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Cyber safety 101


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Basic Cyber Safety !

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Cyber safety 101

  1. 1. Tips and Tricks Cyber Safety
  2. 2. Live life to the fullest online, but take necessary precaution Focus on balanced approach; No need for paranoia or anxiety. Awareness of legal aspects (IT Act simplified) Explaining Myth of Anonymity. ROI of cyber crime. Objective
  3. 3. Safety is a sensible approach towards all things. Not about curtailing ones own interest & Not getting ruled by fear. Not giving up your rights. It is safeguarding your well being while doing everything you want to do (sometimes from yourself). Ideally security should only inconveniences bad folks. But in practice some minor inconvenience happens to good folks. What is Safety ?
  4. 4. Anything that you didn’t want to happen; Usually potential to cause, Embarrassment, Humiliation Fear and Paranoia Attack on Privacy. Mental Health Issues Physical Hurt What is Breach of Security/Safety ?
  5. 5.  15 year old Bangalore boy suspended from school as he posted obscene content on the school page and many other Facebook pages.  Filed a police complaint with cybercrime police station.  Realized that impersonator was his own cousin. True Story 1 (Identity Theft)
  6. 6.  Strong Passwords  Never reveal your passwords to anyone.  Change passwords often Audit the sessions (look for sessions and see if anything suspicious)  Do not write them down anywhere use password managers.  Enable 2 factor authentication Google authenticator. OTP (One time password) Password Management
  7. 7. It is illegal to impersonate anyone online. It is illegal to transmit(upload, email, forward, whatsapp etc.) obscene images/messages online.  Punishable by up-to 3 years of imprisonment Legal Aspects
  8. 8. True Story 2 (Revenge Images) Source : Internet
  9. 9. Do not take any pictures which can not be made public. Do not store anywhere images of such nature. Do not peer pressure friends into taking such picture. Talk to authorities and parents if someone does force you to take pictures. Safety Measures
  10. 10. Transmitting nude pictures with or without consent is illegal in India. Do not forward any message with such content. Inform an authority if you notice such things Legal Aspects
  11. 11. Establishing the Trust Gaining Information Breach and Misuse. Many Stories – Same Pattern
  12. 12. Anyone who you have not interacted IRL well enough is a stranger. Keep your profiles and accounts private (Friends only). Create multiple circle of trust if need to be. Always talk to trusted adults about any suspicious characters online. Research an app/software/platforms/Games when you download. Be Aware and Speak Up. Preventive Thumb Rules
  13. 13.  Block the offensive person. You don’t need to explain the act. For severe cases report the abuse to the platforms (FB, Twitter, Google) and authorities (Teacher, Parent, Cybercrime cells) etc. Once account is recovered follow preventive steps. Don’t be a Victim, it wasn’t your fault. Recovery Thumb Rules
  14. 14. Approach to Posting 3 Filter Test ! Send Is it worth it ? (long term) Will it hurt Anyone ? Is it Legal ?
  15. 15.  In spite of Tors, secrete/snap chats and self destructing messages, no one is truly anonymous.  Every time you send a message you leave your digital footprint in phones, SIM cards, memories, telecom towers, servers, gateways, browsers, routers. Finally No One is Anonymous
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