Deer hunting


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Deer hunting

  1. 1. Deer Hunting By Jon Mann
  2. 2. Accidents per year • Information from the international Hunter Education Assocciation shows that there are a thousand people accidently shot by hunters a year in the U.S and Canada. • Most of these victims are hunters.
  3. 3. Why Hunting is Needed
  4. 4. The Good Hunting Brings • Hunting has always been a good way for father and son to bond. • Hunting keeps the deer population under control.
  5. 5. The Two Ways • Many people love to bow hunt just the same as many people rather hunt with a rifle. • Bow hunters generally hunt before rifle hunters. • This is to cut down the amount of hunters there are in the woods.
  6. 6. Best way to dress for hunting • If your body is at least 80 percent covered in orange then you are in the hunting law.
  7. 7. Things you can use while hunting • There are various things you can use, a lot of people use bait while hunting. • Some people like to spray a urine scent on a tree and hide in a blind. • People have actually found it easier to hunt from a tree blind. • You also have the option to hunt like a predator by quietly walking through the woods to catch your prey.
  8. 8. Meal Time • Of course some hunters hunt to keep the spoils as trophies, but a lot of people use the meat as hamburgers, and steak. • Some hunters like to keep the heart and fry that up in a pan.
  9. 9. Good Treats • I only know of a few people that do this but you can also make jerky out of the meat you collect from your deer. • It makes good eats and sells very well.
  10. 10. Hunting part of religion? • In some religions hunting is a right of passage, and a boy cant be a man until he has killed his first big game animal. • This type of religion however is dying out and probably will be gone soon. • This kind of religion was first introduced to us when Columbus first came to America.
  11. 11. My first • I killed my first buck when I was 14. • It was a 10 point buck .
  12. 12. The start and Finish • This year hunting starts on November 15th • And will last till the beginning or middle of December.