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Monday, 15th to 21st April 2013                                     INDIA LOCAL                                           ...
Monday, 15th to 21st April 2013                                            INDIA LOCAL                                    ...
Monday, 15th to 21st April 2013       INDIA LOCAL                                                              PAGE 4     ...
Monday, 15th to 21st April 2013                                                 INDIA LOCAL                               ...
Monday, 15th to 21st April 2013                                                  INDIA LOCAL                              ...
Monday, 15th to 21st April 2013                                                     INDIA LOCAL                           ...
Monday, 15th to 21st April 2013                                           INDIA LOCAL                                     ...
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India local

  1. 1. Inside Keeping tabs on the political grape- vine Page .......2 Court intervenes in SNDT University- Gujarat college row Page .......3 36 Mumbai cops suspended for ac- cepting bribe to allow illegal construc-INDIAS LOCAL NEWSPAPER tion; probe ordered Page .......8 Vol. : 2 Issue : 42 Monday, 15th to 21st April 2013 RNI No. : MAHENG/2011/38665 Price : Rs.2 Page : 8BMC RECEIVED OVER 21,000 CO MPLA INTS MUMBAI: TheBrihanmumbai Mu-nicipal Corporation March 2013. According to the data available with the Brihanmumbai Mu- body received as many as 21,011 com- plaints about ABOUT ILLEGAL COthe complaints areUCTIONS NSTR unauthorised construc- about illegal(BMC) have received nicipal Corporation structures are either aboutover 20,000 com- (BMC), in the last tions in the city. Of unauthorised slums or exten-plaints regarding illegal 14month period from them, 15,278 were at- sions and changes carried outconstructions from January 2012 to tended and 5,733 are in the original buildings. CivicJanuary 2012 to March 2013, the civic still pending. Most of (Cont... on page no . 2) HAPPY BANGLA ARINDAM BANERJEE, OWNED, PRINTED & PUBLISHED NEW YEAR
  2. 2. Monday, 15th to 21st April 2013 INDIA LOCAL PAGE 2Editorial KEEPING TABS ON THEAbumpyroadaheadforNDA There were references to Rajdharma, there was mention of theneed for a secular prime ministerial candidate POLITICAL GRAPEVINE Anxious not to be left behind He has told Delhi-based leaders that In politics there are no permanent friends suchhasty political moves could put theand the issue of leaders having to do manythings including wearing a skull cap in Bihar or foes, or so it is believed. With elections party’s cadres at greater risk at a time whenchief minister Nitish Kumar’s recent speech. drawing near, the Congress is opening its the TMC activists and CPI(M) workers are party, the JD(U), would not accept doors to estranged allies. While the CPI(M) engaged in street fights. Yet another reasonNarendra Modi as the prime ministerial politburo member Sitaram Yechury remains for Bhattacharjee to ignore the centralcandidate of the NDA in the coming elections. a key interlocutor leadership of the party, which he considersThe BJP on its part seems to correctly between the Congress and the Left, the is not up to the task in any case. A risk-aversesuggest that the choice should be left to it ruling party is now knocking on the party’s comrade.were it to lead an alliance. The JD(U) brings general secretary Prakash Karat’s doors too. From lukewarm to slightly warmwith it 20 seats to Parliament as of now, Rural development minister Jairam The friction between the Samajwadi Partypropping up the table for the 153-strong NDA Ramesh will meet Karat on April 17 to seek and the Congress is playing out in Rae Bareli,grouping. Nitish Kumar’s aversion to naming support for the land acquisition Bill. Ramesh UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi’sModi the leader, indeed he is trying to force has had a meeting with Yechury, but keeping constituency. Gandhi’s plan to launch athe NDA’s hand sooner rather than later, could the channel open with Karat is crucial. special scheme for slum-dwellers has beenmean that the BJP will have to chose between Meanwhile, senior Congress leader AK hanging fire due to the lukewarm responseits trump card Modi and a valuable ally the Antony did not rule out an alliance with the from the SP-led state government.JD(U). That the BJP is not on a very strong Left post-2014. A Left turn in Congress It took several visits by senior officials inwicket in Bihar is seen from the fact that in politics, it would seem. the Union housing and urban povertythe last general