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Business Opportunity, work from home

Business opportunity to work full time or part time from home office and build a fortune

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Business Opportunity, work from home

  1. 1. FLP Business Overview Manju Gangwar
  2. 2. Which of these is your main priority? Extra Income Meeting new people Financial Independence Personal developmentOwning your own business Helping others More time and freedom Secure retirement income
  3. 3. The right company Forever Living Products International Founded in 1978 in the USA, a 30 year old company Experienced Management Team Trading in over 143 countries Worldwide turnover in excess of $2.5 billion Assets over $1.5 billion Cash rich Debt free
  4. 4. Forever Living Products UK Established in the UK 15 years ago Turnover £36 million 2007 Member of DSA Investor in People accredited
  5. 5. The right market placeHealth & Nutrition and Wellbeing  Changing attitudes  Health food explosion  Desire for natural products
  6. 6. The right productsWorld’s No. 1 grower and producer of Aloe Veraand Beehive products  Superior quality products from safe, natural, GM free ingredients  Organically grown  Patented Stabilisation process  Advisory Board of highly qualified professionalsUnconditional 60 day money back satisfaction guarantee
  7. 7. Product Range Aloe Vera drinking gels Personal Care Skin Care Animal Care Weight Management Supplements
  8. 8. By utilising our simple strategies and proventechniques we can show you how to: Build a business of your own without jeopardising your current career or family commitments Earn a life changing income Be in control of your life Provide a pension for life Help others do the same
  9. 9. When you work with us you will use theproducts and will be shown how to build acustomer base of 20-30 customersYou will also be shown how to find afew people like you, who also want tobuild a business. YouYou then coach and support your teamto develop teams of their own andfind 20-30 customers.Once you develop a team of 30 peopleeach servicing 20-30 customers youbecome a Manager in the MarketingPlan earning in the region of£1,200 per month Points to note: • You supply products to your own customers and receive retail profit plus personal bonus of between 35 and 48% of the retail price • Every time someone in your team places an order you receive a bonus from the company of between 3 and 13% of the retail price • Bonuses are paid directly into your bank account on the 15 thof the month • You have access to a support structure from your sponsor and Forever Living Products
  10. 10. When you become a Manager you identifypeople within your team who also wish tobecome Managers YouWhen a person you have sponsored becomes aManager you get paid a royalty bonus of 6% ofthe retail price on every order placed by every Manager 6%member of that team – month after month –year after year!When that Manager promotes out a Manager you Manager 3%get paid a Royalty of 3% on every order placedby the team membersWhen that Manager promotes out a Manager youget paid a Royalty of 2% on every order placed Manager 2%by the team members  Points to note:  This Royalty is paid whether or not you are actively building your business  This Royalty bonus is recognition of the effort you put into training, coaching and supporting the manager you bought into the business  You decide how managers you need in place before you can retire!  Each frontline manager is worth in the region of £1,000 per month in bonuses.
  11. 11. and in addition …. UK and International Travel Incentives - 5 star treatment paid for by the Company Car Plan - £263 - £525 pm Annual Profit Share
  12. 12. Your FLP Business  Flexible working hours  You determine your level of success  Unlimited and willable residual income  Proven business building method  International business opportunity  Recognition of success  Fun
  13. 13. Contact Manju Gangwar Gurgaon India