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Touch Screen Suppliers play the important role in supplying the touch screen computers along with phones and devices to all the companies

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A D Metro Designs

  1. 1. Get Your Hands Comfortable with Touch TechnologyTouch technology is becoming famous because of its main features which have replacedthe work of hands by pen along with fingers.Today, Touch screen technology is very famous in the areas of computers along with aphone where the work of the hands is totally replaced by mouse along with pen andfingers. It is the best way to improve the human along with computer interactions. Apartfrom that in computer world this technology has replaced the mouse along with keypadswhich are used in the computer world.There are four types of Touch screen Technology which includes:- • Resistive Technology – This technology is best in offering resolution along with durability part which is further used in different applications along with environments. In resistive technology you will find 2 types of technology one is Matrix one and another one is Analogue one. This technology is played best part in a cost effective field along with durability part. • Capacitive Technology- In this type of technology you will find the touch pad which is having the electrodes of two layer grid which is connected to integrated circuit which is placed on the back side of the pad. As this is mounted with 2 layer grid the upper part is vertical electrodes and the lower layer is horizontal electrodes. The integrated circuit measures the mutual capacitance of both the horizontal along with vertical electrodes when the human finger is placed on the intersection part.
  2. 2. • Surface Acoustic Wave Technology- With this type of technology you will come across with more advanced screen. This technology is having 2 transducers which are doing the work of transmitting along with receiving on the axis of X and Y panel of the touch. In this Technology glass is used which is called Reflector. It involves the simple process where the controller sends the important information/signals to the transmitting transducer which is turn is received by the receiving transducer who will convert the information/signals into ultra-sonic waves which is turning emits to the reflector which is placed on the edge of the panels. This technology is best in terms of image clarity along with the best light transmission.This technology is recommended for Amusement Parks along with ATMs, financial andbanking institutions where the work is on a daily basis.You can also come across with 4-wire touch screens which is famous for high qualityalong with a cost effective method used in many applications. The other features of 4-wire touch screen technology is • Fast response in case touched by any object • Benefits of liquid resistance • Quality in services • Benefits of low cost methodNowadays many phones along with computer companies are making the use of resistivetechnology because of its main features in the computer along with phone world. Thus itmakes the touch screen technology very effective.Find more Benefits visit our website http://www.admetro.com