election, it won only 12 seats, Leaving no one in any doubt alleviation ministry to Lucknow to persuadeall of which were in alliance with the JD(U). The BJP interlocutors who have been in the state government, which has finally givenHowever, there is a section in the BJP which touch with Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar the go-ahead for the initiative involvingreckons that it would be better to stick with did expect some fireworks in his speech on construction of 2,000 houses for slum-Mr Modi who could bring in a greater tally of Sunday. But even they were shocked by the dwellers and the upgrade of basic amenitiesvotes for it overall than last time (where it got ferocity of his anti-Modi tirade. like sewerage and sanitation. Sonia Gandhi115 seats) than be held to ransom for a When Kumar met BJP president Rajnath will finally inaugurate it sometime in May. Apossible 20 seats which the JD(U) could bring Singh on Saturday evening, the BJP leaders grudging go-ahead.with it. All this is, of course, speculation at were under the impression that the JD(U) The urban transformerthis stage. If the BJP is planning to jettison leader’s assault on the Gujarat chief minister Urban development minister Ajay Makenallies like the JD(U), then it should look at would be more in the nature of playing to the belongs to the Congress that is ruling ina considerable increase in its vote share, galleries and that there would be some room Maharashtra in coalition with the NCP. Butsomething which does not look likely at the for manoeuvre. party affiliations did not stop the man inmoment.The Modi factor is also largely an But Nitish almost exclusively dedicated his charge of transforming the nation’s urbanuntried one, it remains to be seen how much 40-minute speech to Modi, something that landscape from criticising his colleagues inof a pan-India appeal the Gujarat chief has made the BJP-JD(U) alliance virtually Mumbai.minister will have. The NDA leadership while unsustainable. He will not modify his remarks After the recent building collapse that killedmaking it clear that it will not push Mr Modi for now. dozens in Thane, Maken offered support toaside for any ally, seems to be focusing its Full Marx for his political acumen Narmada Bachao Andolan leader Medhaenergies on removing the UPA rather than Former West Bengal chief minister and Patkar who was fasting on behalf of the slum-coming up with an agenda that will catch politburo member Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee dwellers.people’s attention. Negative campaigns don’t continues to put the CPI(M) central Maken publicly saluted Patkar for “takingalways work too well as we have seen in leadership in a spot. Bhattacharjee chided the up the just cause of slum-dwellers againstthe past. While Nitish Kumar may sound central leadership over the protest by Delhi- the building mafia in Mumbai.” For theunrelenting now, it is also clear that he is based CPI(M) activists against chief minister Prithviraj Chavan government insending a message to his Muslim vote-bank Mamata Banerjee and finance minister Amit Maharashtra, that must really have hurt. Notwhich is a significant factor in any election Mitra in Delhi last week. building too many bridges with his the state. The BJP Bihar state unit has expressed or on open plots. In case of buildings andits unhappiness with the chief minister’s BMC RECEIVED high-rises, irregularities like extension ofstand, which means that the NDA alliance officials said, the action against illegal other areas like balcony, terrace or struc-is now under severe strain. It will require constructions in the city is an ongoing pro-more than a bit of effort on BJP president tural changes take place," the official said.Rajnath Singh’s part to smooth things over. cess and the ward offices have been in- The High Court had recently passed The only thing that the NDA can feel structed to act strictly against them. As a strictures on the civic body for failing toslightly satisfied about is that the UPA is part of this action, demolition drives are take prompt action against illegal struc-also on shaky ground when it comes to being taken across several parts of the city tures in the city. The BMC has also de-allies. But Nitish Kumar’s veiled references time and again. manded the state government to provide ahave effectively pulled the veil off the many "However, once the demolitions are car- specially designated police force for ef-contradictions that the NDA faces as it ried out, people come again and construct fective and quick action against illegalbegins the run-up to elections 2014. structures. This mostly happens in slums structures.
