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Proposal digital-marketing-book-ur-table

  2. 2. INFRASTRUCTURE AND RESOURCES Other resources of Arokia IT include a professionally configured office environment. multimedia compatible computer hardware & server support, with the latest in software, helps to ensure that the highest quality sites are designed.Website: Email:
  4. 4. DIGITAL MARKETING  Digital Marketing is the promotion of brands using all forms of digital advertising channels to reach consumers  This now includes Television, Radio, Internet, Mobile, Social Media Marketing and any other form of Digital Media ADVANTAGES  Usage of various media to reach people  Segmentation of target audience is easy  Reach to a large number of people  Achieve results quickly  Achieve a long shelf lifeWebsite: Email:
  5. 5. Digital Marketing Mobile Radio Internet TelevisionWebsite: Email:
  7. 7. INTERNET MARKETING  Internet marketing ties together the creative and technical aspects of the Internet  This includes design, development, advertising, and sales ADVANTAGES  Inexpensive way of reaching audience  Reach to a wide audience  Convenience to users  Achieve results quickly  Ability to collect payment onlineWebsite: Email:
  8. 8. Internet Marketing Search Engine Affiliate Viral Marketing Marketing (SEM) MarketingWebsite: Email:
  10. 10. SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING • Search Engine Marketing (SEM), is a form of Internet marketing • Seeks to promote websites by increasing their visibility in search engine result pages by using SEO and SMO ADVANTAGES Higher return on investment Low investment compared to other techniques Site stays long term in the rankings Increase in traffic of visitors Achieve a high international profileWebsite: Email:
  11. 11. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Social Media Search Engine Optimization(SMO) Optimization (SEO)Website: Email:
  13. 13. VIRAL MARKETING  Viral marketing aims to persuade initial targets to pass the promotion on to others  Initial targets pass on the promotion through E mail, Chain Letters, Funny Video Clips, Chat Rooms, Forums & Social Sites ADVANTAGES  Cost Free Method for Promoting a Business  Resources are Easily Available  Marketing through friends and relatives  Generates Revenue from Advertisement  Follows a chain reactionWebsite: Email:
  14. 14. Viral Marketing Text Video Clips Advergames Images E-Books MessagesWebsite: Email:
  16. 16. AFFILIATE MARKETING  Affiliate Marketing is a focused on achieving greater market penetration through websites  Targeted at a specific groups of internet users ADVANTAGES  Uses a “Pay for Performance" Model  No Need For Payment Until Result Is Achieved  Only Initial Setup Cost Has To Be Paid  Wider environment for promotion  Assured increase in salesWebsite: Email:
  17. 17. Affiliate Marketing Weblogs E-Mail Link Building Organic SEO and Website Marketing Between Syndication Websites FeedsWebsite: Email:
  18. 18. WHAT DIGITAL MARKETING CAN DO FOR YOU? Advertising on Search Engines can help an advertiser meet many objectives Determining, measuring, and tracking metrics helps ensure success Objective Example Success Metrics  Generate awareness  Targeted impressions  Building your brand  Qualified visits your website  Generate leads  Request for proposals  Identify prospects  Coupon downloads  Newsletter registration  Customer acquisition  Sales conversions = $$$  Sales  Lower cost per lead/saleWebsite: Email:
  19. 19. ONLINE ADVERTISING STATS & TRENDS Largest Share of Online Ads 18000 16000 14000 Search E 12000 Display ads x 10000 Classifieds p 8000 Rich media/video e Lead generation n 6000 E-Mail s 4000 Sponsorship e 2000 0 2008 2009 2010 2011 * Figures in mn USD YearWebsite: Email:
  20. 20. ONLINE ADVERTISING STATS & TRENDS US Search Engine Marketing Spending Paid Search Advertising Search engine optimization 25000 (SEO) 4500 20000 E E 4000 3500 x 15000 x 3000 p Paid Search p 2500 Search engine Advertising e 10000 e 2000 optimization 1500 (SEO) n 5000 n 1000 s s 500 e 0 e 0 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Year Year * Figures in mn USDWebsite: Email:
  21. 21. ONLINE ADVERTISING STATS & TRENDS US Digital Ad Spending: Online, Mobile, Social Media 50 40 E x 30 p Online ad spending e 20 n 13.9 14.4 12.5 % change s 10 10.5 10.4 9.9 e 0 2009 -3.4 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 -10 * Figures in mn USD YearWebsite: Email:
  22. 22. BENEFITS OF DIGITAL MARKETING: HIGH ROI Pop-ups, pop-unders W mails to third party(rented) lists Banner ads Contextual ads Rich media ads Contextual targeting ROI Affiliate marketing Behavioral targeting Search engine optimization E mails to house list Pay-per -click search ads 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60%Website: Email:
