Model answers of letter, report and article


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Model answers of letter, report and article

  1. 1. Letter Writing You are Amit Singh, living at 10 Civil Lines, Jabalpur. Your brother did not return home from the school one day. On enquiry the school authorities informed you that he left the school at 4 pm as usual. Write a letter to the Inspector of Police of your area requesting him to help you trace your missing brother giving full particulars of him, his dress, height etc. 10 Civil Lines Jabalpur 01 May 2010 The Inspector of Police Karol Bagh Jabalpur Format : 2 marks Content : 3 marks Expression : 3 marks Contd……
  2. 2. Sir Sub: Request of help to trace my missing brother regarding....... I would like to draw your kind attention towards the irksome trouble our family is facing since last few hours. One of my school going brothers has not returned from the school. On enquiry the school authorities informed that he had left the school at 4 PM but he has not returned home yet. We are in a great trouble. We have enquired all our relatives about his whereabouts. But there is no positive signal from any corner. We fear his kidnapping. If he has been in some wrong hands, there may be the risk of his life too. We are greatly troubled at this juncture. We need your support to trace him. He wears school dress having white shirt and steel grey pant with black shoes. He is of 13 years age. His height is approximately 105 cms. He speaks fluent Hindi and English both. Your good self is cordially requested to help us in searching him out from anywhere. His mother is in a very desolate state. She has taken everything on to her nerves. Her life is at stake if no information of his whereabouts comes in time. Your diligent response in this regard is highly solicited. Hope for your favourable and diligent action. Yours faithfully Amit Singh
  3. 3. REPORT Contd……
  4. 4. An Eco-Friendly Fertilizer Unit 8 Dec 2008. Rasmada. I witnessed a wonderful location in Durg distt. recently. It can be a model example for the present day production units. It was a fertilizer unit with difference. They used the latest technological measures to protect the marine life. It was fully equipped with computer system. The whole environment seemed to be full of greenery. It was a marvellous unit of forestation. Even polluted water got diluted for nearly 400 times to be recycled. They emphasised on continuous check of atmosphere. It thrilled me to be amidst the 1.5 lakh trees. Reported by Vaishnavi REPORT Format : 1mark Content : 2 marks Expression : 1 mark Words: 71
  5. 5. Article Writing Q: Mukesh lives in a village. The entire village is worried about degradation of the local lake in the village. He writes an article for publication in the local news paper highlighting various factors responsible for degradation of the lake. Use the information given below and write an article in 80 words. DEGRADATION OF THE LOCAL LAKE Degradation of the local lake has led to many of the unexplainable tragic stories of the society. This has become prominent due to many factors responsible. Construction of roads and bridges in large number has resulted in disturbing the natural drainage system leading to flood. Because of the deforestation the water level has decreased and the unnatural growth of weeds has increased. This has led to the reduction of fish harvesting. Many people have illegally occupied the govt. space and constructed their own buildings. This has led to the blockage of canals. It is causing numerous flood occurrences in the rainy season. This has upshot the shortage of drinking water. The other factor which is intertwined with this is the pollution of the surrounding. This has caused the loss of water organisms and arrival of fewer migrating birds. This may prove to be catastrophic