  3. 3. Monday, 15th to 21st April 2013 INDIA LOCAL PAGE 3GERMAN BAKERY BLAST:MAIN ACCUSED HIMAYAT BAIGCONVICTED BY PUNE COURT Judge N P Dhote held 2010, which left 17 deadBaig, a resident of Beed dis- and 64 injured, in first ter-trict in Maharashtra, guilty ror attack in Pune. Amongunder sections 302 (mur- the dead were five foreignerder), 307 (attempt to mur- national.der), 435 (mischief by fire It was also the first ma-or explosive substances), jor terror strike after the 26/474 (forgery), 153(A) (pro- 11 Mumbai attacks inmoting enmity between dif- 2008.ferent groups on ground of The Maharashtrareligion, race, place of birth, Polices Anti-Terrorismlanguage and doing acts Squad had arrested Baigprejudicial to maintenance from a bus stand in Pune inof harmony) and 120(B) September 2010.(criminal conspiracy) of The ATS had filed aIPC. charge sheet in the case on He was also convicted December 4, 2010 againstunder various sections of Baig and six others includ-Unlawful Activities Preven- ing Zabiuddin Ansari aliastion Act and Explosive Sub- Abu Jundal, one of the han- Taiba operative David sel Abdul Rahman has said had not been done to Baigstances Act. Special Judge dlers of 26/11 terrorists, Headley, in his testimony he would move the High as he was not present inDhote will pronounce the Fayyaz Kagzi, Yasin before a US court in the trial Court against the verdict. Pune at the time of the blastquantum of sentence for Bhatkal, Iqbal Bhatkal, of his accomplice "Definitely, I am going to nor had he gone to GermanBaig April 18. A powerful Riyaz Bhatkal and Mohsin Tahawwur Rana, had admit- appeal in the High Court. I Bakery to plant the bomb.bomb had exploded at the Chaudhari. Jundal, however, ted that he had recced and am sure I will get justice He said the key conspira-German Bakery, a popular has not been shown arrested taken photographs of the from the High Court," he told tors in the case had not beeneatery also frequented by in this case, while all others popular hang-out in Pune. reporters after the judge- arrested and Abu Jundal,foreigners, on February 13, are absconding. Lashkar-e- Meanwhile, Baigs coun- ment. Rahman said justice named in the charge sheet, was not even brought to theHC BACKS FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRA- court. "Police has shown Jundal as one of the con-TION OVER DRUG THAT MAKES TALL CLAIM spirators in this case but he MUMBAI: Television is a powerful medium and many Shardul Singh submitted that the DMR Act is not confined was not brought to thegullible people will believe advertisements to be true, said only to the prohibited drugs but even to those which are is unfortunate," hethe Bombay high court while rejecting a petition that chal- licensed. They also said the prohibition under Section 3 of said, adding, "more than onelenged the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) circular the Act pertains to the publication of any advertisement person is required for a con-to various channels to stop telecast of a drug that promised irrespective of whether the drug that is advertised is pro- spiracy."to increase a persons height. On April 12, a division bench hibited or not. The judges said the content of StepUp "It is the allegation of theof Justice Abhay Oka and Justice Mridula Bhatkar gave advertisements shows that they present the drug to the police that conspiracy tooktheir verdict on a petition by GMT Teleshopping Pvt Ltd, public as a product which will enhance the overall per- place in (Sri) Lanka be-which is marketing "StepUp Body Growth Formula". The sonality of an individual. "The petition shows that it is tween Fayyaz Kagzi andFDA said the advertisement is prohibited under Section 3 projected that the use of medicine will increase a Mohsin Chaudhari.of the Drugs and Magic Remedies (Objectionable Adver- persons height," they added. The judges said the re- It is unfortunate thattisements) Act 1954. GMTs counsel Aspi Chinoy argued striction under Section 3 of the DMR Act prohibits none of the police officersthat the prohibition extends only to harmful and prohibited publication of advertisements that claim to cure or treat or investigating officer vis-drugs and that the product is not a harmful drug. He said it any disease or condition mentioned in the schedule. "A ited Lanka to find out atis being manufactured under a licence granted by the perusal of the schedule shows that item no.47 is stat- which place the conspiracyMadhya Pradesh government under the Drugs and Cos- ure of persons. The advertisements profess that the had taken place. That partmetics Act, 1940 and hence it cannot be termed as a pro- drug will help in treatment of the condition of stature remains to be proved by thehibited drug. FDAs advocates Ashutosh Kumbhakoni and of persons," they wrote. police," he said.
