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  1. 1. To Provide the Community with Service and Honesty ● I have great leadership skills, organizational skills, time management, fiscal responsibility, honesty, integrity, passion and transparency in all I do. ● I am a quick learner, especially with new technology; equally successful in both team and self-directed settings; proficient in a range of computer systems; good communication and problem solving skills. E​DUCATION A’viands Culinary Academy Certification National Food Service Management Institute– University of Mississippi October 2014 Graduate Child Nutrition Director Certification Graduated Provo College – Provo, UT January 2009 Associate of Science Degree in Criminal Justice GPA 3.78 ● President’s Award 3 times (4.0 GPA); Dean’s Award 4 times (3.7-3.9 GPA). Thus graduating with Honors. E​XPERIENCE Summit Food Service Management ​Operational Support Manager-SW corrections 2014-present Supervisor: Sandra Adam-Sais While working for Summit I have worked as the Operational Support Manager for the Southwest Correction, Food Service Director at Roswell DOC , Food Service Director at Socorro County Detention Center, and as the Assistant Food Service Director at San Juan County Detention and DWI Center. I helped to open the Department of Correction Accounts both in Western and Roswell. I helped open the San Juan County Detention Accounts Adult, DWI and Juvenile. Each account is unique and required that I adapt to that facilities needs. ● General work assignment: ○ Managing and maintaining inventory, both monthly and weekly ○ Maintaining a budget and knowledge of profit and loss reports ○ Placing and receiving orders ○ Addressing all facility needs with prompt service ○ Have an understanding of health codes and HACCP planning ○ Building a team environment ○ Hiring, Training, and Coaching of team members ○ Scheduling of team members work duties ● Operational Support Manager: (33 accounts) ○ Attended district meetings ○ Trained new Food Service Directors and Assistant Managers ○ Helped maintain budget’s on 33 different accounts under 2 district managers ○ Address and solve problems within the operations of correctional facilities. ● Roswell DOC (population 340 inmates): ○ Attending weekly director meetings ○ Maintaining a consistent daily participation percentages for each meal, requires some marketing ○ Creating staff meals menu, costing each out, and working with facility to implement sale of meals ○ Training inmate staff with Pathways as a culinary program per our contract ○ Hiring, training, timekeeping, scheduling and termination of inmate staff total of 21 per 2 shifts throughout the week, per facility policy and procedures ● Socorro County Detention Center(population 54 inmates) ○ Processed paperwork for commissary ○ Maintaining inventory of Commissary items ○ Helped grow team member move up to Food Service Director ● San Juan County Detention Center(population 1100 inmates): Adult, DWI and Juvenile ○ Attended meetings with DWI administrators on a weekly or bi monthly basis as requested ○ Supervised up to 30-32 inmate workers per day with two shifts per facility need ○ Filled in for Juvenile Food Service Director when needed
  2. 2. Walden School of Liberal Arts ​Child Nutrition Director 2013-2014 Supervisor: Lois Bobo I set up and managed the National School Lunch Program from conception. Serving 420 students on two campus. I am responsible for, all but not limited to: ● Setting up commercial kitchen, file, and office system to accommodate national programs ● Menu planning, productions recorders, all paperwork for National School Lunch Program ● Financial responsibility for the National Child Nutrition Program ● Managing staff, training for staff, and marketing ● Attending required training, along with following all USDA policies and procedures ● Implementing farm to school with the edible schoolyard project’s and local farmers ● Safety and security of all food served from main kitchen ● Catering to to schools community needs of vegetarian and holistic lifestyles ● Procurement of any and all needs for the kitchen during and after it’s original set up ● Have an understanding of health codes and HACCP planning ● Entered into a cooperative community to gain budget friendly pricing, participated fully ● Built relationship with clients and parents to ensure that all needs were being met with in NSLP guidelines. Utah State Department of Corrections 2007-2013 Supervisor: Capt Rex Talbot ● Responsible for the receipt of inmate property through the property window from inmate’s family members, the US Postal Service, FED-EX, and UPS. This property is then processed in accordance with set procedures. Sort and inventory inmate property coming to the prison property unit from various inmate housing units, county jails, and out-of-state correctional facilities. I became familiar with UDC policy and procedure. ● Report all discrepancies and irregular or suspicious events. ● Perform general office duties including but not limited to data entry, copying, multi-phone lines, writing memos, filing, maintaining incoming and outgoing facsimiles, answering email, ect. ● Maintain security of patient/client/inmate possessions ● Maintain accurate records and logs. R​EFERENCES Lois Bobo Walden School of LIberal Arts Supervisor Phone: 801-374-1545 Email: Tricia Shafer Walden School of LIberal Arts Employee Kitchen Manager​ ​Phone: 801-616-0085 Email: