transparent – Inflexible; no choice for dedicated or hybrid cloud. – Lock-in risk. Traditional Cloud A new storage architecture is needed. Legacy on-premise and traditional cloud storage were not designed for the needs of today’s business
  8. 8. 8Page© 2016 IBM Corporation Object Storage: Ideal for cloud workloads with unstructured data Object Storage definition: a massively scalable, simple to manage storage technology that uses logical constructs to store data as discrete objects in a flat address space instead of the hierarchical, directory‐based file systems that traditional SAN and NAS systems use. FILE STORAGE OBJECT STORAGE •Stores millions of files •File system hierarchy •Complex to scale •TCO increases exponentially •Stores hundreds of billions of objects •One storage pool, Object IDs •Scales uniformly •Lowest TCO
  9. 9. 9Page© 2016 IBM Corporation Hybrid Flexible. Scalable. Simple. On-Premise Off-Premise Welcome to IBM Cloud Object Storage Hybrid cloud storage that delivers flexibility, scalability and simplicity
  10. 10. 10Page© 2016 IBM Corporation IBM Cloud Object Storage delivers industry leading flexibility, scalability and simplicity On-Premise • Single tenant • Design specific to needs • Total control of system • Local to on-premise compute Dedicated • No datacenter space required • Single tenant • Flexible configuration options • OPEX vs CAPEX Hybrid Same as on-premise plus the following: • Economic benefits of more dispersed sites (i.e., 3 rather than 2) • On-premise storage replicated to the cloud • Ability to add capacity to an on-premise deployment when there is no more data center space available Public IBM managed options provide full management, monthly billing Regional Cross Regional • Usage-based pricing • Elastic capacity • No datacenter space required • Fully managed • Data local to in-cloud compute • Immediate worldwide footprint • OPEX vs CAPEX
  11. 11. 11Page© 2016 IBM Corporation Our object storage requires only 1.7 TBs raw storage capacity for 1 TB of usable storage. 0.56 TB D.C. 0.56 TB Dallas 0.56 TB San Jose 1.7 TB of raw storage Three complete copies of the object—plus overhead —are distributed and maintained in separate locations in case of failure or disaster. Resulting in 3.6 TB of total storage consumed. With traditional storage, a single 1 TB object will be replicated three times. Traditional Storage 1 TB of usable data IBM Cloud Object Storage Traditional storage requires 3.6 TBs raw storage capacity for 1 TB of usable storage. With IBM Cloud Object storage there’s no need to store replicated data in different systems. A single TB of object storage is encrypted and sliced but never replicated. Slices are distributed geographically for durability and availability. You can lose some number of slices due to failure or disaster, and still quickly recover 100% of your data. IBM Cloud Object Storage requires less than half the storage and 70% lower TCO. Traditional Storage makes Big Data even bigger Multiple copies, more storage, more overhead 1.2 TB D.C. 1.2 TB Dallas 1.2 TB San Jose 3.6 TB of raw storage IBM Cloud Object Storage is built for cloud-scale data Just as reliable, less complex, more cost-efficient than traditional storage What does that mean to IT? 1 TB of usable data
  12. 12. 12Page© 2016 IBM Corporation IBM Cloud Object Storage is built for cloud-scale data Just as reliable, less complex, more cost-efficient than traditional storage Our object storage requires only 1.7 TBs raw storage capacity for 1 TB of usable storage. 0.56 TB Wash. D.C. 0.56 TB Dallas 0.56 TB San Jose 1.7 TB of raw storage Traditional Storage IBM Cloud Object Storage Traditional storage requires 3.6 TBs raw storage capacity for 1 TB of usable storage. 1.2 TB Wash. D.C. 1.2 TB Dallas 1.2 TB San Jose 3.6 TB of raw storage – More storage – More power – More floor space – More software – More personnel – Less storage – Less power – Less floor space – Less software – No downtime – Less personnel – Less costly—up to 70% lower TCO
  13. 13. 13Page© 2016 IBM Corporation Reliability & Availability – No downtime during software upgrades, hardware refreshes, and in the face of disk, node, and site failures. Security - Encryption for data at rest provides government grade security, no single disk, node or site contains enough information to constitute a data breach with built in key management. Manageability– No RAID sets or replication schemes to manage. Manage more petabytes with less people. Efficiency – Less raw storage means less power, cooling and floor space resulting in lowest TCO Scalability – Scale performance and/or capacity at any time. Multiple Cleversafe customers have more than 100PB deployed in production. The strengths & differentiators clients require
