Poster designing---class-xii-cbse


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Poster designing is an easy task. It needs minimum efforts.

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Poster designing---class-xii-cbse

  1. 1. M K Mishra
  2. 2. What is a Poster ? • A poster is a card or placard carrying some announcement, advertisement, etc • A good poster at once catches the attention of the passers-by. • It can be used to promote a product, event, sentiment (such as patriotism), or addiction, etc. • Having striking design • Have ornate artwork M K Mishra
  3. 3. Points to take care : 1. Use Captions 2. Use of Slogans 3. Logo / Emblem / Symbols 4. Pictures / diagrams / sketches 5. Message a) Short and sweet b) telegraphic language 6. Content a) informations / Details b) statistics/ figures 7. Speciality a) Brain tickling and eye-catching b) Open ended question M K Mishra
  4. 4. M K Mishra
  5. 5. DONATE YOUR EYES FOR THE BLIND AND HELP THEM SEE THE WORLD Thus Your Eyes will see even after you will be no more For More Information : Contact your nearest Eye bank / Eye Specialist. M K Mishra
  6. 6. Your friend Indian Postal Services Takes care of Senior Citizens New Savings Scheme “Sukh Sagar” • Aged 60 & above or under VRS eligible • Interest 9% annum • Rs. 10000 to 15 lac. • 5 years Maturity extendable • Premature closure - conditions apply For more details: Contact your nearest Head Post Office M K Mishra
  7. 7. Don’t You Know ? Go for a Change & Paint your sweet home With Berger Paints And Take rest for the rest of your life • Cost effective & more productive • Washable Distemper/Oil paints • Available in 42 shades • Environment friendly chemicals • Protects from pests • Bulk /Economy packs Issued By: The sales Dealer, Berger Paints, Big Market, New Delhi.M K Mishra
  8. 8. Warning ! Water is the Essence of Life Water Level going low Dangerously Year by Year Apply Rain-Water Harvesting • Don’t let rain-water run waste. • Preserve it in tanks and ponds • Save this gift of nature for your coming generation Save Water & Save Life Issued by : National Agriculture Organization, Jaipur. M K Mishra
  9. 9. Don’t Hug the Drug It will suck your blood Drugs lead you to Death Leave Drug & Live Life Drug Addiction – Endless Affliction Issued By : The Drug Control Society, Sadar Market, New Delhi. M K Mishra
  10. 10. Let Your Voice be Heard --- Get Out And --- Vote ! for Rahul Singh Only Who Deserves Your Vote & Support As PRESIDENT (Student’s Council) A true friend, Fine Orator, Good Sportsman, Intelligent, Supportive, Resourceful, and above all a good worker for student’s welfare. M K Mishra
  11. 11. Warning! Warning! Warning! EARTHQUAKES The Deadliest Hidden Enemies of Man. You Cannot Stop them; You cannot foretell them But when they come, what should be done ? • Take refuge in a corner of the room where you are. • Keep away from a building if you are outside in open. • If you are sitting at a table, immediately get under it. • Don’t panic and have patience. • Keep away from electrical poles or live wires. Issued in public interest by: Lion Club, Sardar Patel Road, Bathinda. M K Mishra
  12. 12. Good News For SCHOOL CHILDREN Shine Enterprises Ltd., Sriganganagar Launches A new range of SCHOOL BAGS For all age group students Long Belt Suitably Padded Dark Brown, Blue & Black Colours Locking System Convenient Handle Separate Pockets for Tiffin or Geometry Box. Available at : All leading Books-stores, Sriganganagar.M K Mishra
  13. 13. M K Mishra
  14. 14. Posters for Practice : • Draw a poster to create awareness about the harms of drinking. • Draft a poster on a circus show going to be held in your city. • Draft a poster on Cruelty to Animals. • Draft a poster on “Environmental Pollution”. • Design a poster for “Road Show to Avoid Accidents” that your school is going to organise. • Design a poster for the Science Exhibition you are going to be organised in your school by Science Club. • Design a poster to highlight the benefits of Daily Exercise. M K Mishra