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Amiantit Underground Storage Tank


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Product catalogue of Saudi Arabian Amiantit underground storage tank.

Published in: Engineering
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Amiantit Underground Storage Tank

  1. 1. AMITANK GRP Water Storage Tanks Cost efficient – Long Life – Easy to Install
  2. 2. 1 Introduction AMIANTIT – Group of Companies The AMIANTIT Group is a leading industrial organiza-tion that was established in Dammam, Saudi Arabia in the year 1968. Today, the Group has global strength and a track record of growth-oriented success in manuf-acturing various kinds of pipes, joints, fittings, tanks, rubber and insulation products and related accessori-es. Strategic planning has made AMIANTIT an integral part of dynamic developments in countries across the globe and has put AMIANTIT on the world map with a name that is internationally recognized for manufacturing excellence and superior services. AMIANTIT has proactively taken steps to strengthen operations and diversify activities, and has invested strongly in new technologies, products and applications, in order to meet global challenges in its markets that extend throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Middle and Far East, Europe, North and South America. The Group has entered into a new era of growth and development through geographic expansion of manu­facturing facilities, research, development and applica-tion of advanced technologies, consultancy, engineering and operation services for water management projects, aimed at exploiting the available market opportunities and maintaining industry leadership. With its competitive position, the quality and commitment of its people, and its excellent performance record, the AMIANTIT Group looks forward to achieving its vision of global leadership. Our Vision To be the leader in the manufacturing, engineering & after sales services of GRP (FRP) piping and tank systems. The above can only be achieved by our commitment toward the following: • Fulfill the customer’s satisfaction and expectation • Ensure continuous improvement in all aspects. • Enhancing “Safety” as our first priority. Recent Situation The world’s infrastructure is aging. Millions of kilometers of water and sewer pipe need rehabilitation. This dilemma is a worldwide problem. And where an aging infrastructure is not a problem, it’s generally because there are no infrastruture – it remains to be constructed in many developing countries. However, these nations, too, are faced with difficult decisions about how to build and what materials to use in order to avoid what happened in the developed countries. Who’s the culprit? For the most part, corrosion is responsible for this problem. • Internally unprotected concrete sewer pipes are rapidly deteriorated by the presence of sulfuric acid in a sanitary sewer system, which generated through the hydrogen sulfide cycle. • Externally, soil conditions and stray electrical currents will deteriorate underground pipes. Poorly coated metallic pipes can corrode when placed in poorly aerated and poorly drained soils. The presence of sulphate-reducing bacteria will accelerate corrosion. • These problems can be significantly reduced, if not eliminated, by the careful selection of materials resistant to corrosion protection, only to learn a few years later of the consequences. Where as corrosion is not a reversible process. The remedy to this situation is very simple. AMIANTIT fiberglass (FLOWTITE) brand of pipes.
  3. 3. 3 AMIANTIT fiberglass is a glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) pipe produced on the continuously advancing mandrel process, ensuring a consistently uniform product meter to meter. Immune to galvanic and electrolytic corrosion, AMIANTIT fiberglass pipe is the ideal pipe choice for water supply systems. It’s proven resistance to the aci­dic environment found in a sanitary sewer speaks well for it’s use in waste water applications too. In fact, for more than 30 years now AMIANTIT fiberglass pipe has been the material of choice in many Middle East sewers, known to be the most aggressive in the world. About AFIL AMIANTIT Fiberglass Industries Limited (AFIL) was esta-blished in 1977 as a limited liability company between the Saudi Arabian AMIANTIT Company (SAAC) 70% and FLOWTITE AS 30% . The AMIANTIT Fiberglass Ind. Ltd. (AFIL) is part of the Saudi Arabian AMIANTIT Group of Companies offering water and wastewater related products. The AMIANTIT Group is the leading pipe manufacturing, technology and service supplier to the civil engineering and industrial community in the Middle East region. In addition to glass-reinforced pipes using both epoxy and polyester resin systems, the Saudi Arabian AMIANTIT Company also provides: • Ductile iron pipes • Concrete pressure pipes • Reinforced concrete pipes • Plastic pipes, including PVC and HDPE • Rubber sealing (gaskets) products • Water management services • Trading services Lightweight, corrosion resistant and manufactured under strict quality standards, AFIL-Flowtite pipes are available in over size pressure classes and three stiff-ness classes. Diameters from 80 mm to 4000 mm can be supplied and lengths up to 18 meters. Growing awareness of the operational cost savings and superior corrosion resistance offered by glass-reinforced plastic pipe systems manufactured by AFIL operations has resulted in its widespread application for the following: • Water transmission and distribution (potable & raw water) • Sanitary sewerage collection systems & treated water • Storm sewers • Sea water intake and cooling water lines • Circulating water, make-up and blowdown lines for power plants & desalination • Industrial and chemical wastes • Irrigation • Fire fighting In replacing other materials, AFIL-Flowtite pipe deliver long, effective service life with low operating and maintenance costs. And AFIL pipe is usually the lowest cost option upfront too!