  23. 23. TOP REASONS FOR CHOOSING DIGITAL MARKETING Get In Touch Access to 80% of Internet users worldwide Cost Low costs with high ROI Timing Ads are seen by users looking to purchase Get to your audience at the right time, with the right message Suppleness Start advertising quickly Unlimited changes, whenever you want You can target ads to the specific location & language of your customersWebsite: Email:
  24. 24. BUSINESS/ SERVICE UNITS SPECIALIZATION + TEAM SUPPORT Paid Ad Search Engine Misc. (Mobile Campaigns and Optimization and Marketing, SMS, E Media Space Social Media mail Procurement Optimization Marketing, etc.) Digital Online PR CORE activities, Reputation Mobile Marketing, SMS Engagement, Media Marketing Network, etc. STRENGTH Management &Traffic and Analytics Generation Digital Consulting & Research Social Media Promotions, Youtube WAP Website Creative Strategy, tracking Marketing, Website Audits and Development, Banner Ads on SERVICES conversions, brand optimization, content Smart Phones, SMS and email building, instant ROI management, concept creation,etc. marketing servers Generator. Zeiss, Q & Q, Global Zeiss, Q & Q, Global Zeiss, Q & Q, Global Knowledge, Life Knowledge, Life Knowledge, Life KEY CLIENTS Clinic, NDR, TATA Advanced Clinic, NDR, TATA Advanced Clinic, NDR, TATA Materisl, Unity Materisl, Unity Advanced Materisl, Unity Hospitals, Rare Earth Hospitals, Rare Earth Hospitals, Rare Earth Developers, Logix Developers, Logix Developers, Logix TEAM Consultation + Campaign Consultation + SEO & SMO Consultation, Creative Managers and their team Manager Managers and Support SUPPORT teams from In MobiWebsite: Email:
  25. 25. Website: Email:
  26. 26. OUR PROPOSED SERVICES PAID ADVERTISING ON DIFFERENT NETWORKS E-mailers & Google Search and Display SMO: Social Media SMS Optimization Marketing Yahoo Mail and Messenger Targeting Facebook Paid MarketingWebsite: Email:
  27. 27. Search Google NetworkWebsite: Email:
  28. 28. GOOGLE SPONSORED LINKS: PAY PER CLICK MODEL Preferred Sample Keywords Table Reservation Table Reservation Online Home Delivery Restaurants Restaurants In Bangalore Restaurants In Chennai Restaurants In Delhi Restaurants In Mumbai Restaurants In Gurgaon Online Restaurant Ordering Restaurant Menu OnlineWebsite: Email:
  29. 29. WHAT EXTRA DO YOU GET OUT OF IT ? Focus Areas • Landing Pages 1. Good Rank and Quality • Relevant Keyword Analysis Score on keywords. • Competitor Analysis 2. Lowering down the CPC • AB Testing 3. Generate more Leads out of • Ongoing Campaign Optimization clicks. • Campaign Manager 4. Increase your ROI • Email Welcome Program • Thank you Email • Viral Marketing (Reference to Friend)Website: Email:
  30. 30. Website: Email:
  32. 32. WHY CONTENT NETWORK: REACH YOUR CUSTOMERS WITH THE WORLDS LARGEST ADVERTISING NETWORK • Reach: The Google content network reaches 80% of global INTERNET users making it the worlds #1 ad network. Thousands of advertisers use Google to reach users on hundreds of thousands of web sites across all industries, from large, well-known sites to niche sites and audiences. • Quality Leads: High traffic increases the probability to capture and generate new customers from your advertising efforts. We use Googles renowned targeting technology to match your ads with the web users most likely to become real customers. This helps you gain more qualified leads at a lower cost, boosting your sales and ROI. • Branding : Most search networks only allows text ads, which makes content network more valuable for online branding campaigns. You can run text ads, image ads, and video ads on content network pages.Website: Email:
  33. 33. BANNER PLACEMENTS ` ` ` ` ` `Website: Email:
  34. 34. TARGETING : Demographic Targeting Location TargetingWebsite: Email:
  35. 35. FEW SAMPLE TARGET WEBSITES Technology and Newspaper TRAVEL WEBSITES Social networking Mobile linkedin Lifestyle and Entertainment Gaming and music B2c & Retail websites Job Portals funpcgame.comWebsite: Email:
  37. 37. Website: Email:
  38. 38. YOUTUBE SAMPLE BANNER ADSWebsite: Email:
  40. 40. FACEBOOKWebsite: Email:
  42. 42. SMO ACTIVITIES Competitive Analysis Blog Creation Blog Optimization Profile / Community Creation on Social Networking Websites Adding Fans to the Communities Bookmarking / Tagging Discussion Board and Forums Public Relations (Social Media Release and Press Release) Submission of Images to Photo Sharing Sites Image Optimization (Tagging / Linking) Submission of Videos to Video Sharing Sites Video Optimization (Tagging / Linking) Widgets Micro Blogging Brand Monitoring Presentation Sharing Monthly Reports Website Internal Link PopularityWebsite: Email:
