Seo Training in Ghaziabad|seo internship in Ghaziabad|Seo institute in Sahibabad


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Digital Marketing Paathshala(DMP) is devoted to educating professionals in the field of Digital Marketing. We enable professionals to execute efficient campaigns, drive higher ROI and competitiveness in a global jobs market.

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Seo Training in Ghaziabad|seo internship in Ghaziabad|Seo institute in Sahibabad

  1. 1. SEO Course in Ghaziabad By :-digital Marketing Paathshala Contact No :-9999957255,9871549500 Follow us on :- ds.certification 1
  2. 2. Zeel Academy 2 What is SEO (search engine optimization) ?  SEO is the Process of Optimization of content for Search Engine.  Without SEO Search Engine doesn’t understand your Content in Right Way.  Seo is considered to be Brain of a Post,  Because it tells Google about Our Page 2
  3. 3. Zeel Academy 3 Types of seo Now SEO is divided into two parts 3 SEO On-Page SEO Off-Page SEO
  4. 4. Zeel Academy On-page seo  On-Page Seo is the term used for optimizing the post while writing it.  On-Page plays an important role while ranking the post on Google or Search Engine.  There are many Factors that affect On-Page Seo. 4
  5. 5. Zeel Academy 1 . Quality of Content 2 . Keyword Placement 3 . Page Rank 4 . Site Loading Speed 5 . W3C Validation and Microformats or Schemas 5 Factors Affecting On-Page SEO
  6. 6. Zeel Academy Keyword placement – on page seo There are 6 best places to add keyword so that they give maximum support in obtaining higher ranking in search engine. 1 .Title of the post 2 .Description of Post 3 .First Paragraph 4 .Between the posts somewhere 5 .In images using alt tag 6 .Last paragraph 6
  7. 7. Zeel Academy Quality of content  Quality of Content is the most important factors that directly affect On-page SEO.  SEO is for content, it means no content no SEO  Try to write a quality post rather than a focusing on quantity  Write less but productive content 7
  8. 8. Zeel Academy 8 Page Rank – On Page SEO  Page Rank is another important factor to be considered while doing seo.  Page Rank is generally a recommendation by site for search by showing the page rank.  Page rank of a site is decided by Quality of Backlinks site have by PR Algorithm.  Don’t worry about this it will be going to dead soon. 8
  9. 9. Zeel Academy 9 Site Loading speed – On Page seo  Post Rank directly depends on Site Loading Speed.  Google already says “Our aim is to make web faster”. No one like slow site.  More than 90 Site speed is good but less than is harmful for your site.   9
  10. 10. Zeel Academy W3c validation & microformats  Using a W3C Validated error free page helps you obtain higher ranking in Google.  Also using of Schemas or Microformats helps Google bot to scan content easily.  Always use Error free themes with latest web developing languages for higher ranking. 10
  11. 11. Zeel Academy  Interested in learning SEO more , than read our full basic tutorial for Basic SEO Tutorial on See Blog - Follow us on Linkedin – Nick bathla Facebook Page - 11