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Synligpåsocialemedier2 line lkt_eng

  1. 1. How to stand out in thesocial media?We help businesses develop strategies and execute on differentsocial media. Read more about our services within CommunityManagement, Conversation Mapping and Listening Post.
  2. 2. COMPREHENSIVE COUNSELING ON SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGYWe equip businesses for sound strategic decision-making about social media Social media can be used for the right or the wrong reasons as part of the communications and marketing mix in an organization. That’s why we offer advice on social-media strategy and how to tailor the strategy to the overall goals of the organization. WHAT IS THE TANGIBLE OUTCOME FROM GETTING YOUR BUSINESS ON SOCIAL MEDIA? Naturally, different companies reap different benefits from their activities on the social media. Some businesses see their activities as a new form of classic ad campaigns, with the distribution and the number of users as their key success factors. Above all, however, social media are relational media. In many ways, the users are the ones who define the interaction. Additionally, social media can be used for direct sales, recruitment and product development – just to mention a few application areas. Have you mapped out the opportunities for your company on social media? WHAT SHOULD BE THE STRATEGIC TARGET AREAS? Do you want your business to be present on the large social networks? Or do you want to listen to what is being said about the company’s key areas of interest on these forums? Can you add value by having a blog or a microblog? Which social media are the best for internal knowledge sharing? Is it conceivable that social media might not be able to elevate your business – and if yes, why is that? These questions are important to discuss before getting deeply involved on the social media. HAS THE SELECTED STRATEGY BEEN SUCCESSFUL? When businesses and organizations get in touch with us, many of them have tried their luck on the social media already. Perhaps their benefits have not quite justified their big effort. Perhaps the original strategy has needed that last bit of polishing – or maybe the execution needs to be optimized? It is often helpful to pause for a moment and assess your activities. We can help you analyze what you need to do to make the company’s initiatives on the social media even more effective. 2
  3. 3. COMMUNITY MANAGEMENTA vibrant and open presence on the social media makes yourbusiness more transparent The communication between brands and customers has been set free. The era of one-way communication is over. The blossoming of the social media means that companies now have new channels for distributing exciting, relevant content. This has also made it possible to reach out to users and get their feedback faster than ever before. At the same time, the expectations for how fast you need to respond to inquiries have been intensified. In practice, this means that businesses need a firm structure for their social-media communication to represent their products in the most optimal way – while making sure to stay prepared and able to respond quickly when an issue gets rolling or a customer submits an inquiry. WHAT DO YOU NEED TO KNOW TO GET STARTED? HOW DO YOU BUILD A COMMUNITY? A company’s online community can be roughly defined as the people who share a common inter- est in the company’s operational field and see benefits in interacting with it to a greater or lesser extent. Social media have become the most popular communication channel for getting in touch with this group. HVORDAN OPBYGGER MAN SIT COMMUNITY? You can come a long way in building your community by creating compelling content dealing with your brand, also known as content marketing. We can help devise engaging competitions, effective videos and expressive images that showcase new aspects of a brand and its products. In some social media, this organic growth can be combined with advertising to help accelerate the brand on its way to establishing a substantial community. HOW DO YOU COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR COMMUNITY? To create good content on the social media, you need insight into your potential community in order to develop content that is just right for them. You can deploy a variety of methods – for instance creating personas to get a good overview of your target group. Additionally, as a brand guardian you must consider how to find the right tone of voice and the most interesting touch points to make sure they are aligned with the other communication activities and corporate goals of the brand. 3
  4. 4. CONVERSATION MAPPINGWe organize and analyze online conversations A Conversation Mapping is Mannov’s way to analyze large volumes of information from the digital and social media and gather them in a report, providing you with a solid foundation for your continued marketing and communication operations. A Conversation Mapping gives you a clear overview of how your business is perceived, where the conversations are taking place, and which people are driving the conversations. Consequently, the dialog of your business can be targeted at a number of key stakeholders on the digital and social media. A Conversation Mapping is also well- suited for optimizing crisis preparedness based on solid data. THE BENEFITS OF A CONVERSATION MAPPING: PRODUCT INSIGHT People are increasingly speaking their minds about products and services on the social media. A few negative comments from people’s peers are all it takes for them to choose a different product. We map where your customers are and how your brand is positioned in relation to your competitors, and we identify the thought leaders on the subject matter. CAMPAIGN MEASUREMENT AND CRISIS EVALUATION Does your business need measurable data on a campaign, a PR initiative or a crisis issue? We can measure the exact effect of activities on digital and social media. We break down trends in conversation volumes on individual platforms and provide insight into the tone of voice as well as information about the people driving the debate. STRATEGY AND CAMPAIGN DEVELOPMENT By adapting marketing, PR and customer service to the online conversations that involve the brand, your business can significantly raise the bar for your strategy or campaign. A Conversation Mapping gives you information about the platforms where people talk about your brand, how they talk about it, when they search for information about the brand – and who forms people’s opinions. OPTIMIZATION OF CUSTOMER DIALOG A dialog often starts with a Google search, which is why many businesses use a lot of resources on Search Engine Optimization on their websites. But maybe your customers don’t want to communicate with you through your company website. In addition to SEO recommendations the analysis reveals how people search for your brand, comparing this information to the phrases your customers use about the brand and how they want to communicate with you. 4
  5. 5. LISTENING POSTHow can your business monitor the social media? A vast number of vendors offer social-media monitoring. However, the quality and the coverage can be very inconsistent if you don’t select the right product for the exact type of monitoring you need. We customize solutions that give you insight into the substance of the conversations and into user behavior. Doing so, we create value for your organization no matter if you operate internationally or locally – and no matter if you prefer daily reporting and alerts or a monthly analysis. You can manage this process on your own or let Mannov be the eyes and ears of your company on the social platforms. HOW A LISTENING POST CAN CREATE VALUE FOR YOUR BUSINESS: CONTINUOUS INSIGHT INTO USER PERCEPTIONS OF YOUR BRAND People usually don’t hold anything back about products and services on the social media, and it doesn’t take more than a few negative comments before they start considering other products. A Listening Post provides data on conversation volumes and tone of voice. This can provide your business with valuable insight into how products and services are positioned in relation to competitors, and how they are mentioned – and in which contexts. WE IDENTIFY AND FOLLOW KEY INFLUENCERS Some bloggers and social-media users are so influential that their opinions can affect thousands of people. Meanwhile, they are increasingly used as sources in traditional media. A Listening Post enables your company to identify the people and the stakeholders who are important to the brand – so you can start getting in touch with them. A LISTENING POST IS A STRONG CRISIS MANAGEMENT TOOL With a Listening Post you can detect criticism and identify problematic trends before they become full-fledged disasters on the social media – and are picked up by the traditional media. By displaying constant care, you can start a dialog with relevant stakeholders and devise solutions instead of merely responding to criticism. A LISTENING POST PROVIDES INPUT FOR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES A Listening Post allows you to gather valuable intelligence from users of your company’s products and services. Active user involvement gives you feedback for further enhancements of your products and services and ensures a customer-centric approach in your business. 5