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strategic management


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customer complaint issues

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strategic management

  1. 1. Customer complaint: Service below expected level  Excuse: Nobody’s perfect and we can’t make every customer happy 
  2. 2. In Travel & tourism industry customer service is not about meeting expectations but exceeding them due to high level of competition. Value feedback from our customers on any aspect of their experience with Thomas Cook Group Implemented new customer relations management system that will enable the company to tailor its communicati ons with, and service to, customers, according to their personal preferences All employees take a course on how to create dream holiday experience s for their customers through caring and respectful service
  3. 3.    Thomas Cook India wins two titles ‘The Best Tour Operator’ and ‘The Best Forex Company’ at the CNBC Awaaz Travel Awards 2012 Thomas Cook Group was ranked 26th of 500 UK companies named as ‘superbrands’ based on independent consumer research into quality, reliability and distinction Cruise Thomas Cook won ‘Best Customer Service’ and ‘Best Overall Tour Operator/Partner’ at the Co-operative Travel Star Awards
  4. 4. Own assessment Customer feed back Continual improvement Satisfied customer
  5. 5. Own assessment Customer Feed Back Measure Key performance Indicator Referenceability Periodic Audit and Review with Team Customer Survey Continual Improvement Determine areas of improvement based on customer feedback& own assessment Quantifiable goals
  6. 6.  “Pizza Hut, American’s favorite Pizza cares a lot about their customers. By finishing the short survey, you will receive 10 chances to win $1,000 cash plus receive a chance to instantly win other great prizes. Plus a chance to instantly win one of our other great prize with a combined value of $1,500 weekly. Share your feedback and comments for Pizza Hut.”
  7. 7. Customer Loyalty  Competitive edge  Cost to Company  Happy Customers 
  8. 8. Customer complaint: Timely delivery of service  Excuse: Good service requires time and guests expect that 
  9. 9.        Responsive to changing needs Timely ERP implementation Designed for the everyday and for exceptions FedEx Tracking System Scalability—can easily add incremental volume Workforce More than 160,000 employees worldwide Average Daily Volume More than 3.9 million packages and 11 million pounds of freight Service Area More than 220 countries and territories, including every address in the United States Air Operations More than 375 airports served worldwide Air Fleet 634 aircraft, including
  10. 10.   “At FedEx, we believe there is a crucial link between team members’ satisfaction and customer satisfaction and loyalty,” said Cary Pappas, president of FedEx Customer Information Services. FedEx has ranked number one in the Express Delivery industry for 12 consecutive years
  11. 11.         Better speed Better and cheaper plans Nation wide presence No hidden charges BUT?? Worst fault management Poor customer care Results--