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  1. 1. MANOHARI.C
  2. 2. WHAT IS SILVERLIGHT? Silverlight is the new Microsoft technology on the web platform for Rich Internet Applications (RIA), launched by Microsoft in 2007. Silverlight supports multiple browsers called cross-browser technology, which includes Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari, Opera etc… Silverlight supports multiple Operating Systems (a cross-platform technology) which includes the Windows family of OSs, Mac, and Linux with Moonlight technology (Moonlight is an Open Source implementation of Silverlight, primarily for Linux and other Unix/X11 based Operating Systems). Silverlight also supports multiple devices (a cross-device technology), which includes mobile devices to desktop browsers to
  3. 3. WHY SILVERLIGHT? Support for the .NET framework – if you are a .NET developer, it is easy to start programming on Silverlight. Support for Managed code – you can write programs in your favorite languages which the .NET CLR supports, like C#, VB.NET, dynamic languages (Iron Python, Iron Ruby). Better development tools - Visual Studio 2010, Expression Blend. Large community -lot of learning resource are available as compared to Flash technology.
  4. 4. SILVERLIGHT RELEASESSILVERLIGHT 1• Released in 2007.It consists of core representation framework which is responsible for user interface.• Interactivity, user input, User input controls, graphics & animation, media playback.• The major drawback of this release is no support for managed code, which means you can’t use .NET supported programming languages for manipulating GUI elements.
  5. 5. SILVERLIGHT 1.0
  6. 6. SILVERLIGHT 2.0 Released in March 2008. It supports managed codes. Silverlight 2.0 supports .NET programming languages like C#, VB.NET to write business logic or manipulate UI Elements at client- side. Silverlight2.0 is based on .NET Framework 3.5. Silverlight came up with its own library, which is a subset of .NET frameworks Base Class Library, including controls, components, support for Web Services, and LINQ API features. It also provides security not to access the Silverlight platform API from the outside world.
  7. 7. SILVERLIGHT 2.0
  8. 8. SILVERLIGHT 3.0 Released in 9 July, 2009. Improved graphics capabilities to support a richer and more interactive user interface.  Support for 3D graphics  Animation  Pixel shaders.  Theme application support.  Enhanced control-skinning.  Enhanced media management supporting high-quality and secured multimedia streaming.
  9. 9. SILVERLIGHT 4.0 Released on 18 November, 2009. Support for Googles Chrome browser. Web cam and microphone support. Printing support. Improved mouse support including right button support and mouse wheel support. New notification support to display messages to end users. New support for implicit theming of controls.
  10. 10. SILVERLIGHT 5.0 Released on 2 December, 2010. Supports GPU accelerated video decoding. Improved power awareness. Built in Remote-control support. Supports faster application startup. Provides 64-bit browser support. Automated UI testing support for applications with Visual Studio 2010.
  12. 12. How Silverlight Change the web Highest Quality Video Experience . Cross-Platform, Cross-Browser . Developers and Graphic Designers can play together. Cheaper. Support for 3rd Party Languages. Extreme Speed. Silverlight offers copy protection.
  13. 13. BENEFITS OF SILVERLIGHT Silverlight offers cross-domain support for applications Silverlight plugin is just a 1MB download and is supported in windows XP and above. Silverlight also has a browser plugin but still needs to reach at pace with flash. Supports asynchronous calls