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Why interactive

  1. 1. Internet Advertising as we know it…
  2. 2. When I took office, only high energyphysicists had ever heard of what is calledthe Worldwide Web.... Now even my cathas its own page Bill Clinton 42nd president of the United States
  3. 3. “Why Internet when I am already advertising on Print, TV…”• High levels of interaction• Accurate targeting of audience• Real time analysis of data generated• Direct link to sales platform possible – Real Time Conversions• Modifications in campaigns possible with minimum effort• Non-intrusive
  4. 4. Lets see the action
  5. 5. High levels of interaction Normal Banner Converts To a rollover with offerA MOUSE ROLLOVER Details and TVCHAPPENS… Normal Banner with Communication that entices
  6. 6. Accurate Targeting Of Audience We can actually do DEMOGRAPHIC(Age Wise, Gender Wise) GEOGRAPHIC(Market Specific) and Profile Based(Graduates ,Post Graduates)On select sites on the Web. This capability reduces the spillover of communication To generic audience and improves the ROI aka conversions!
  7. 7. Real time analysis of data generated Lead Management System which captures interested prospects on our back endLeads can be viewed Date wisePublisher wise and in many otherways
  8. 8. Direct link to sales platform possible-Real Time Conversions Google Analytics Report on Shopping Cart Section entry For The Mobile Store Internet is the only medium where in real time we can find out the journey of theAudience after seeing the communication. This obviously helps in better optimization of campaign and hence better results
  9. 9. Search Marketing“Customer Acquisition is easier when he is already looking for your product” Audience searches something Audience gets information That he can use
  10. 10. How can we help? Audience searches something Expand your horizons Soar high in life with IT We can get you here!!! Courses from New Horizons. www.nhindia.com
  11. 11. Media Buying Throw your communication on The most relevant Indian Sites
  12. 12. Virals Viral Campaigns are very strong creative communication which can bePromoted just by mailing from one peer to another. The communication can be enhanced by a strong gratification scheme Case Above : The www.yqworld.com promotion of “Guess My Name” Enhanced the page views within a month to 5.5 Lacs from a zero audience base.
  13. 13. Prospect Generation – The Process • Create Theme • Create Ad Group Ad networks • Create Keywords• Capture/Monitor/Filter/Submit leads/prospects • Ad Copy/Bidding Process• Hosting Of LP On Server • Creation Of Landing Page
  14. 14. Creative Design Let us tell your “Brand Story” onlineInstitute Of Clinical Research British Council
  15. 15. What can the internet entail for a Brand? YOUR BRAND