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Marketing channel system


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By Raju.mannem ......Faculty in management.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Marketing channel system

  1. 1. Marketing Channel System
  2. 2. History  Exchange concept  Production concept  Product concept  Sales concept  Marketing concept
  3. 3. Development’s in distribution concept  Physical distribution: Distributing the finished products to Customers(Distributors/dealer s/wholesalers/retailers(e . t. c.,)
  4. 4. Marketing Logistics Focuses mainly on 3 aspects 1.Transportation 2.Ware housing 3.Inventory management
  5. 5. Supply chain management(SCM)  Procuring of Raw materials (inputs)  Inbound logistics  Production (Conversion)  Channel functions (Managing channels)  Providing after sales service
  6. 6. Companies need to figure out the right channel mix with multi channels’ strategies. Because of the inventions of technologies in supply chain area to gain it’s competitive advantage.
  7. 7. Channel Flow The channel flow is a flow which relates different agencies involved in the distribution of goods and products.
  8. 8. Channel Structure The channel structure is referred to as the combination of different channel members in achieving organization’s marketing mix strategy.
  9. 9. Need of Channel participants  Not every Organization is expertise in it’s marketing activities as it is in manufacturing area…..  To achieve the best marketing mix , organizations depends on channel partners.