  4. 4. 44 2 Why using AMITANK Fiberglass Water Storage Tanks AMITANK potable water storage tanks from AFIL offer many benefits to its users. The water tanks are the result of a long lasting experience in developing and manu­facturing GRP products. Since decades, GRP tank products made by AFIL are successfully in use at many industries and applications. AMITANK water storage tanks main features are: • All products are certified by the Water Regulations Advisory scheme (WRAS) • Can be connected to all flanges/connectors made of other, different materials • Customized fittings/accessories available based on project demand to meet specific needs • Delivered complete with all accessories and fittings equipment • Easy installation • Extraordinary life cycle with a design life of more than 50 years • Inured to extreme temperatures • Light weight; no heavy equipment necessary for loading and installation • Long time warranty on tank body • Low thermal conductivity • Less frequent maintenance • No external painting for UV protection needed • Non corrosive/non rotting • Opaque walls and smooth inner surface avoid algae growth • Persistent product due to multi-layer wall structure made of glass-fiber reinforced plastics • Shipped to construction site pre-assembled and ready for installation • Simple to repair • Watertight, no infiltration, no exfiltration All countries in the Middle East are facing very seri-ous water shortage. Therefore many governments have established water restrictions and the Govern-ments encourage people to only use a limited quanti-ty of water per day per person. But water needs to be available in all homes in the right quantity for everyday`s use such as drinking, cooking, sanitary, laundry, showers, dishwashing or servicing a swimming pool. Water deliveries at home also need to meet peak demands for example in the morning when water is needed in bathrooms as well as in the kitchen at the same time. A reliable basic water service is guaranteed by establi-shing water storage tanks. Storing water gives the free-dom to use water as much and whenever you want and the water tanks make independent from on-time delive-ries by public mains. The AMITANK GRP water storage tanks can be establis-hed: • aboveground • belowground Aboveground installations are able on roofs or next to a building but in case of aesthetic concerns or a lack of space, the water can be also stored belowground what additionally keeps the water reasonably cool. 3 Benefits
  5. 5. 4 Design and Manufacturing 5 Approvals and Quality Procedures 5 The main tank element of AMITANK is based on the manufacture of FLOWTITE GRP pipes that are produced and distributed as potable water pipelines all over the world since many decades. In this context, they have been tested and approved for the conveyance of potable water meeting many of the world’s leading authorities’ and testing institutes’ criteria. Among others, that inclu-des certificates from DVGW-Germany, Lyonnaise des Eaux-France or KIWA-Netherlands. Therefore it is not astonishing, that all materials used for manufacturing AMITANK water tanks are made of raw materials are compliant to the regulations of NSF 61, Ansi 61. NSF, the Nationals Sanitary Foundation is an internationally well renowned and leading organization that develops standards in regard of health safety and -protection. All AMITANK potable water storage tanks are also certified by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) than confirms the suitability of the tanks for storage of potable water and the use of the stored water for human consumption. More than 5,000 GRP water tanks have been already successfully delivered by AMIANTIT and its subsidiaries to customers in GCC and all over the world. The strict observation since more than 40 years has not shown any harmful effects on its users. The production process itself undergoes a strict control. This includes in detail: • Raw materials inspection – visual, chemical, operational • Tank shell inspection – thickness, composition, hardness, strength • End cap inspection – wall thickness, harnedd, visual appearance • Connections / Manholes – thickness, drillings, visual • Assembling process – dimensional inspection, correct lamination inside, outside, leak testing, pipe marking, visual appearance All AMITANK water tanks consist of a tank shell, end caps and different connectors and accessories. The basic raw materials used in manufacturing the tank are fiberglass, resin and filler. Usually unsaturated polyester resins are used since they give good performance for potable water applications. The main body is manufactured using the continuous advancing mandrel process. This process allows the use of continuous glass fiber reinforcements in the circumfe-rential direction. For a pressure product or buried condu-it, the principle stress is in the circumferential direction. Incorporating continuous reinforcements in this direction therefore yields a higher performing product at a lower cost. A very compressed laminate is created that maxi-mizes the contribution from the three basic raw materials. ­Both continuous glass fiber rovings and choppable roving are incorporated for high hoop strength and axial reinforcement. A sand fortifier placed near the neutral axis in the core is used to provide increased stiffness by adding extra thickness. The tank shell will be equipped with all requested con-nectors and accessories before the end caps will be added to the main body by using the lamination method. To test the proper manufacturing and tightness, an air pressure- and vacuum text is carried out at the factory for each tank before dispatch.