  4. 4. Monday, 15th to 21st April 2013 INDIA LOCAL PAGE 4 SHAH RUKH KHAN SETS UP SHOP IN WAI Ever since the schedule of Chennai Express commenced in Wai, sources say Shah Rukh Khan had almost set up his home and office in the quaint village. The actor had moved bag and baggage to Wai, just outside Panchgani to concentrate on his film that clashes on Eid with Akshay Kumar’s upcoming gangster film. And not just the film, SRK had also been shooting for all his upcoming brand endorsements in Wai. A source says, “SRK stayed put in Wai to leave no stone unturned in making Chennai Express as big as it gets. He was also getting his other work done sitting there. In the past one month, he had shot for five ads there, including a tea and automobile brand. The people behind the brands had to fly down to Wai to get their work done.” A source close to the star says that SRK’s focus right now is solely resting on his upcoming film helmed by Rohit Shetty. “He is a perfectionist and considering it’s an Eid release, he is juggling time between the film, his commercials and his other work commitments.” Sources add that while 80 per cent of the shoot is complete, the last sched- ule of the film has just moved to Kerala. JACQUELINE FERNANDEZ TO RETURN TO HER ROOTS The film apparently is based on a real-life incident that took place in Colombo in 1980. A source says, “Jacky is in an exciting stage of her career. Af- ter Race 2, she has caught the eye of many filmmakers. She has now been approached to feature in an English film that is based on a true story. She has a huge fan base overseas and Koch has already been signed for the project. The makers are keen to have her on board.” A source close to the actress however says that Jacqueline is taking her time to make a deci- SALMAN KHAN TURNED DOWN sion. “The subject of the film is quite controversial and Jacky is MOM SALMAS REQUEST thinking things through. She is Salman Khan and his family are known to celebrate most of the Indian festivals. In fact some of his festive excited to get an offer from a Sri celebrations are attended by several Bollywood Lankan filmmaker.” The plot biggies. However at Gudi Padwa this time, Sallu deals with the story of Father decided to skip the celebrations and instead preferred to spend the day working on his next film. Matthew Pieris, a priest who A source says, “This Gudi Padwa, Sallu’s mom planned the chilling murders of Salma had asked the actor to be home to spend the his wife and the husband of his day with his family. However due to his recent ill health, work on brother Sohail Khan’s film is already running mistress. The incident is also fa- late. He decided to stay back at Lavasa to continue mously known as the Vicarage shooting.” Apparently, Salman requested Salma to Murders. let him go this time. Well, there is always a next time.
  5. 5. Monday, 15th to 21st April 2013 INDIA LOCAL PAGE 5MUMBAI INDIANS ARE THETEAM TO BEAT: RAINA long way to go in this com- petition. It is just the open- ing phase of the tournament and we are looking forward to learning from our mis- takes and continue our win- ning ways. You will back Chennai to win the title obviously, but which team seems most im- pressive to you? I think all teams are do- ing very well. One team that I feel is on a roll is the Mumbai Indians. They have a new captain in Ricky Ponting. Also their batting unit is clicking with Dinesh Karthik and Rohit Sharma scoring heavily. They really seem to be the team to watch out for. Chennai appear very cool when faced with big targets. Is it because of the kind of confidence you guys have or would you put it down to thorough mental RCB on Saturday? out RP Singh’s no ball? ally well. He has proved that training? We always back Suresh Raina is one crick- It was a wonderful win for We have won the IPL twice he is a match-winner and a ourselves to perform well.eter who every franchise would us. It is always good to get over so we always back ourselves true performer with the bat. We have lot of depth in ourlove to have in its ranks. A true the line in such close matches. to do well and chase down huge How difficult was it to batting and experiencedmatch winner, who has not only The morale of the team is very totals. We have a formidable bounce back after the loss players around. Chasinghelped Chennai Super Kings high and everybody is enjoy- batting line-up and the partner- to Mumbai in Chennai’s huge totals is all about han-win the Indian Premier League ing the game. The players ship between MS and opening match? dling pressure and with MStwice but also helped Team have been very supportive and Ravindra Jadeja was simply We would have loved to as captain, there is alwaysIndia win on several occasions we are enjoying each other’s amazing. Till the time MS start the tournament with a a sense of calmness in thein shorter formats. success. was there, I was very sure win, but unfortunately that dugout. He gives everybody Last season, Raina scored Did you think that Chennai he would pull this off for us, did not happen. It was a a lot of freedom and confi-441 runs at an average of a would win anyway — with- but I think Jadeja played re- close game but there is a dence which helps theshade below 26 in 18 innings. team.The piece of statistic may notsound great, but the fact is, hefinished several matches. Thistime too, Raina is one ofChennai Super Kings’ battingmainstays. Though he hasn’tdone anything of note as yet inIPL-VI, Raina’s cameos willprove crucial for MS Dhoni &Co during the latter stages ofthe tournament. Raina spoke toIL at the Tag Heuer Aquaracerevent yesterday. Can you describe the feel-ing in the camp after the dra-matic last-ball win over the