  14. 14. • Company founded 2009 - First product launched end 2012 • What We Do - Provide a file fabric to unify, manage and secure private and public data stores - Focused on compliance and governance for service providers and enterprise companies - Particular focus on making object storage accessible and usable within the enterprise Storage Made Easy -EXAMPLE CUSTOMERS- 100+ Enterprise on-premises customers & ISP’s 300,000+ users hosted 5,000+ businesses using hosted SaaS
  15. 15. • Object storage is the core component of the next generation of data storage technology. • With object storage companies will be able to store more data at lower cost. • In addition to structured data, a vast amount of this data will be unstructured data. • Unstructured data grows 40-60% every year • Enterprise are accountable for 80% of that data Data we create and copy annually will reach 44 zettabytes (ZB) by 2020 (44 trillion gigabytes) Approximately one-third of this data will pass through the cloud. The Challenge
  16. 16. Enterprises today have a huge challenge with unstructured data growth and corporate governance and compliance of files. IBM Cloud and SME solve these challenges: • Multiple Access Options • Content Collaboration • Data Governance • Security, Data Protection and Compliance Storage Made Easy brings Enterprise File Governance and Secure Sharing Services to IBM Cloud Object Storage Environments Joint Solution
  17. 17. Secure Enterprise File Fabric The effects of Shadow IT and unsanctioned third-party applications in the enterprise
  18. 18. Corporate Data is silod and fragmented • Company data is spread across silos - On premise in filesystems and corporate apps - And now in cloud storage and SaaS applications - 58% of users use 3rd-party cloud apps for sharing • Challenge for security & compliance - Vendors control data security - No control over physical location of data - Difficult for IT to enforce policies - 70% of CIOs are concerned about data security • Control of data shared outside of company - 65% of users use unsanctioned file sharing tools - How does IT enforce encryption, sharing or retention policies? - How do we track who used, shared or downloaded assets? Google Dropbox Private cloud
  19. 19. Secure Enterprise File Fabric Providing a consumer grade user experience but maintaining strict privacy and security requirements
  20. 20. The SME Solution Unified Access & Sync From All Devices Desktop & Mobile Off Premise Providers Over 55+ Supported Google Mobile Apps +Share from O/S Desktop Apps Cloud Drive Office/Mac Mail Unify. Synchronize, Backup, Archive Collaborate. File sharing, Workspaces, Comments, Locking, Expiration Secure. Encrypt, Secure Workspaces, Restrict by Location, Geo-Location or Device Audit. Audit watch, all File Events, Geo-Location Search. Full text search across clouds Scale-out. Expand storage as amount of data grows Cost. 85% of enterprises store data in the Private Cloud Enterprise Private Cloud Public CloudEnterprise Apps
  21. 21. Secure File Sharing • Password protected • Time Expiry • Limit downloads User Controlled encryption • SHA-256Audit • Excel Compliance hand-off • Output to Syslog format Cloud Governance • Set Policies • Control all sharing features • GEO IP Controls File versioning locking, trash Legal Hold DLP Data security features
  22. 22. Secure Enterprise File Fabric Secure approaches to providing internal and external collaborators with file access
  23. 23. Web office editing Cloud-to-desktop editing File Commenting (+ notifications) Single Sign on Assured (LDAP / Active Directory) Secure File and Folder Sharing (+ versioning & notifications) Bookmark links (& notifications) Project Workspaces (virtual collaboration hubs) Built-in Collaboration PDF Annotation editing
  24. 24. Secure Enterprise File Fabric How to protect against ransomware
  25. 25. Ransomware protection ArchivePrimary
  26. 26. What SME brings to the IBM Cloud SME can be used with IBM Object Storage to: • Turn IBM Cloud Object Storage into an enterprise corporate drop box. • Enhance IBM Cloud Object Storage with business level auditing and governance. • Enable IBM Cloud Object Storage to be accessed over WebDAV, FTP, SFTP and S3. • Integrate IBM Cloud Object Storage with Active Directory and LDAP for Single-Sign-On. • Integrate content search of all unstructured data ie. stored documents, video and audio. • Provide an integrated desktop experience with drives, office and outlook integration
  27. 27. Demo
  28. 28. Key Contacts Manuel Daza @dabarsm Cloud Platform Sales Specialist Europe IBM Cloud Giada Ligato Sales Director Storage Made Easy
  29. 29. IBM Cloud & Storage Made Easy Thanks!