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Police station public participation- part 1


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Innovative Policing in Kerala

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Police station public participation- part 1

  1. 1. Community Participation for Effective Service Delivery at Police Station Level
  2. 2. Police Stations are the most important institutions in Policing, but over the years, we have undermined the importance of police stations…. and the present effort is to bring it back into focus, by making it an effective tool of Service delivery.
  3. 3.  All India Level- Out of a total Police Force of nearly 25 lakhs in States and CPMFs, and a total of 12,500 odd Police Stations. We find that only around 4 lakh odd Policemen are working in the police stations. Around 876 Police Stations have a strength of less than 10 policemen. In other words of the total police force only 15 % is available for police Stations nationally, including CPMF and 25% if only State Police are taken into account. In Kerala, the percentage of Policemen in Police Stations is 56.5 % Presently we have 450 Police Stations and a strength of 46000 policemen. Police Station - Strength
  4. 4. Strengthening the Police Station- Objectives To bring it out of the Colonial Culture To make it an effective tool of Service Delivery
  5. 5. Objectives- Change What ???? Police Brutality Unprofessional Third Degree Corruption Bad Behaviour Colonial Sub culture
  6. 6. Police Station Duties Guard Tappal Reception desk Law and Order Intelligence Wireless WriterPetition enquiry Investigation computer Waiting Beats & NP copying
  7. 7. Police Additional functions ProtectionSabrimala Garbage Issues Anti Terror Financial Frauds Cyber Crime IPR Issues Environmental Crimes Entertainment Policing Student issues Mafia Tourism traffic
  8. 8. Police Station Strengthening-A Multi faceted change- Targets  Increase in strength  Polite behavior  Neat and tidy work Environment  Providing latest equipments & facilities  Community Policing  Policing as a service delivery  Improving Investigation standards  Securing the lives and property  Accounting of each complaint  Quick redressal of grievances  Financial Stability for Police Stations
  9. 9. The Police Act broughtThe Police Act brought Police Stations to thePolice Stations to the crux of policing.crux of policing. The Act incorporatesThe Act incorporates crucial role of the Policecrucial role of the Police Stations as a ServiceStations as a Service delivery Unit. THE KERALA POLICE ACT 2011
  10. 10. Police Stations to be People Friendly & Emphasis on Service Delivery……Police Stations to be People Friendly & Emphasis on Service Delivery…… Sec. 6: in every PS, the Government should ensure:Sec. 6: in every PS, the Government should ensure: Adequate manpower ;Adequate manpower ; Proper infrastructure ;Proper infrastructure ; Public Reception Area ;Public Reception Area ; Sufficient storage space;Sufficient storage space; Safe custody of persons;Safe custody of persons; Communication facilities;Communication facilities; Sufficient Mobility;Sufficient Mobility; Sufficient Security;Sufficient Security; Forensic equipments &Forensic equipments & WeaponryWeaponry..
  11. 11. Sec. 7: citizens shall have right to efficient service at the PSSec. 7: citizens shall have right to efficient service at the PS Efficiency becomes a service responsibility andEfficiency becomes a service responsibility and duty to public, under law.duty to public, under law. Providing responsible service to the Citizens
  12. 12. -peaceful entry; -reception; -meeting the SHO; -to give information; -privacy for women; -women police for women complainants; -receipt acknowledging complaint; -information on stage of investigation or enquiry; -recording of the complaint in the GD; -knowing whether a person is in custody. Sec 8 gives the following rights to public at every PS. Police Stations to Respect the Rights of Public
  13. 13. Compulsion on police for good conduct and behaviourCompulsion on police for good conduct and behaviour Sec. 29 : mandates courtesy, propriety, compassion, polite language, sympathy for victims, consideration for needs of women, children, senior citizens & the differently abled, avoidance of unnecessary show of aggression.
  14. 14. . 2. CIVIL POLICE CADRE- UNIFIED STRENGTH Unification of the Local Police and AR’s, which helped in getting more strength in the stations and reduced many routine and institutional duties
  15. 15. A proper Reception desk, manned with specially trained police personnel has been provided in all Stations RECEPTION DESKS Sentry with Rifle, replaced with sentry with Pistols
  16. 16. Vanitha Desk/ Senior Citizens Desk
  17. 17. Police should treat victims and witnesses with due regard and politeness. Police In service Training to ensurePolice In service Training to ensure ................... Police must appear as the guardians of the weak. Courteous behavior, which is the pre requisite to any successful force
  18. 18. Satisfied Staff- Assured Promotions The posts of Grade HC’s, Grade ASI’s, Grade SI’s were created, which assured promotions to all men after a definite period of Service. This helped in getting a satisfied and motivated force
  19. 19. Tourism Police- In Police Stations having Tourism hotspots Special Purpose Wings created in Police Stations Highway Police- In Police Stations having National Highways
  20. 20. Division of Crime and Law and order Wings Done in all the police Stations in the three cities of Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram and Calicut Is being extended to around 200 more police stations this year. Crime Wing L & O Wing
  21. 21. Improving InvestigationImproving Investigation More Officers for Investigation. Use of scientific techniques of Investigation. Budgeted funds for Investigation Regular training on Investigation skills
  22. 22. Beautification of Police StationsBeautification of Police Stations
  23. 23. Neat and tidy surroundings…………..
  24. 24. Conference Hall inside a Police Station
  25. 25. Police Station Compounds
  26. 26. Proper Maintenance of Buildings…………
  27. 27. Non traditional Building Designs……………
  28. 28. Public participation in policing……..