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  • Show excitement and ownership Here is an example scenario: Your car has a frayed wire like this one (show wire). You are driving your car at night and you hit a bump and the lights short out. You drive to the mechanic and explain that your lights are out. He sees that your fuse is blown and replaces it. He then tests the light and it works fine so he sends you on your way. Later, when a similar situation presents itself the light shorts out again. This driver has experienced an intermittent fault. The fault isn’t permanent it is only there in certain situations The mechanic only fixed the symptom, not the problem. He isn’t equipped to solve the problem because he doesn’t have a way to find intermittent faults on live circuits
  • Occur only on live systems – works on live systems Short duration Difficult to reproduce Tells you if and where the fault occurs
  • Technology protected by patents
  • Explain retail
  • Explain retail
  • Presentation cotter class_2013

    1. 1. Chad Mann Life as an EE after Graduation
    2. 2. Senior Project The "AWFL" Prototype • Determine the viability of SSTDR in automobiles o Worked with Professor Furse o Automobile wiring is different from aircraft wiring o SSTDR works in automotive wiring • Automotive Wiring Fault Locator (AWFL) o Built a prototype to shrink the technology o Prototype didn't work very well o The technology does work o We graduate and still want to work on the prototype
    3. 3. Lassonde Center Helped us take the prototype and make a business plan and market the product
    4. 4. Short Solutions We make proprietary diagnostic tools that allow auto dealerships and repair shops to diagnose and locate intermittent electrical faults in vehicles
    5. 5. Inability to Diagnose Intermittent Faults • Reasons for inability o Occur when car is running o Short duration o Difficult to reproduce • Impacts o Multiple attempts to locate o Reduced profitability o Decreased customer satisfaction o Increased safety hazards
    6. 6. Our Solution Customer: • Intermittent fault occurs Dealership: • Measurements • Install unit Customer: • Normal usage • Records fault data Dealership: • Download data • Diagnose fault
    7. 7. Our Technology • Baseline signal taken • Test signal continuously sent down wire • Signal reflects off of fault • Reflection compared to baseline signal • Fault location calculated Spread Spectrum Time Domain Reflectometry (SSTDR)
    8. 8. Our Products SmartFuse • Uses SSTDR chip • Estimated COGS: $72.22 • Estimated retail: $300 FuseWare Software Package • Supports multiple Smart Fuses • Estimated COGS: $10 • Estimated retail: $300 with $100 yearly fee
    9. 9. Short Solutions Wins UEC • $40,000 Cash Prize • Moot Corp in Austin Texas • $45,000 USTAR Grant pays for further development
    10. 10. Utah Entrepreneur Series The Utah Entrepreneur Series is an integrated competition process aimed at guiding students from the idea to implementation stages of a successful business
    11. 11. Grow America Helping Entrepreneurs Grow Strong Businesses • Springboard Business Plan Competition • Social Springboard Competition • Insight Business Lessons
    12. 12. MannMade Engineering
    13. 13. Business
    14. 14.
    15. 15. Systems Engineer • Make sure all the parts work together • Customer contact • Add new applications to hardware • Test CMDL
    16. 16. Projects
    17. 17. Starfield Engineering We design and develop electronic products in the amusement industry