  6. 6. Monday, 15th to 21st April 2013 INDIA LOCAL PAGE 6Two Odia youth from Ganjam (SP) councilor Ashraf Azmi bookedheld with Ganja by Mumbai police Prabhakar Koibal and Mahale rushed to the spot for an Manhunt both accused for Murder by V. B Nagar PoliceGouda(42), Shyam SayabaPradhan ( 29) , was trapped byGhatkopar Narcotics Cell this were standing at Vikroli Railway station with other 3 more people, They were detained AZMI IS STILL ON THE RUN...month while smuggling Ganja Vinoba Bhave Nagar policeMarijuana, As per sources the with 42 kg Ganja (Marijuana) have booked Samajwadi PartyNarcotics cell had got an tip by GhatkoparAnti Narcotics (SP) councilor Ashraf Azmi infrom informers that some Drugs Cell in the morning at 4 am , the connection with a case of Narcotics team had an tough murder. Cops have arrested four time to trace the culprits with persons so far, but Azmi is still 42 Kg Ganja worth 10 lakh on the run. rupees an case was registered According to police, on under section 8(K), 20 NDPS February 13 Azmi, who act 1985, both belongs to represents ward no 158,Peddlers will be coming at district Ganjam Regutipulli , informed police that Sana KhanVikroli Railway Station, Via Odisha ,Investigation is on said (24) a housewife, who residedTrain no 11019 Konark Express Vilas Bhole (In charge and in the area had committedfrom Behrampur to Mumbai, Police Inspector Anti Narcotics suicide by hanging herself inImmediately on the direction of Cell Ghatkopar East) her MIG colony house at KurlaSatya pal Singh (Mumbai What is Ganja? (West). Police rushed to the Samajwadi Party corporator Ashraf Azmi (extreme left).Commissioner of Police) and Ganja especially a highly spot and found Sanas body also phoned her brother in several top cops and narratedHimansu Rai ( Jt Commissioner resinous form of marijuana suspended from a ceiling fan. A South Africa, saying that she the entire story. He also warnedof police Crime) the team under prepared from the flowering case of accidental death was was being tormented for Rs 10 that if the police fail to givethe leadership of Vilas Bhole tops and leaves of selected registered and investigations lakh as dowry. justice to Sanas family, he(Police Inspector Ghatkopar plants and usually ingested for began. The same day, the During a detailed probe would organize a morcha. "TheNarcotics cell) , Chougule( smoking deceaseds mother Anjum Khan police found that on the day of investigation officer wasAssistant Police Inspector) (65) was informed by Sanas in- the death, the deceaseds favoring Azmi. Following our laws about the tragedy. Anjum, husband Gayasuddin (31) had demand, he was replaced. Later,Goudas gathered at Manika Trust meet a resident of Hamidpur in Uttar thrashed Sana in the bathroom police registered a murder A Grand gathering of Gouda Eshwar Gouda, Upender Gouda, Pradesh, rushed to Mumbai. where she fell and eventually case," said was witness at Bijoy Gouda, Prabhakar Gouda, But she and her associates succumbed to injuries. Scared, Azmi is absconding. "WeGhatkopar under the Banner of Kalu charan Gouda, Uday, Charan refused to perform the last rites, the family contacted Azmi, who have registered an FIR underManika Trust, at Building No 25/ Gouda, Panchanan Gouda, Saiba claiming that Sana did not allegedly went to the spot, sections 302, 498 (a), 304 (b),279 Ghatkopar (w) Manika trust Gouda , Ranjan Gouda, Subhash commit suicide, and she was, in fabricated the suicide, and then 306, 201, 506, 34b of IPC andwas registered last 14 year back Gouda had gather from corners fact, murdered. In her called the police. Azmis wife sections 3, 4, of Dowryin 1999, from Chatrapur Ganjam of Mumbai , Navimumbai and supplementary statement Dilshad is also a councilor, from Prohibition Act. We arehaving a Bank account at State Thane to discuss the forth Anjum told police that on ward no 159. Smelling searching for Azmi. He isBank of India vikroli branch , the coming strategy of the mandal February 12 Sana was tortured something fishy, BJP leader absconding," said an officertrust is having several branches and Gouda Samaj. by her in-laws. The victim had Anil Upadhyay contacted from VB Nagar police station.around Odisha and Mumbai Odia Kabi Sameelan at Odisha Bhawanleading the organizations areBipra Charan Gouda(President) , Mumbai Odia Samaj, Bombay Odia Womens association and Hanuman Jayanti Celebrated to be celebratedAbhimanyu Gouda( Vice Mumbai Odia Mahasangh has organized an Odia Kabi Sammelan at The Kannada Andhra Arch and Bhajan followed withPresident), Laxman Gouda( Gen Odisha Bhawan ( Vashi), Navi Mumbai on 14th April 2013, at 3;30 pm Director Mandal running