  6. 6. 6 Product Range 7 Installation 6 The continuous winding process allows the manufacture of AMITANK potable water tanks with individual diameter and volume, based on customer’s request. However, we also offer a standard product range of AMITANK pota-ble water tanks that can be installed above and below-ground. The installation of AMITANK water storage tanks is pos-sible below-ground and above-ground. Belowground: • To ensure proper construction and employee safety, tank trenches have a typical value of “0.4 A* DN” • The tank bedding should be placed over a firm, sta-ble trench bottom to provide proper support. All the tanks are designed to withstand internal pressure of water column and also they are designed to take a cover depth of 1500 mm based on Saudi Arabian soil conditions. • It is very important that the backfilling and compac-tion are done in the right way. The used material in the area between the bedding and the underside of the tank should be worked in and compacted. • In some cases, the tank must be restrained against movement. This is usually done by strapping over the pipe to a base slab or other anchors A complete belowground installation manual is provided separately for the proper installation. Aboveground: AMITANK water storage tanks can be also installed above­ground. The tanks can be laid and fixed on sepa-rately available supports. Due to the low thermal coeffi-cient of GRP in regard of linear expansion, the tempera-ture difference, between supports and tank is of no great concern. For more details please request the separately available aboveground installation manual. 8 Services AMITANK water storage tanks are manufactured in Dammam Saudi Arabia but an extended distribution net-work will provide you with products and services all over GCC. Detailed address information can be found at the back page of this brochure. Our specialists located in many offices offer a wide ran-ge of products and support. They will assist you in: • selecting the most suitable water storage tank for your needs • all questions of installation above- and below ground. Please do not hesitate to contact us! Contact details can be found at the back-page. TANK NOMINAL DIAMETER CAPACITY Length L Height max. H Weight W Diameter DM Manhole mm USG mm mm kg mm mm 1,200 250 948 985 1,200 210 - 1,200 550 2,084 2,075 1,200 400 600 1,200 1,000 3,786 3,347 1,200 600 600 1,800 2,000 7,572 3,368 1,800 900 600 1,800 3,000 11,359 4,693 1,800 1,200 600 1,800 4,000 15,145 6,293 1,800 1,600 600 1,800 6,000 22,713 9,293 1,800 2,400 600 2,400 2,000 7,575 3,041 2,400 1,200 600 2,400 4,000 15,143 3,920 2,400 1,400 600 2,400 6,000 27,716 5,580 2,400 2,000 600 2,400 8,000 30,280 7,250 2,400 2,500 600 2,400 10,000 37,854 8,930 2,400 3,100 600 2,400 12,000 45,426 10,600 2,400 3,600 600 Note: Detailed drawings for each tank model can be found in APPENDIX B! Individual diameters available on request! Please contact your local dealer. Hold down straps can be used at high water table. For further information please contact the AFIL engineering department.
  7. 7. Appendix A Underground FRP Water storage tank 7 Capacity: 250 USG / 948 Liters Capacity: 550 USG / 2,048 Liters Capacity: 1,000 USG / 3,786 Liters
  8. 8. 8 Nominal Capacity: 2,000 USG / 7,572 Liters Actual Capacity: 2,043 USG / 7,733 Liters Capacity: 3,000 USG / 11,359 Liters Capacity: 4,000 USG / 15,145 Liters Appendix A Underground FRP Water storage tank
  9. 9. 9 Capacity: 6,000 USG / 22,713 Liters Capacity: 2,000 USG / 7,575 Liters Capacity: 4,000 USG / 15,143 Liters
  10. 10. 10 Capacity: 6,000 USG / 22,716 Liters Capacity: 6,000 USG / 22,716 Liters Capacity: 6,000 USG / 22,716 Liters Capacity: 6,000 USG / 22,716 Liters Appendix A Underground FRP Water storage tank
  11. 11. Appendix B Evaluate your annual water consumption! No. of use/week Avg. liters per use Liters total/week Number of people in household Flush the toilet 6 Teeth brush 6 Showering 100 Bathing 130 Washing face/hands 6 Shaving 6 No. of use/week Avg. liters per use Liters total/week SANITARY Washing machine 75 Dishwasher 25 Washing up in sink 12 Food cleaning/cooking/drinking 10/day per person 11 KITCHEN Total Liters per week Total Liters per year (52 weeks) No. of use/week Avg. liters per use Liters total/week OUTDOORS Sprinkler 1000/h Maintenance/filling pool Car washing 200 Garden drip system 6/h
  12. 12. AMIANTIT Fiberglass Industries Ltd. (AFIL) – Sales Office – Ryadh P.O. Box 1029 Ryadh 11431, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Phone: + 966 1 465 86 65 Fax: + 966 1 463 13 89 This handbook is intended as a guide only. All values listed in the product specifications are nominal. Unsatisfactory product results may occur due to environmental fluctua-tions, variations in operating proce-dures, or interpolation of data. We highly recommend that any person-nel using this data have specialised training and experience in the appli-cation of these products and their normal installation and operating conditions. The engineering staff should always be consulted before any of these products are installed to ensure the suitability of the products for their intended purpose and applications. We hereby state that we do not accept any liability, and will not be held liable, for any losses or damage which may result from the installa-tion or use of any products listed in this handbook as we have not deter-mined the degree of care required for product installation or service. We reserve the right to revise this data, as necessary, without notice. We welcome comments regarding this handbook. AFIL-V1 05-12-ENG AMIANTIT Fiberglass Industries Ltd. (AFIL) – Head Office – P.O. Box 589 Dammam 31421 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Phone: + 966 3 847 15 00 Fax: + 966 3 847 21 35 Distributed by: AMIANTIT Fiberglass Industries Ltd. (AFIL) – Sales Office – Jeddah P.O. Box 32262 Jeddah 21428 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Phone: + 966 2 651 56 76 Fax: + 966 2 651 81 49