Social media communication hexagon for hotel industry


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The Social Media Communication Hexagon is marketing strategy tool which will assist Digital marketers to have insight into creating effective digital marketing plans for their hotels.

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Social media communication hexagon for hotel industry

  1. 1. Social Media Communication Hexagon (SMC Hexagon)<br />The Social Media Communication Hexagon is strategy tool which will assist Digital marketers to have insight into creating effective digital marketing plans.<br />979079247015007972914343535Awareness efforts00Awareness efforts279944180340Social00Social4315551126365001926046431165006039576318770Destination and environment020000Destination and environment1404257344170Consumers and users00Consumers and users99060012636500781376612636500<br />-64086290805FacebookTwitterTrip advisorSocial BookmarkingYouTube/ Flickr00FacebookTwitterTrip advisorSocial BookmarkingYouTube/ Flickr805942026035000<br />2666637208280InteractingInteracting4691743208734InvolvingInvolving<br />80537531469878Push Strategy00Push Strategy8018585362048Pull Strategy00Pull Strategy80189502627630Marketing efforts00Marketing efforts80143351835150002825752829560Static00Static-303530790666Communication Type00Communication Type-6203951504315Blogs/ EmailWebsites/ Write-ups WikipediaNews/ArticlesYouTube/ Flickr00Blogs/ EmailWebsites/ Write-ups WikipediaNews/ArticlesYouTube/ Flickr99060011202310033232273277235Frequency of Communication00Frequency of Communication10338713266350Low00Low73477663277235High00High6607175860425Local Culture and community00Local Culture and community60287812634615Price and offers00Price and offers13041992733040Hotel and Services00Hotel and Services1033871860425LocalCuisine00LocalCuisine45389801468755Selling0Selling27317701469390InformingInforming990600317899100<br />Understanding the Social Media Communication Hexagon<br />Some of the questions answered by the SMC hexagon are – <br />What content to communicate?<br />How much to communicate?<br />Through what medium to communicate?<br />How to create a balanced Push and Pull strategy?<br />Definition of terms in social media communication hexagon<br /><ul><li>X axis – Frequency of communication – No of times the entity decides to communicate with its customers
  2. 2. Y axis – Type of Communication (Fig 4.a, 5.c, 5.d)
  3. 3. Static – Traditional forms of communication. Generally one way communication
  4. 4. Social – Social media based communication. 2 way communication
  5. 5. Elements of the hexagon – The elements were derived from fig 3.d. A weighted average was determined the relative importance to consumers of each of the element.
  6. 6. Destination and environment – About the destination where the entity is based and environmental aspects of the entity.
  7. 7. Local Culture and community – About the local community and its culture. The communication could also include local handicrafts which could be sold online.
  8. 8. Prices and offers – Various offers and packages that the hotel holds
  9. 9. Hotel and services – About the hotel and the various services provided by the hotel. Also can include activities like nature walks, wind surfing, sightseeing etc.
  10. 10. Local cuisine – About local flavours and food. For eg. How the hotel is fusing or showcasing the local flavours to create unique signature food.
  11. 11. Consumers and Users – Consumers and user comments. Post stay comments and recommendations. User generated videos and articles.
  12. 12. Elements of the matrix –
  13. 13. Involving – High Frequency, High use of social media.
  14. 14. Interacting – Low Frequency, High use of social media
  15. 15. Informing – Low Frequency, High use static channels
  16. 16. Selling – High Frequency, High use of static channels
  17. 17. Quadrant Classification –
  18. 18. Involving and interacting – These quadrants create the awareness and act more like a pull strategy.
  19. 19. Informing and selling - These quadrants create the marketing effect and act more like a push strategy.</li></ul>SMC Hexagon was created after completing a worldwide survey for my master’s dissertation.<br />Business school Name - Vatel International Business School, Nimes, France, <br />Original work by - Manoj KUMAR<br />Website- <br />Email- <br />Skype- manojkumar297<br />Twitter- @digitalhotels, <br />LinkedIn- <br />Online Resume- <br />