a Mahaprasad said Narsinghraosecretary) , Sudershan Gouda( and Kabi from Odisha and other states of India has been invited for Hanuman temple situated at (President of the organization),Treasurer) , Niranjan Gouda, this event on Panasankranti, said Bipin Mishra (President Mumbai Vidya Vihar Road, Raju Bedekar Ramesh Talasi (Secretary),Driaber Gouda, Charan Gouda, Odia Mahasangh) , womens of Bombay Odia Womens association Marg, Naupada, Ve n k a t e s hNilanchal Gouda, Bhagwan will also have an Initiative in role the Kabi Samellan said Kananika Kurla is DhangarGouda , Raghunath Gouda, Tripathi(President BOWA),along with Pushpa Das (Vice President), celebrating (Treasurer),Trinath Gouda, Prabhakar Gouda, Sukanti Mishra(Public Relation Secretary)and Pratibha Bir,Nihar Jena Hanuman NarayanRamnath Gouda, Kishore Gouda, and kali Mishra of Mumabi Odia Newspaper were also present. Jayanti Utsav at Sindhamol, their Mandir Narayan premises. An Chineti (Vice meeting was President), also called to Umesh Sidhi, discuss the Sudershan pooja matter in C h i n t i , which various Jagsidh Comi mandal through ( D y . out Naupada, Treasurer), Sunderbaug , Vikram Joga, Anti Narcotics drive was organized by Kurla Police Station and Vinobha Bhave Nagar Police Sakinaka and Nagbhusan station, Dhanajaya Kulkarni ( Deputy Commissioner of Police Zone 5 ) graced the program as Kurla has Sidhi (Dy.Chief guest along with Prabhakar Satam (Assistant Commisioner of Police kurla Division), Laxman marked their presence at their Secretary) along with Babu Bhalerao( Senior Inspector of Police Kurla Police station), Subhash Raut (Senior Inspector of mandir premises, The three day Aligappa Bateli and Babu Police Vinobha Bhave Nagar Police station ), reputed members of kurla Noor Md Hassan(Noora the program will start with Pedamali are the chief advisor ofBhai), L. K Shinde, Surya Narayan gauda, Dr Anil Salunkhe,Pamilla Dutta also gave her views in Abhishek and Hawan, Mangal the organization. their speech, other members present there was Hussain Baksh( President Janjagruti Pratisthan) Aarti, Darshan, Mahaprasad, Shanata Sheety, Banwasi Panigrahi, Alexzeder Dsouza, Jaitun Shaikh, Ashraf Shaikh.
  7. 7. Monday, 15th to 21st April 2013 INDIA LOCAL PAGE 7MOST MEN DIE DURING EXTRA-MARI-TAL SEX, PLUS OTHER MALE SEX FACTS 1. Death during sex has ring fingers are longer than his natures call, his body went the egg at once. Once sperm sidered a good thing for men when it comes to their sexa prototype index fingers, this means through the rest of the male has been deposited into the drive, still researchers continu- While examining the inci- there were healthy testoster- sexual response cycle. His vaginal canal, some of them ally found that males withdence of death during sex, a one levels in the womb. If the pulse rate increased as he are temporarily trapped in a se- higher testosterone levels1975 study discovered a ring fingers are the same size reached climactic state, fol- men coagulate or clot. Even- marry less often, are more abu-unique pattern in males: the or smaller than the index fin- lowed by relaxation, then ex- tually, they are decoagulated sive in their marriages and di-"deceased is usually mar- gers, then the male received treme fatigue. by enzymes, which set them vorce more regularly. In fact,ried; he is not with a spouse lower levels of testosterone, 4. Orgasm ... or lack of ... free to swim about a females married men see more actionand in unfamiliar surround- implying that one can esti- may prevent breast cancer in reproductive system. This clot- than single men.ings," and death usually oc- mate the length of his organ males ting, according to scientists, is 9. Men fall in love fastercurs after "a big meal with by the length of the ring fin- A study in Greece found meant to pace the release of than womenalcohol." Another study in ger. evidence that the frequency of sperm into the uterus, increas- Its not the women, but1989 found further evidence Sex and relationships, adult orgasms may have an ing the chance that one of men, who get out of controlsupporting the extramarital Death during extra-marital impact on the incidence of these sperms will reach the after a glimpse of the right at-sex bit. Fourteen of the 20 sex breast cancer in men. In fact, egg and fertilise it. tractive face and fall head overcases of "la mort damour," 3. Can a bowel movement it was also revealed that males 7. Oxytocin affects males heels in love immediately,or coital death, happened make for bliss? with breast cancer had experi- too It is believed that oxytocin claimed love researcher Dr.during an affair. In a 2002 study, it was enced fewer orgasms on aver- affects females during sex Helen Fisher. 2. You can tell a guys mentioned that a male had a age than men without the dis- (and breast-feeding). But this 10. Family affects test-penis size by his fingers history of orgasmic-like feel- ease. cuddle hormone, released by osterone As a man becomes A University of Liverpool ings after going to the bath- 5. Males like unusual sex both sexes during intimacy, is increasingly attached to hisresearch cited that if a mans room. After he answered Men have a 20 to 1 also found to influence males. family, his testosterone level likeliness against women to Research from Switzerland goes down, according to a practice an "unusual" and of- found that oxytocin is associ- 2001 Mayo Clinic study. Par- CROSSWORD ten socially unacceptable or illegal behavior, for example ated with increased feelings of trust in males. ticularly, fathers experience a significant decline in levels of exhibitionism. 