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Taashee is a 100% Linux and Open source software (OSS) company. Taashee uniquely offers a one-stop solution for all Linux and OSS related projects. We have a dedicated team of certified Linux engineers and passionate developers to handle any kind of projects related to implementation or development on Linux.

Taashee helps its customers to fully utilize the power of Linux and Open Source technologies. This results in, higher stability, higher security and higher performance with lower cost and lesser administrative overheads compared to Microsoft based solution. Even for long-time Unix users, who are stuck with limited and proprietary solutions, we offer migration services to switch over to Enterprise-grade Red Hat.

We specialize in high-availability and high-performance clusters; remote and on-site system management and maintenance services; Linux consulting services; Druid and Asterisk based VoIP solutions; Telco-grade Mail servers with uptime of as much as 99.999%; Application design and development using Open Source Technologies. Besides this, we provide comprehensive Jboss related services like: Development, Deployment, Clustering, Production-level optimization, Security etc & also Virtualization.

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Taashee Linux Services Profile

  1. 1. Corporate Profile Taashee Linux Services TAASHEE LINUX SERVICES Taashee, based in India, provides expert Linux and open source technology solutions Offices: Mumbai, Hyderabad to mid- to large-scale businesses. Taashee’s knowledgeable staff coupled with www.taashee.com platform solutions developed by Red Hat and JBoss, give Taashee customers the PARTNERS Red Hat flexibility, lower overhead costs, and better overall technical performance they need. JBoss LINBIT Taashee’s solid background in JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, JBoss HA Ubuntu Clusters, and JBossON allows Taashee to maximize its clients’ IT performance and Zimbra uptimes. Companies have the option to either outsource their entire JBoss applications to Taashee or take advantage of Taashee’s consulting services. Either way, clients typically witnessed a 40% performance increase before installing additional hardware. Taashee also offers its customers advantages with peripheral products. For example, Taashee’s solid background in DRBD, a distributed replicated block device solution, helps companies avoid JBoss Enterprise Application downtimes caused by storage failures. DRBD also reduces problems associated with Platform, JBoss HA Clusters, mounting and writing file systems concurrently. Another product, Zimbra and JBossON allows Taashee to Collaboration Suite is a robust email, group calendaring, contacts, and web maximize its clients’ IT document management solution. Zimbra integrates perfectly with Windows, Mac performance and uptimes. and Linux and synchronizes with popular desktop clients. Additionally, Taashee provides complete open source software solutions for small to mid-size companies. Taashee is committed to producing company-specific and reliable solutions for their clients while keeping cost-savings a priority. Furthermore, Taashee’s professional staff offers its customers years of accumulated Linux and open source technology expertise. State-of-the-art Services Taashee’s services are vast, yet maintain a leading edge in an ever-changing IT industry. Moreover, Taashee’s extensive knowledge base offers the flexibility needed to create unique solutions for its clients. Taashee helps data centers Red Hat Platform Technologies implement Red Hat high Red Hat Enterprise Linux: Taashee builds complete hardware architectures and availability clusters to achieve software frameworks. The RHEL product, based on Linux, is a solid solution for automatic failover, load commercial mainframes, providing excellent uptimes and an easy-to-use GUI. balancing, and redundancy. Red Hat Network Satellite Server: RHN Satellite Server allows organizations to utilize the benefits of a network without having to provide public Internet access to their client systems. With RHN Satellite Server, Taashee provides additional security and customized updates, creating a truly automated package delivery system for custom software packages. Red Hat HPC and HA Clustering: Most high performance computing clusters today are based on Linux systems and give companies greater computation power. Taashee helps data centers implement Red Hat high availability clusters to achieve automatic failover, load balancing, and redundancy. 1
  2. 2. JBoss Middleware Services JBoss Enterprise Application Platform: JBoss EAP is the market leading platform for building, deploying, and hosting enterprise Java applications and services. Taashee optimizes its clients’ applications and application servers using JBoss EAP options. Taashee develops virtual JBoss HA Clusters: As a Linux specialist, Taashee understands the intricacies of cluster design. Taashee implements JBoss high-availability clusters to achieve environments that allow its automatic failover, load balancing, and redundancy. clients to seamlessly move live applications from one physical JBoss Operations Network: JBossON simplifies the development, testing, host to another, in a matter of deployment and monitoring of JBoss Enterprise Middleware. Taashee sets up one minutes. central console that provides its clients easy access and control of their entire JBoss system. Virtualization & Cloud Service Integrating new servers into an existing IT infrastructure can be costly. Virtualization allows companies to consolidate multiple running systems onto considerably fewer servers. Taashee develops template-based provisioning of Windows and Linux virtual machines that allows its clients to seamlessly move live applications from one physical host to another, in a matter of minutes. Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (for servers and desktops): RHEV is an end-to-end virtualization solution for datacenters. With RHEV’s desktop solution, Taashee virtually hosts complete desktop environments on servers located in a centralized datacenter. RHEV creates both Windows and Linux desktops that can be accessed by using either thin clients or repurposed PCs. Cloud Infrastructure: Cloud computing is an offsite virtual computing environment. Taashee’s remote IT access This model changes the economics of IT by enabling companies to pay for the exact allows Taashee to provide capacity they require. Taashee implements a Red Hat enterprise cloud computing effective Red Hat support on or solution, powered by Amazon Web Services. offsite. Support Taashee knows high uptimes are its clients’ priority, and therefore promises dependable and proficient service every day. Taashee’s remote IT access allows Taashee to provide effective Red Hat (or other enterprise-grade Open source technology) support on or offsite. When companies rely on Taashee for continued support they maintain competitive edges in their markets. In addition, Taashee’s clients do not have to overcome setbacks associated with IT staff turnover. Training As a certified Red Hat training partner, Taashee Linux Academy thoroughly prepares candidates for three essential certifications: Red Hat Certified Technician (RHCT) Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator (RHCVA) 2
  3. 3. Taashee instructors are real-time solutions experts with many hours of experience in the field. Quality instructors teach the fundamentals and hands-on skills students need to become certified. Training takes place at Taashee’s state-of-the-art facilities. However, courses are also offered off-site. Reducing our processing time by 9.4 percent means better Client Satisfaction turn-around for our customers Taashee’s dedication to IT advancement and efficiency builds its clients’ businesses. and more revenue for our Euronet Worldwide, Bilcare Research, and Lupin Limited, LifeSpring Hospitals, and company. FutureBazarr.com are a few of many success stories illustrating Taashee’s Ashish Mehta, IT and Infrastructure proficiency. Director, Euronet Euronet Euronet Worldwide, a global provider of electronic payment and transaction processing solutions, enjoyed a drastic drop in their transaction processing rejection rate after partnering with Taashee. “Reducing our processing time by 9.4 percent means better turn-around for our customers and more revenue for our company,” says Ashish Mehta, IT and Infrastructure Director, Euronet. Bilcare Taashee virtualizes entire IT infrastructures on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Platforms. Recently, Bilcare Research, value chain consultants for the pharmaceutical and health care industries, benefited from significant power and cooling savings as a result of virtualization. Moreover, Red Hat’s low pricing saved Bilcare even more money. “Taashee not only helped us reduced our operational costs, more importantly, they made it easier for us to rapidly respond to our ever-changing business needs,” says Manoj Arora, CIO, Bilcare Research. Lupin Taashee was granted the 2010 Another satisfied client, Lupin Limited, produces generic and branded Red Hat Innovation Award for pharmaceuticals for a global market. With the help of Taashee, Lupin implemented Red Hat HPC Suite. As a result, Lupin greatly improved its CPU speed, memory designing and implementing an bandwidth, and the robustness of its scientific computation software. Lupin’s optimal open source IT molecular modeling and simulation processing time was reduced by 350%. infrastructure. Consequently, Lupin is able to make novel discoveries that might otherwise not be possible. LifeSpring LifeSpring, growing chain of maternity hospitals, significantly benefited from Taashee’s complete IT make-over. Taashee built a new system from the ground up, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, JBoss Enterprise Middleware, and several open source software solutions. As a result, LifeSpring increased IT flexibility, decreased IT costs, reduced systems maintenance, and received greater satisfaction from its customers. Moreover, Taashee was granted the 2010 Red Hat Innovation Award for designing and implementing an optimal open source IT infrastructure. 3
  4. 4. FutureBazaar.com FutureBazaar FutureBazaar.com, online store for a range of products from digital cameras to FutureB ore denim jeans, also benefited from Taashee’s IT optimization. Taashee’s clustering sixty JBoss servers makes it possible to this massive web site to conduct business. Additionally, this achievement holds Taashee responsible for building one of the Taashee largest JBoss clusters in South Asia. Taashee serves a diverse line of industries. Some of its clients include: Tata Teleservices Limited Tata Consultancy Services Tata Communications Dell Azingo Cypress Semiconductors Overland Storage India APTDC, Govt. of A.P. NGRI FutureBazaar Playwin (Zee group) IIT (Madras) Bilcare Research Lifespring Hospitals Tech Mahindra Lupin Pharma Thomascook Euronet Worldwide AFL Dachser Arvind Mills Taashee Commitment to Open Source Taashee specializes in open source solutions because products such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Platform and JBoss Enterprise Middleware provide TAASHEE LINUX SERVICES superior performance, scalability, flexibility and affordability. In fact, JBoss, Red Hat’s Mumbai Office Java based application server was ranked #1 in customer satisfaction over other Taashee Linux Services Level 8 Vibgyor Towers, competing products such as IBM’s WebSphere and Oracle’s WebLogic. G Block C62 Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai 400 051, India +91-22-4090 7337 Taashee helps long time Unix users migrate over to Enterprise long-time Enterprise-grade Red Hat. What is more, Taashee’s commitment to service and technical excellence earned them the TAASHEE LINUX SERVICES Hyderabad Office Advance Partner status with Red Hat. 2nd Floor Damayanthi Chambers, Above Canara Bank, Hill Fort Road, Adarshnagar, Hyderabad-500063, AP, India +91-40-23210307 info@taashee.com www.taashee.com 4