  43. 43. BIG FIVE FOR PROMOTING ON SOCIAL NETWORKS 1. Branding in Domestic Market: In comparison with the global markets, India is still growing in terms of need and understanding Ecommerce. Social Media makes that communication simplified and creative in front of the right target audience. He can be a college student or a corporate sales head, both can be clients for BookUrTable. 2. Engage with potential customers: An interesting FaceBook community can always be a much efficient tool of engaging potential clients rather than just relying on paid aids or banners. 3. Better communication about offers & services: Daily deals, limited edition offers on Watches and collections can be highlighted and availed by the customers at a better pace. 4. Reach: Millions already on FaceBook, Numerous corporate clients on Linkedin, daily tweets in masses, all indicate the level global and domestic reach social media marketing has. 5. Business Development: With combination of reach, awareness, brand communication, ecommerce and client engagement an enterprise in bound to grow in business opportunities and generate revenues.Website: Email:
  44. 44. PROPOSED PAGE AND FACEBOOK ACTIVITIES •Designing of the Community for BookUrTable Watches •Making it User Friendly •Improved Navigation •Better Client Engagement •Increase Likers and Fan FollowersWebsite: Email:
  45. 45. SOCIAL MEDIA WHAT WE PROPOSE Mashups and Applications on Facebook (one in each quarter) Move from engagement to action. Get people to do things on the fan page and/or the other BookUrTable profile. Be more conversational and friendly. Create content that swerves away from corporate speak Create new tabs, backgrounds and widgetsWebsite: Email:
  46. 46. YOUTUBE: Create “youtube tab” on facebook page and it will be connected to the youtube channel of BookUrTable watches (refer to given example) The Video Uploading can again be classified under categories and we can maintain a Directory setup on YouTube Tab : Example: The Institute can Promote there Digital Ads Collections Vedio Expert Opinion Exhibitions It Works like a Viral Marketing Network.Website: Email:
  47. 47. OTHER FACEBOOK PROMOTION ACTIVITES •Adding Application: Integrate some useful Facebook application to the page which will make it more effective .For eg. “web profiles” application, this helps to integrate website links on Facebook page. •Wall Posting: Posting news and information about your Organization on Facebook wall so as to communicate with the audience. •Share Links: Sharing link of organizations website through Facebook Wall. •Sending Friend Request: Send friend request to various people on Facebook and request them to join organization on Facebook page so that the likers of the page may increase. •Interacting with the audience: Reply to the audience through chat and provide them information. •Create groups: Create and join relevant groups so that the page becomes visible to more people on Facebook. •Create Events: Create events on Facebook for upcoming events and promote it to the audience. •Create Notes: Create notes and share information through it. •Integrate Twitter: Create twitter account for organization and integrate it on Facebook Page.Website: Email:
  49. 49. WHAT IS THERE IN TWITTER • Twitter is a Micro-Blogging Platform composed of 140 Character answers to 1 simple question: “what are you doing” or rather “what are you interested in right now.” •Twitter received over 3 Million Unique visitors, with an average daily growth of approximately 5% (recorded from September 2010). An average of 50% traffic on Twitter are Repeat Visitors. •According to Times magazine Demographic Survey, 60% Males prefer using Twitter. •The Largest percentage of Age group that can be located on twitter is in the span of 32-44 years (Approx 26% is the share). •Twitter has been consistently preferred among people for Micro Blogging activities. Though there are couple of other activities that can be associated twitter But MICRO BLOGGING remains the most utilized tool.Website: Email:
  50. 50. BUSINESS OPPORTUNTIES ON TWITTER Twitter Allows Businesses a new mode of customer communication that can be tailored with match there customers preferences. Twitter Strategies for BookUrTable India : 1. Customer Relations 2. Corporate Reputation Management 3. Product Promotions and SalesWebsite: Email:
  51. 51. ACTIVITIES OF TWITTER PAGE  Create Twitter Background Image  Increase the no. of Followers  Send them Tweets / Updates on Regular Basis  Increase traffic on the Website through Twitter  Latest NewsWebsite: Email:
  52. 52. Website: Email:
