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Smaf Design Proposal


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Smaf Design Proposal

  1. 1. SmafDesign Proposal
  2. 2. Proposal byMannu Amrit, Ranju K Ravindran, Anvay Meshram & Minal JainUnder the guidance ofAsst Prof. Keyur Sorathia, Department of DesignInstituteIndian Institute of Technology, Guwahati
  3. 3. ThemeGaming & Entertainment
  4. 4. Existing Trends / Approaches
  5. 5. Existing Trends / Approaches
  6. 6. Keypoint• Stress-buster/ Relaxation• Improve creativity• To feel challenged• Competition spirit
  7. 7. Concept Overview
  8. 8. Let’s not waste food.Let’s Smaf !
  9. 9. Concept Overview
  10. 10. App ConceptA Gaming App with the idea to throw / smash, i.e, Smaf food on amoving target (people) while dodging food being thrown at you.The idea is to generate awareness about food wastage.Smaf enables the user to relive the thrill in throwing food digitally.
  11. 11. Target User Profile
  12. 12. Everyone. Yes, literally.Kids, Teens, Adults,…You.
  13. 13. User Study
  14. 14. Two out of threepeople if given a chance,would love to indulge in afood fight
  15. 15. Four out of Fiveusers showed interest inarcade & action gameslike angry birds, templerun etc…
  16. 16. Almost everyone showedinterest in throwingtomatoes, eggs, waterballoons on their peers.
  17. 17. Persona / Scenario Building
  18. 18. Persona
  19. 19. Scenario
  20. 20. Game Mockup
  21. 21. Please note that the following screensare not the final wireframes, but atentative idea of how the app willwork.
  22. 22. Technical Feasibility
  23. 23. Controls• Tilt Gesture to dodge food being thrown (smaffed) at you.• Touch – To aim and throw (smaf ) food at moving target / user.Offline AppOnce downloaded, Smaf can be played anywhere, anytime.MultiplayerThe possibility of extending the game to multi players exists – connectionvia bluetooth / wifi / NFC.
  24. 24. Business Model
  25. 25. Can be publicized through restaurants and othereating joints.Can be released in two versions – free and paid,with additional add ons and cuisines in the paidversion of the app.A multiplayer version can be introduced in whichother players can target you instead of thecomputer
  26. 26. Conclusion
  27. 27. Addictive. Engrossing. Arcade Gaming.For a humble cause.A Radical Innovation.
  28. 28. The End