Natural Looking Wood Weave Blinds


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Wood weave blinds give a natural looking window dressing which is not only wonderful and classy in
appearance but it is also affordable in price. Visit US :

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Natural Looking Wood Weave Blinds

  1. 1. The Unmatched Magical Aura of the WoodWeave BlindsEverybody dreams of a stylish and comfortable looking home, which can now come true with the useof wood weave blinds, a natural looking window dressing which is not only wonderful and classy inappearance but it is also affordable in price. It provides great utility with its simple installation method and operations which are very easy to handle. The most admirable thing about these blinds is that their innate look brings in freshness into your interiors making it a pleasant experience to live in. It is also considered one of the best home decorating solutions. Such blinds are very easy to clean and maintain, hence are very popular amongst the users.Following are the ways to help you measure and fit your wood weave blinds yourself. This helps yousave on an extra cost over summoning someone to install it for you.Please wear safety dresses when fitting your blind. To measure for your window blind all you need issteel measuring tape (measure in millimetre, if possible), a drilling machine, a pencil, and a paper.Measure out approximately 50 millimetres (2 inches) from your window frame to allow for yourwindow handles. Now measure the width of your window recess in three places – across the top,across the middle and across the bottom of your window recess (write down the narrowest
  2. 2. measurement for accuracy). Then you need to measure the drop of the window in three placesnamely – down the left, down the middle and down the right hand side of your window recess. Postreceiving the suitable package for your window; please check the contents to ensure that you havereceived everything i.e. the blind, brackets, safety clips, screws and the plugs etc.After establishing that the blind is the correct size for your window and using the slots in the headrail of the blind as a guide to offer each bracket to the required position, use your pencil to mark allthe screw positions. Using a drilling machine, drill all your holes for all your brackets. With the helpof a small hammer now tap in your plugs. Using a power screwdriver, fix up your brackets into thedesired positions. Now fix the safety clip with your screw-driver. Fit your blinds up into the bracketsusing the wind notch onto both sides in order to secure the blind. You can finally test your blind toensure that you have fixed them correctly and successfully.The Woodweave blinds are manufactured from natural materials like jute, bamboo and wood, whichare produced in a controlled renewable manner. Its helps you give a unique look to almost any partof your house. The charm brought in by them is truly unmatched. Therefore, finding a suitable blindthat compliments your room upholstery is a cinch.
  3. 3. If you like this article please read more about Woodweave Blinds visit website :