Presentation club formation


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This ppt is about needs of presentation club in MBA schools

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Presentation club formation

  1. 1. Objectives• Understand presentation process.• List and overcome the filters/barriers in a presentation process.• Practice active presenting• Tips to improve verbal and non verbal communication skill while presentation
  2. 2.  A NEW INITIATIVE NEED OF PRESENTATION FOR MBA STUDENTS. ― Without presentation skills in corporate world is like without blood in body.‖- Alex Kimkenser “Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.” – John Wooden IIT Kanpur placements 80 %. Why not 90% or 100%. Did anyone tried to find out the reason?? Answer is – Lack of ability to perform in Interview.
  3. 3.  MARKETING FINANCE ANALYTICS CONSULTING ALL ARE not active? WHY??? Noactive members, no work shop, no lectures.All such lacuna will not be in this club.
  4. 4.  As per recent survey in big MNC’s –It is 20% knowledge and 80% communication skills that requires for rising higher in corporate world. Highly talented people are occupying position of lower designations due to their ineffective way of communicating. 313 candidates rejected in top MNC’searly 3/4 of survey participants (70 percent) cite deficiencies among outgoing post graduates in communication and soft skills.
  5. 5. What are the most common ways we present ourselves? Written Word
  6. 6. The Presentation Process Medium Barrier (low voice,etc)PRESENTER AUDIENCE (encodes) Barrier (decodes) (poor skills) Feedback/Response
  7. 7.  360 degree approach- From Basics, Body Language, Gestures, Voice Modulation, Thoughts Clarity,etc. Cause and effect way of analysing each students. Personal attention. Real time presentation in front of eminent speakers. More presentation in big auditoriums to develop your skills in every kind of situation such as Main Audi, Open Theatre in New Sac, Outreach Audi. More mock presentations Workshops every biweekly More guest lecture and time management by industry experts.
  8. 8. Success for YOU……in the new global and diverse workplace requiresexcellecent presentation skills!
  9. 9.  Heightened sense of effective speaking Diminishing stage fever Reduction in hitches during presentation Giving Presentation will be fun filled process Confidence Boost. Easy flow of words while communicating formally and informally. Juniors will be benefited with our initiative
  10. 10. I request all of you to take active participation in all the events organized by our club as it will bring a lot of development in your communication skills. You will see the changes.
  11. 11. ―I’velearned that people will forget what you said, people will forgetwhat you did, but people will neverforget how you made them feel.‖ — Maya Angelou