Software application in mining industry


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Software application in mining industry

  1. 1. -MANOJ JHAWAR 12125027
  2. 2. •Exploration •Mine Planning & Designing •Coal Bed Methane •Geomatics •Environment Software •Specialised servicesApplications- •Ventilation and Gas Survey in Mines •Blasting services •Mine Support Design, Rock Mass Rating •Non-destructive testing •Laboratory Facilities
  3. 3. Blaspa. Inc- Blasting softwaredeveloed by a Canadian Companyused in India by many miningcompanies and Coal India is oneamong them.BLASPA inc. The BLASPA blastdesign simulators uses explosiveand rock properties to predictblasting results, at our mine orconstruction site. Rock excavationis the first process in the cycle ofoperation of a mine, and efficientblasting is key to the profitabilityof the mine .
  4. 4. Simulates Blast Environment.All the shock waves and stress field. Consider Blast parameters such as the pattern BxS, the collar C, the subgrade drilling G, the lengths of columns L1 and L2 and the types X1 and X2 of the explosives, the hole diameter D, etcSimulates on BLASPA the expected effect of the previous blasting Consider specific Rock propertiesprocedure in the rock having the such as youngs modulus,Density, newly measured rock properties poisson /Ratio, Dynamic Resistance and choose the desired results. varies the blast parameters BxS, C, G, L1, L2, X1, X2, D he finds values of the blast parameters which produce the excavation contour of the shape shown in Fig.ure
  5. 5.  Find Values of the blast parameters which produce the excavation contour of the desired shape. May carry out a few more simulations to seek the least costly procedure which removes toe and blocks. Proceeding with actual trials in the pit/mine.
  6. 6. GEOMATICSSatellite Data Processing: ERDAS IMAGINE 9.3, PCI Geomatica v10.1,GIS: Arc-Info9.3, Map Info Professional, Auto CAD Map.Digital Photogrammetry : Leica LPS SuitGPS :Topcon GR3 (dual frequency DGPS), Leica GS 5+, S/w Topcon Tools V.7.2ETS :Leica - TCRA 1102,TCR 1103, Spectra Precision Focus 10, S/w LISCAD 9.Terrestrial LiDAR :RIEGL LMS-Z420i, S/W Rescan pro, Cyclone 6.0.3Gyroscope: DMT Gyromat-3000.Software-Maptitude, ESRIData Conversion: Large format Scanner Digitizer, CADD softwares & Raster to Vector Conversion Software.Surveying:Large scale Mineral Explorationtopographical, cadastral, •Regional geological andindustrial survey is structural mapping are carriedcarried out for different out for locating the potential Land Use Mapping Land Reclamationclients. coal/mineral bearing zone Monitoring • Land use/vegetation cover using hyper spectral satellite- Centre line alignment data for detail exploration mapping of coalfields are carried out for creating geo • Satellite surveillance for land reclamation of all the OCusing Gyromet-3000 planning. environmental database and to assess impact of mining mines of CIL are carried out on annual basis for- GPS Survey •Geostructural mapping for and associated assessing the progressive industrialization on land status of mine land- LiDAR Survey locating potential coal bearing environment by analyzing reclamation and for taking temporal satellite data.- Underground zone in N-W part of IB Valley up remedial measures, if any, required for Coalfieldcorrelation survey environmental protection.•Large Scale Topographical Map