Krešimir Macan Web strategija 15 - Bez cilja nema ROI-ja


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Bez jasno definiranog cilja teško je utvrditi i ROI (povrat na uloženo), Kako iskustva iz odnosa s javnošću prenijeti na društvene mreže i druge digitalne kampanje.

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Krešimir Macan Web strategija 15 - Bez cilja nema ROI-ja

  1. 1. Bez cilja nema ROI-aWeb::Strategija 15, Zagreb
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Da biste mogli nešto izmjeriti, morateprije svega znati što želite postići!
  4. 4. Što je biociljObaminedigitalnekampanje2008.?
  5. 5. A 2012.? -
  6. 6. Ovoga se sigurno sjećate… 99DWg Ukupan trošak 6$ - čovjek dobio toliko traženi posao u kreativnoj agenciji
  7. 7. Od kuda krenuti?• For instance, in a for-profit business, you’ll want to look for ways to increase revenues, shorten the sales cycle, or improve margins. If you don’t know what all three of those things mean, go make friends with someone in the accounting department and learn it. Quickly.•
  8. 8. Od kuda krenuti?• Companies that fully understand how they are being talked about and what levers work online can use this data to inform future marketing decisions. As well, strategic intelligence gleaned from measurement can help uncover new opportunities for products and services.•
  9. 9. Mars, Inc. invests pennies to earn millions• In 2009 Vitruvian’s Joel McDonald was hired to manage a $1000/month AdWords account for a division of Mars, Incorporated. Keep in mind that Mars’ advertising budget for 2009 was estimated by Advertising Age at $1.6 billion. But the investment paid off handsomely once Joel harvested their AdWords data and had them apply it to their advertising in “unmeasurable” media.• Joel ran keyword tests to discover the most searched-for ingredients in this product line. Through ad testing, he found “free shipping” generated nearly twice the sales of the original “30% off” offer• Within about a month of reporting his AdWords tests, Joel saw a virtually identical product description, price, and offer on Mars’ national TV commercials. Now a miniscule AdWords investment was paying huge dividends in other media. Mars no longer had to depend on the creative impulses of expensive Madison Avenue ad writers. They just applied common sense to AdWords data and cloned tiny successes on a massive scale.•
  10. 10. Što kažete na virtualnu lovu? EKOPARK
  11. 11. Ali što ako nema love u igri?• Što želimo postići• Što želimo mjeriti• Tko su nam ciljane publike• Kako ćemo do njihTražite odgovore na pitanja:• Dobivamo li na vidljivosti za ono što radimo?• Što naša publika čita, što je zanima?• Kako surađujemo s publikom?
  12. 12. Sad to primijenite u praksi
  13. 13. Što kad se ništa ne smije pojaviti?
  14. 14. Mobilna aplikacija – koji ROI tražite?
  15. 15. Još vam nije jasno što je ROI?Onda mi ne preostaje nego pokazati vam OVO!
  16. 16. Hvala na pažnjiZa sva vaša