8. High testosterone = testosterone with the birth of 6. Trapped sperm Less sex While higher test- his child, especially when he Not all sperm go racing for osterone levels is typically con- holds the baby. Your horoscope for this week ARIES: The stars LEO : The period under SAGITTARIUS : It is recommend that you consideration is a busy period for work should take proper care favourable for enjoying and career, but at the of your health and good health most of the same time you should time. The favourable days not neglect your regular temperament during this during this week are likely to be exercise schedule. It is necessary to week. Some of you might be under pay necessary attention towards mental stress during first half of the Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. You your health also. The work assigned week and vague feeling of depression are advised to try to make the to you during this week might be a may engulf you. optimum use of opportunities when test of your expertise and TAURUS : You will be in a relaxed they come along. knowledge. and a happy state of mind VIRGO : Health and CAPRICORN : Your most of the time during domestic affairs would need health might experience this week. Be prepared to your attention this week. Do ups and downs. Hence shoulder responsibilities A not neglect an ailment that, you are required toAcross: (3) that come your way though not serious, may observe slight1 __ Lanka : our southerly Down: regarding family matters. There is become a nagging problem. However, precautions regarding your healthneighbour (3) your expertise in preparing meticulous during this week. A desire to advance 1 A group of six musici (6) strong possibility that you would your career will inspire you to work4 Detonate or cause to begin or 2 Understanding term? (1,3) repent later to wonder how you could and detailed project reports will stand you sincerely towards achieving yourstart (3,3) 3 Tramples heavily on (6) have done this. in good stead later. objectives and goals.7 A dividing membrane or parti- 4 Feeling ones way overseas (6) GEMINI : Your health LIBRA : Those of you, AQUARIUS : Thosetion (6) 5 Unwelcome visitor, intruder (10) will be fine and you will who had been suffering who have just8 Crave, covet or lust for (4) feel energetic and able to from general weakness and recovered from a spell 6 Whimsical; strange (3) of illness should be undertake tasks that you headaches, would feel10 Lower House of Parliament 9 Sorcery from the West Indies (6) careful regarding their had postponed earlier. However relieved during this week. Youngsters(UK) (3,7) 11 Chinese restaurant at Churchgate health. A relapse at this stage senior citizens might suffer from might decide to go on a health binge. might prove to be troublesome for12 Prohibitions by custom or reli- (10) Regular exercise schedule and proper you. If you have been thinking of joint pains or chest congestion. Longgion (6) 13 Microscopic one-celled animal diet will make them more relaxed and starting an independent awaited promotions, elevations in enterprise, make a concrete move14 Accumulates by skimping (6) (6) social status or rise in salary are on active. If connected with computer in that direction now by meeting15 In large amounts of quantity, 16 Come as a logical consequence the cards for the most of you. related work, you will receive an offer people and discussing your a way (4,2) (6) to set up your own enterprise. It may take some time.17 Famous hospital on Pedder CANCER : The SCORPIO : Your health PISCES : It will be a 17 Delayed bodily effects due toroad (6) planetary configuration will be fine and you will good week to build up long journey by plane (3,3) indicates that you are feel energetic throughout your stamina and19 Unable to read or write (10) 18 Maintain, prevent from sink- required to observe this week. However you reserves to tackle the21 Bathroom powder (4) ing, especially tempo, ones spir- coming onslaught of necessary precautions in might be required to look after the22 ___ ___ nobis : pray for us, in its, etc (4,2) your eating habits and take proper health of the elderly in your family work. However some of you mayLatin (3,3) 20 Name of sea forming north-east- rest coupled with sleep to maintain who may require medical attention. have a slight health problem that23 __ ___ puzzle : fit the pieces – ern arm of Black Sea (4) There may be some changes in the will require you to take rest for your physical and mental health. Youyou get the picture (3,3) household for those living in a joint few days. Take care of your diet 21 __ Mahal : the wonder at Agra will receive lot of respect from and focus on your health.24 Big name in moulded luggage (3) others. family.
