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Why is Team Rynkeby a PR SUCCESS?


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Why is Team Rynkeby a PR SUCCESS?

  1. 1. Why is Team Rynkebya PR SUCCESS?
  2. 2. WHY IS TEAM RYNKEBY A PR SUCCESS? Mannov has been Team Rynkeby’s agency for nearly five years. During these five years the bike event has grown from minor exercise event to one of the largest and most famous charities in Denmark. But what is it that has made Team Rynkeby such a massive PR success? Here are our top 7 reasons – perhaps you can draw on our experience when developing your own event. 1: AUTENTHICITY se the local media can follow the local team. In fact Team Rynkeby generates two-thirds of its media As much as we regret to admit it, part of the reason coverage from local and regional media. why Team Rynkeby has become such a huge PR success is that the project was not thought out by marketing people to fuel a sales-generating stra- 5: EXTREME CHALLENGE tegy. On the contrary, the project was conceived and developed by ordinary employees at a Christ- When Team Rynkeby was founded in 2002, not mas party in Rynkeby Foods. This has given Team many Danes had heard of anyone who had cove- Rynkeby a beautiful and authentic story to tell the red the entire distance to Paris by bicycle. And even world, creating a solid and natural foundation inter- though Team Rynkeby has sent a large number of nally in the company. The authentic and non-com- Danes to the French capitol on a bicycle through the mercial starting point continues to permeate Team past 11 years, 1,200 kilometers by bicycle in just se- Rynkeby, even if the project management has be- ven days still requires loads of preparation and trai- come professionalized as the project has expanded ning. The extreme challenge that ordinary untrained in and outside of Denmark. people see in riding a bike to Paris is still met with astonishment and poses a good story that Team Rynkeby and its many participants can tell over and 2: A COMMON CAUSE over again. Since Team Rynkeby donated the first DKK 38,000 to children with cancer back in 2002, the bike team 6: EXCLUSIVITY has become synonymous with Børnecancerfonden (the Danish Child Cancer Foundation). Team Rynke- Selvom Team Rynkeby er vokset markant siden pro- by and Børnecancerfonden have developed side by jektets start i 2002, er det ikke muligt at finde plads side over the years to the benefit of both parties. på holdet til alle de mennesker, som gerne vil med. Today, Team Rynkeby is Børnecancerfonden’s lar- Til 2013-turen måtte Team Rynkeby give afslag til gest sponsor by far. This has provided Børnecancer- mere end 2.000 mennesker på holdets venteliste. fonden with enough funds to initiate targeted child Det er selvsagt rigtig ærgerligt for de mennesker, cancer research. som ikke kommer med, men det er også med til at gøre det til en endnu mere speciel oplevelse for de mennesker, som bliver udtaget til holdet. Team Ryn- 3: VOLUNTEERS kebys eksklusivitet er med til at gøre projektet inte- ressant. In 2013, more than 210 volunteer helpers each pay DKK 3,500 to spend a full week of their summer va- cation on servicing the almost 1,000 cyclists. Additi- 7: CELEBRITIES onally, hundreds of sponsors donate provisions and other materials to the team. Without these volunte- Team Rynkeby’s PR success is in no small part due to ers it would not be possible to execute a project like the celebrities who have been part of the team over Team Rynkeby. the years. Though celebrities are a minority on the team, they generate lots of coverage. This has also made it easier for the participants on Team Rynkeby 4: LOCAL ROOTS to find sponsorships for Børnecancerfonden. Team Rynkeby consists of 21 locally rooted teams. Each Danish region has at least one team. The local roots and presence is paramount to many sponsors. Read more about Team Rynkeby on Additionally, this provides an excellent opportunity to create local and regional media stories becau- 2