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Taashee is a 100% Linux and Open source software (OSS) company. Taashee uniquely offers a one-stop solution for all Linux and OSS related projects. We have a dedicated team of certified Linux engineers and passionate developers to handle any kind of projects related to implementation or development on Linux.

Taashee helps its customers to fully utilize the power of Linux and Open Source technologies. This results in, higher stability, higher security and higher performance with lower cost and lesser administrative overheads compared to Microsoft based solution. Even for long-time Unix users, who are stuck with limited and proprietary solutions, we offer migration services to switch over to Enterprise-grade Red Hat.

We specialize in high-availability and high-performance clusters; remote and on-site system management and maintenance services; Linux consulting services; Druid and Asterisk based VoIP solutions; Telco-grade Mail servers with uptime of as much as 99.999%; Application design and development using Open Source Technologies. Besides this, we provide comprehensive Jboss related services like: Development, Deployment, Clustering, Production-level optimization, Security etc & also Virtualization.

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Taashee Linux Services Profile

  1. 1. Taashee Linux Services 100% Linux & Open Source Technologies
  2. 2. Who we are ? Taashee is a 100% Linux and Open source software (OSS) company. Taashee uniquely offers a one-stop solution for all Linux and OSS related projects. We have a dedicated team of certified Linux engineers and passionate developers to handle any kind of projects related to implementation or development on Linux.
  3. 3. What we can do for you ? Taashee helps its customers in delpoying Linux based technologies and integrating it with their main stream infrastructure. We specialize in high-availability and high-performance clusters, remote and onsite system management and maintenance services, Linux consulting services, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity technologies, Unified Communication Platforms and application design and development on Linux.
  4. 4. Our Partners The Linux and Open Source Power House Disaster Recovery and Business Continuation Technologies Unified Communications Server A Linux Desktop that is ready to replace Windows Arguably the most feature-rich Messaging Platform. Straight replacement for MS Exchange
  5. 5. Our services – OS related • 100% support for all Red Hat platforms • High Availability Cluster (HAC) implementation for critical services like Web/Java apps, DB server, mail server etc. • High performance clusters (HPC) implemenatation for computation intensive applications • Securty and auditing of Linux servers (using SELinux sub-system) • Backup management and setting up OS image servers for bare-metal restore
  6. 6. Our services – OS related (conttd..) • Setting up highly available NIS infrastructure with dynamically mounting user's home directories with Samba integration (for Windows clients) • Red Hat Directory Server (RDS) for providing organization-wide unified (Single sign-on) authentication services for Windows, Linux, Wi-Fi and mail clients • Virtualization using Xen and Qumranet
  7. 7. Our services - DR • We are the only implementation and support partners of LinBit in India for DRBD (Distributed Raid Block Device). DRBD provides a very high degree of business continuation and data protection in case of a catastrophic failure. • Block level replication allows SAN-to-SAN and LUN-to-LUN replication of data on a LAN or a WAN
  8. 8. Our services - VoIP • We are the only implementation and support partners in India for Voiceroute. Voiceroute offers an ultra-advanced VoIP platform based on Asterisk which is called Druid Unified Communication Server. • Druid Unified Communications Server (UCS) is a plug and play, easy to use IP communications solution designed for enterprises with demanding needs. It has productivity enabling end user functionalities such as unified mailbox, mobile bridging, click to call CDR and recordings delivered through a web user portal.
  9. 9. Our services - storage • We Create iSCSI targets out of standard Linux boxes, using either internal SCSI/SATA disks or external firewire/USB storage boxes. This makes a very cost-effective solution for general purpose storage and frees up SAN devices for critical data only • SAN and NAS integration for Linux services
  10. 10. Our services - Jboss • Jboss implementation, configuration and optimization service • Very comprehensive clustering service for Jboss which includes – Setting up mod_jk load balancer – Farming deployment – EJB clustering – HTTP session replication – HA JNDI and HA JMS – Jgroups optimization • Migration services from Tomcat and Weblogic to Jboss • Complete development related services for Jboss
  11. 11. Our services – Xen Xen offers near-native performance for virtual servers with up to 10 times less overhead than proprietary offerings, and benchmarked overhead of well under 5% in most cases compared to 35% or higher overhead rates for other virtualization technologies Our services on Xen *Pre migration planning and server sizing * Physical-to-virtual (P2V) OS migration * Integration of VMs with SAN/NAS/iSCSI technologies * Testing & Optimization * Deployment and monitoring of live guests * Back-up planning and achieving near-zero downtime * Upgradation support on new developments
  12. 12. Our services - Miscll. • Integrating Wi-Fi hotspots with Windows ADS or Linux LDAP. This means that only the valid users present in ADS (or LDAP) will be allowed to use the Wi-Fi infrastructure. • Setting up CVS servers for code versioning and management • Application development on Linux • On-site training on Linux related technologies
  13. 13. Further information • Visit us at www.taashee.com • Call Manoj Kumar : + 91 9392 493 753 • Mail us at info@taashee.com