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Lead capturing of any form and will not require paper form and data will be submitted directly to the CRM system or a system that is managed by us for you.

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Lead Capture using Mobile - Andorid

  1. 1. FORMOiD GEnNEXT SolutionTo capture leads using Tablet Or any Android Phone. by
  2. 2. What is FORMOiD?FORMOiD is a first-of-its-kind solution conceived and developed byTricom that helps organizations—  Reduce customer acquisition cost.  Minimize customer on-boarding timeframe.  Eliminate paper-based activities: stationary printing, distribution and logistics, data capture, associated high HR costs, etc.  Minimize/eliminate carbon footprint.The Android-based FORMOiD is user friendly for eForm filling, imaging,eSignature, instant submission and is portable.
  3. 3. Current Scenario Designs and prints huge number of paper forms. Distributes the forms to various branches pan India. Field force get the paper form filled by the customers. Uses new forms during erroneous filling. Collects various physical supporting (KYC) documents. Staff send the filled form and the documents to processing centre. Engages forms processing vendors at a cost. Incurs additional cost on re-processing incorrect and/or incomplete forms. Allocates large budget for storage and retrieval of paper forms. Deploys a large team to manage all of the above. Needs additional spend on stationary for any change to paper form. Loses critical time to acquire the customer.
  4. 4. FORMOiD—The Solution Fully customized application for insurance firms Equivalent of physical application form—eForm. Consists of dynamic data validations to capture accurate input. Coupled with eSignature feature. Imaging feature to collect electronic copies of supporting documents. Instant submission of eForm to central server via WiFi/GPRS. Rapid push-pull technology. Portable and user friendly tablets. Equipped with data encryption technology. Secured data transactions between the tablet and the server. Dynamic replacement of updates and/or upgrades of the application. CRM integration possibilities.
  5. 5. FORMOiD—The Implementation Tricom will develop the eForm per insurance companies specifications Insurance company will carry out the UAT Tricom will incorporate the suggested modifications, if any Tricom will develop interface server application Upon finalization of the application, Tricom will load the application on therequired number of tablets and delivers to the insurance company team Tablets will carry one year warranty Tricom Insurance company Staff
  6. 6. FORMOiD—The Usage User access to the application through set credentials. Inputs data by keying on the tablet. Takes pictures of the supporting documents. Reviews the input data and the pictures. Make necessary corrections, if required. Submits the eForm at the click of a button. Data gets encrypted and then sent over WiFi/GPRS to the interface server. Delivered data may be screened before posting on to the central server. Successful submission notification (or error message) sent back to tablet. Server generated unique transaction ID can be returned to tablet. Server transactions of all submissions will be maintained. eForm can be tracked through the tablet. Can be easily integrated with the CRM systems.
  7. 7. FORMOiD—The Security FORMOiD will have user level access control. Data transfer from and to the tablet will be encrypted—128 bit. Communication with the server using HTTPS Post on secure SSL connection.
  8. 8. FORMOiD—The Advantages FORMOiD will have all of the required fields as in the paper-based form. eForm can be modified any time at minimal costs compared to paper forms. FORMOiD will have field level dynamic validations that help capture accurateand mandatory data. Processed eForms can be printed in standard application format for statutoryrequirements, if any. FORMOiD can be used to replace paper-based transactions— • Account application forms. • Challans. • Request application forms. • Customer support. • Healthcare services. • Mortgage services. • Financial services. • Any of the banking transactions, etc.
  9. 9. FORMOiD—The Requirements No stationary. No printing. No logistics. No BPO vendors. No physical storages. but... just a TABLET!
  10. 10. FORMOiD—Sample Screens
  11. 11. FORMOiD—Sample Screens
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