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Digital media plan

  1. 1. Online Media Strategy for XXX TELECOM
  2. 2. Internet Advertising Accounts For Only12% of the total advertising Pie In India… So Why Use The Web?
  3. 3. Here’s Why…• Measurability• Target Orientation• Real Time• High Involvement Medium• Scope For Innovations/Interactions• Realistic Lead Generation
  4. 4. A Small Comparison
  5. 5. The Brief• Branding for XXX Telecom as the King of Connectivity (VPN, Data, Consulting etc)• Intelligent dissemination of XXX Telecom as a Happy, Energetic, Fun, and Colorful Brand among the CXO community in top notch corporateKey Tasks for The Agency : Communicating the right message to the target audience  Choosing the right vehicles to promote the brands  Choosing the right properties to use for the communication strategy  Garnering higher “Share Of Voice” with least “Share Of Expenditure” in this competitive category  Garnering a better return on investmentz
  6. 6. Agenda for Today• The Bottom line• Target Audience Analysis• Media Strategy• Media Plan Overview• Media Plan Rationale With Screenshots
  7. 7. The Bottom-line• Estimated Exposures : 4.36 Million• Estimated Unique Reach ~ 654,000• Total Cost of the campaign: INR !!! LAKH (Including Service Tax)• Cost / Exposure: INR !!!• Cost / Unique Reach : INR !!!• Estimated Interactions: ~ 13,000Target Group• Top Corporate CXO Community• The IT and Telecom Community• People frequent with LINKEDIN, MONEYCONTROL, etc
  8. 8. Target Audience Analysis•CXO Community•Top Corporate Decision Makers
  9. 9. Psycho Graphic Analysis• You are only as strong as your weakest link•Communication is the Key•We need the best there is …•Real time solutions please …
  10. 10. XXX
  11. 11. Internet User-Age wise break up THE CXO CommunitySource : Juxt Consult 2007
  12. 12. Most preferred activities The Internet is being used the most for communication purposes, both in professional as well as personal use. So, nowadays it is considered to be the easiest way to reach somebody.Source : Juxt Consult 2007
  13. 13. So Which Categories Should We Focus On?
  14. 14. The media plans have been made in sync with the above research dataSource : Juxt Consult 2007
  15. 15. The Media Strategy
  16. 16. Scientific Media Buy Approach – The Right Touch Points
  17. 17. Our Two Pronged Approach to achieve the desired ROI Drive Awareness Increasing SOV Drive Traffic to site User profile based Search Engine Marketing TargetingVertical based targeting Ad NetworksIncreasing Mindshare Increase In Clicks
  18. 18. The Interactive “Measurement” Filter CustomerProspect Interested Prospects Impressions Click Throughs Experiences
  19. 19. Media Plan Overview
  20. 20. Overview : Publisher MappingRelevant Niche Verticals Networks IM Networks Techtarget
  21. 21. Media Plan Overview
  22. 22. Advertiser XXX Telecom Objective Brand Promotion of VPN Campaign Online Campaign TG Pan India, 30+(M/F), Senior Management People Medium Online Marketing / Internet Budget INR !!! LacPublisher Impression Click CTR % Cost AllocationCXO Today 400,000 800 0.2 14Moneycontrol 700,000 1400 0.2 14Techtarget 60,000 300 0.5 29Techtree 800,000 2400 0.3 16Tech2 700,000 2100 0.3 8Google 1,500,000 6000 0.4 8IM Network 200,000 400 0.2 11Total 4,360,000 13,400 100
  23. 23. Publisher: CXO TODAYProperty: 728*90/300*250Location: HomepageRecommendation Rationale:•Guide corporate decision makers on newproducts and technologies that becomeavailable or obsolete.•Help protect infrastructure from threats likevirus attacks, hacking and downtimes.• Help improve return on technology (RoI)investments by writing about new tools,applications that facilitate re-design ofsoftware and hardware infrastructure.• Create a forum where CTO/CIOs can shareand absorb views and experience of theirpeers quickly and effectively.
  24. 24. Publisher: MoneycontrolProperty: 300*250Location: Market SectionRecommendation Rationale:*Average page view-2 Million per month*Most Popular Financial portal amongIndians*40%-60% of audience are seniormanagement people
  25. 25. Publisher: TechtargetProperty: MailerLocation: MailRecommendation Rationale:Network Engineering Tip mailer website: List Size: 12,384 India2. “Telecom Essentials” mailer website:3. “Network Management Tip” mailer website:List Size: 12,384 India4. “WAN Tip” mailer website:List Size: 11,536 India5. “Wireless Networks mailer” website:List Size: 11,536 India
  26. 26. Publisher: Tech2Property: 728*90Location: Category pageRecommendation Rationale:•Total Unique Visitors: 1.1Million•Total Ad Impression;11 Million* TG- Decision makers and IT enthusiasts
  27. 27. Publisher: TechtreeProperty: 728*90Location: HomepageRecommendation Rationale:* It is India’s largest technical helpdesk•Covers latest update in technological place•Highest percentage of people are fromSenior Management* TG- Decision makers and IT enthusiasts
  28. 28. AD Networks – The ProcessStep 1 : The aggregation Step 4 : The Results • 40000 clicks from desired TG @ a CPC of 8 Rs = @@@ LacsStep 2 : Putting campaign parameter Step 3 : The Optimization Processon Ad Server • Maintaining a Stable CPM • Reducing CPC • Rotating websites • Rotating categories
  29. 29. • The Google Network consists of Google sites & partner properties that use Google AdSense to serve AdWords ads • These properties include: Search sites, content pages, newsletters, email services & discussion boards Other 20% The Google Network reaches over 80% of Internet Users worldwide* network 80% Content publishers, including: Google properties, including: Search partners, including:* Source: comScore Media Metrix (September, 2004)
  30. 30. Thank You