  8. 8. Monday, 15th to 21st April 2013 INDIA LOCAL PAGE 8Mukesh Ambani requests police chowki Maharashtra govt to exemptat Antilia fearing terror threat from IM ST buses from paying toll Mumbai, Fearing terror police will have to give proper new tender process toattack from Indian reason first to the exempt ST buses,"Mujahideen, Reliance group government and get an Chief Minister PrithvirajChief Mukesh Ambani has approval. The BMC also will Chavan informed in themade a request to the BMC have to grant more FSI in Legislative Council. Heseeking permission for a case the original FSI said that the statepolice chowki at his plush becomes invalid. government will alsoresidence, Antilia. The Meanwhile, security has talk to existing tolldecision has been made been tightened at Antilia road plazas to exempt stateafter Ambani’s office received including Ambani’s office "Hence forward transport buses from payinga letter, allegedly by the building, said the Police. The whenever new tenders would toll. BJP legislatorbanned terror outfit Indian letter which was believed to be issued ST would be Dhananjay Munde had raisedMujahideen (IM) earlier in be sent by the Indian exempted from paying the the issue through a callingFebruray threatening to Mujahideen however did not toll. The government would attention motion duringcause heavy destruction to carry the group’s original mention the clause in the special sitting of the House.the building for supporting trademark signature or logo,Gujarat Chief Minister proposed chowki cannot be but still investigation is underNarendra Modi. Seeking set up for the sake of any process and crime branch is 36 Mumbai cops suspended forpermission, Mumbai police individual but can be arranged taking all steps to trace out accepting bribe to allow illegalcommissioner Satya Pal for the entire area the culprit Officials alsoSingh has already encompassing Altamount claimed that during monsoon construction; probe orderedapproached the BMC to Road. However, the officer season, policemen were put to The incident comes days after the collapse of an illegalarrange for a chowki at Antilia said that if the Ambanis great difficulties due to the structure at Mumbra in adjoining Thane district whichand had also written a letter provide a place then a absence of proper roof and claimed 74 lives and left scores injured. Thirty-sixseeking its approval, said temporary chowki can be there was no proper washroom policemen were suspended after an activist caught themBMC Commissioner Sitaram immediately erected. Before as well in the locality. These on camera allegedly accepting bribes to turn a blind eyeKunte to reporters. The permitting to build a chowki problems will be solved by to an illegal structure, even as an embarrassed Mumbaicommissioner in his letter on the building’s premises, arranging a chowki in the area, Police Commissioner Satyapal Singh on Thursday orderedhas also declared that the officials claimed that the added the officials. a departmental inquiry, terming it a "shameful act". The exposé by activist Kasim Khan took the city police by storm with junior cops, mostly constables, attached with the Nehru Nagar police station in suburban Kurla, seen in the video accepting money from him."As of now, 36 policemen are suspended. It is a very shameful act. We will not tolerate such acts. Now, we are taking departmental action which will be followed by a legal action soon," Singh said. The action follows an incriminating video that Khan had recorded at different periods between March 9 and March 26. Singh, however, observed that the cops could have been "induced" to accept money. "Going by the video footage and visuals it seems that policemen were induced to accept money," Singh said, adding the Anti-Corruption Bureau will be probing the matter. "Any police officer indulging in such acts will invite a strict action and it will not be tolerated," he said. Most of the suspended cops are constables, besides those ranked above from the sub-inspector to insp ector level. Singh said more policemen could also face similar action. According to Khan, his friend Prakash Nevle was renovating his house at Thakkar Bappa colony in Kurla and policemen of Nehru Nagar wanted money to allow him to proceed with the work after municipal authorities had stopped it for want of necessary clearances. When Nevle told him about the demand, Khan suggested him to direct those policemen to him. He then installed a spy camera on which he recorded footage of the police personnel accepting bribe. The activist handed over the footage to the Deputy Commissioner of Police of the concerned zone, who forwarded it to the Commissioner of Police. The incident comes days after the collapse of an illegal structure at Mumbra in adjoining Thane district which claimed 74 lives and left scores injured. A massive If you want to make it BIG in demolition exercise has been launched in Thane after the collapse, the worst such incident in Maharashtra. LIFE start reading OWNED, PRINTED & PUBLISHED BY : ARINDAM BANERJEE, Ashiwini Co.Op. Hsg.Soc. Flat No. B/008, Gr. Flr., First Lane, Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri (W), MUMBAI-400058 Printed at Somani Printing Press, Sharma Ind. Estate, Goregaon (E), Mumbai-400072.Editorial Office : Shop No.2, Marble Arch, Shastri Nagar, Andheri (W), Mumbai-400053. Mob. :9920205579-022- 26365459 EDITOR : ARINDAM BANERJEE. All Disputes to be settelled in Andheri Court only.