  53. 53. LINKEDIN OVERVIEW LinkedIn is unquestionably prime real estate in the social networking marketplace. This network is packed with affluent decision makers on the hunt for solutions. This makes it a huge small business marketing opportunity for savvy business owners that know social marketing. LINKEDIN USAGE FOR COMPANIES LinkedIn is the most business appropriate social network in this series of social networking websites. Companies can also create profiles which are listed in a directory for users to search through just as the personal profiles are. Unlike the other social networking websites in this series, LinkedIn does not aim to help businesses find customers and address the target audience issues; it serves to help businesses find each other, along with helping individuals find business connections.Website: Email:
  54. 54. ACTIVITIES IN LINKEDIN PAGE  Create LinkedIn Profile  Increase the no. of Followers  Send them Updates on Regular Basis  Increase traffic on the Website through LinkedIn  Latest NewsWebsite: Email:
  55. 55. Website: Email:
  56. 56. BLOGS AND MICRO BLOGGINGWebsite: Email:
  57. 57. SOCIAL BOOKMARKSWebsite: Email:
  58. 58. ARTICLE CREATIONWebsite: Email:
  60. 60. SMS MARKETING We can target client in Masses by Shooting SMS on Latest Offers and Collections. Every SMS will have a URL or website detail so that customers can log in using smart phones or Computers Database Type: (Local or Any Specified Area or All Over India) 1. Car owners 2. HNI 3. Women 4. IT Professional 5. Students 6. Area Wise 7. Credit Card HolderWebsite: Email:
  61. 61. EMAIL MARKETING Emailers Campaign Performed or News-letters or Equiry Draft mails are send across various networks of exclusive Database. For real estate Industry some of the recommended database are: • India Bulls Customers •Indigo Airlines •Avis Travel •IRCTC Database •India Property •PVR Cinemas •Way2SMS entrepreneurs Section • Dun and Bradstreet…………& many more…… These Mailers have a minimum Inventory purchase and per mail cost varies between INR 0.80 to INR 3.00 as per Database quality. Mailer Database can be filtered as per client portfolio, Geographies, Client interest, etc.Website: Email:
  62. 62. WHY AROKIA ? WHAT WILL WE BRING TO THE TABLE? Central Team (Based in Bangalore from the Corp Office) Centralized media buying team which leverages all publisher relationships to provide you with the best rates Will comprise business leads from Media, Social, Mobile and Technology domains Centralized Dashboard & Ad-serving Get all reports and media plans under the same roof Access to top resources who specialize in campaign management Knowledge Centre (Key Differentiator) A centre of excellence within the group which has accumulated knowledge from 200+ campaigns executed by Arokia and implements learnings in your campaignsWebsite: Email:
  63. 63. DELIVERABLES REPORTING Access to the following: Publisher bills Account logins for Google (search) Media plans and costs Weekly reports: Media reports (as needed, two reports per week recommended) Social media reports (weekly snapshot) Monthly reports: Media campaign review Social media review SEO & ORM reviewWebsite: Email:
  64. 64. Website: Email:
  65. 65. RECOMMENDED COMMERCIALS FOR ALL PLANS FOR WWW.BOOKURTABLE.COM Campaign Elements Duration Amount (INR) Range of Investment Paid Ad Management Plans One Time Account Setup One time 10,000.00 • Google (Search engine + Banner Ads) Monthly 70,000 to 1,00,000 • Facebook Advertising Budget Monthly 30,000 to 70,000 • Yahoo Advertising Budget Monthly 50, 000 to 80,000 • Paid Account management fee @20% Monthly On decided total Adv .Budget Advertising Budget - Monthly - 1,50,000 (Min) to 2,50,000 (Max) Social Media & Viral Marketing Plans Social Media Optimization Campaign 12 Months 2,25,000 SMS Marketing (Target 20 lakh SMS) One Time 80,000 Email Marketing (Emailers) One Time 2,00,000 As per Data Base Selection and Number of mailers Send. Targeting 10 Lakh Mailers over a defined period.Website: Email:
  66. 66. Our Offices If you would like to engage our services or have any query, please feel free to contact us. We will get back to you in no time. INDIA OFFICES CORPORATE OFFICE (INDIA) : MUMBAI OFFICE MANGALORE BANGALORE Takshila, #24, 3rd Floor Emporium # 1060 Z1, 25th Main, 15th Cross, Mahakali Caves Road Complex, Kanakanady Banashankari 2nd Stage Andheri(East) Mangalore 575002Karnataka. Bangalore – 560070 Karnataka. Mumbai - 400 093 Maharastra Cell : +91-9945829212 Cell : +91-98451 41928, 96862 01186, Cell : +91-9820106681 Email : Phone : 91-80-2671 4429 - 30 Email : Email : Skype : Gtalk : INTERNATIONAL OFFICES USA (OKLAHOMA CITY) AFRICA (SUDAN) Penn Pointe Office Park P. O. Box 15123 2236 NW 164th Street Flat 2, Western Building Edmond OK – 73013 USA. 3rd Floor, Amarat Company Building Phone : +1 (405) 413-4107, Gandoul street, Central Khartoum SUDAN 405 415-6891, 405 316-8239 Cell Phone : +249 (912) 168 933 Email : Email : .Website: Email:
  67. 67. (A R O K I A I T P V T L I M I T E D) Thank You!Website: Email: