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  1. 1. AMUL(Taste of India)Manjubhashini 11utb19Manoj prabagar 11utb20Mukesh 11utb22Nisha 11utb25Saahil 11utb29
  2. 2. UNIQCREATIONSWays beyond than you imagine Type of agency – Promotional Agency Service offered – print media, online branding & marketing etc. Teams & skills:- to pair media-marketing-technology-creativity-imagination and analyticsto ignite emotional bonds between people and brands.
  3. 3. Clients Kellogg’s Britannia Marico Ltd Colgate India Ltd Godrej Consumer products Ltd Kohinoor foods ltd Nestle India Ltd Dabur India Ltd Hatsun Agro products Ltd Tata Tea Ltd ITC Ltd Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd (Amul)
  4. 4. INTRODUCTIONHISTORY: Founded in 1946. Established “Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd” (GCMMF) in 1973. GCMMF brand – Amul Began with just two village dairy co-operative societies and 247 liters of milk.PRODUCT CATEGORY:milk, milk powder, health beverages, ghee, butter, cheese, Pizza cheese, Ice-cream; Paneer, chocolates, and traditional Indian sweets.
  5. 5. PERFORMANCE: Annual turnover (2011-12) - US$ 2.5 billion. 18th largest with a 0.5% share in global milk production. 90% market share in butter, 80% in cheese, 40% in ice cream and 25% in pouched milk.COMPETITION: Frozen food segment- Kwality Walls (HLL), Vadilal, Hatsun agro, Kolkata metro dairy. Dairy whitener, baby food and condensed milk segment-Swiss major Nestle. Core milk segment-Mother Dairy. Chocolate segment from Cadbury, Nestle etc.
  6. 6. Situation Analysis TARGET AUDIENCE:  18 yrs to 22 yrs  Rural Segment • SEGMENTATION: Customer Based : The Customers are divided into kids, women, youth, calorie, health & diabetic conscious customers.
  7. 7. Cont… Industry Based : The Target audience for Milk industry,  Ice cream Manufacturers  Restaurants  Coffee Shops The Target Audience for Butter, Cheese & Ghee,  Bakeries  Pizza retailers  Snacks Retailers
  8. 8. Positioning Strategy Providing value for money through best possible product at a best available price Creating value & a homely image among Indian households Low price Ice creams in the market It is used to express emotions through the tagline - “A gift for someone you love”
  9. 9. SWOT Analysis Strengths WeaknessLargest food brand in Asia Completely dependent on Villages for -World’s largest pouched milk brand - raw materialsDiverse mix of products Complicated Supply chainBrand of trust No replacement policyStrong distribution network No ads for Amul chocolates Opportunities ThreatsCan create Brand loyal customers Lot of competitors from big brands like –Penetrate into international markets - Nestle, Britannia & Cadbury etcInternet marketing can be adopted Supply of old dated productsExpand product categories Low market coverage Rise in milk and milk products
  10. 10. IMC OBJECTIVESPrimary objectives: To Spread awareness in Tamilnadu and gain a maximum exposure of at least 80% of target audience over one year period. To increase Amul sales revenue through various promotion activities. To motivate customers to try the Amul products through Sales promotion. To create a brand recall for the customers who have used the product.
  11. 11. Secondary objectives To bring up single product advertising for promoting Amul Chocolates and Amul Ice creams through advertisements and promotions. To promote other Amul product offerings using umbrella branding marketing strategy through advertisements.
  12. 12. IMC Tools Advertising  Television- grid locking, target market.  News paper- large audience, publications.  Magazine- target right people, AvalVigatan.  Outdoor advertising- on the go, satyam cinemas.  Indoor advertising- departmental stores.  Social media- connecting customers and experience.
  13. 13. Sales promotion Increasing sales in short period and activities carried for 3 months.  Premium- Amul chocolates, recipe book.  Price off deals- oct-nov-dec 1 for 1, feb 14th, apr-may-june summer offer 25% free.  Coupons- jan-feb-march chocolate combo with coupon.  Contest- drawing and cooking contest.
  14. 14. Other tools Event sponsorship. Internet marketing.
  15. 15. BUDGET ALLOCATIONIMC tool Cost(in rupees)Television 59,16,000Newspaper 27,18,320.90Magazines 5,00,000Outdoor advertising 1,00,000Indoor advertising 2,00,000Toys 2,50,000Recipe book 2,50,000Price off deals 2,50,000Coupons 2,00,250Diwali bundle offer 1,00,000Contest 50,000
  16. 16. EVALUATION & MEASUREMENT OFEFFECTIVENESS Evaluation method: objectives & task method With achieving the aim we have brought in the promotional activities, achievingthese it brings awareness to the product, brand recall and making customers try the product which ensures the sales revenue to go up in future with targeted customers coming in to try more products.